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Đánh giá
bởi Wendy
I want a watch that can almost replace my phone but my expectations were too high. I almost returned it till I learned that's where smartwatches are these days. I mostly needed it for music without my phone but it took some turns to get things working due to limited options in the Wear OS system.Pros: The watch strap fits my wrist nicely. I have a small wrist and it makes the watch looks very big. I did not know the strap was tighened by magnetic force till I got the watch and I worried if it can hold. However the magnet is really strong to hold the watch in place even when I play Beat Saber on ex+.The battery life is alright, last a day with normal use.Connection to wifi and bluetooth devices make it a standalone.Cons: It does not have build in GPS. It uses phone GPS and this should be clear in the descriptions.Offline music is not well sported in Wear OS. Like many people who pay streaming service, I stream music from Amazon music but there's no Amazon music app in Wear os. So I switched to Spotify but soon learned it does not support offline music or online streaming. Google music was taken offline this year, making me feel that Google is abandoning the Wear OS. After some research, I found Navmusic which can only transfer songs that I actually purchased to the watch. There's some offline music options but very limited.Pandora supports online streaming and offline but only for stations not chosen music list.The instructions of the watch are so lacking. This is my first smart watch and I basically have to figure out everything on Google. I didn't know the side hole is speaker and still not clear what's the water proof degree. It says swimproof so I guess it's sweat and hand washing proof.It does not support eduroam wifi, which my university ueses and has 802.1x EAP security. I cannot stream anything directly from the watch when I on campus.In summary, it's a good watch but not smart enough for the price and the Wear os system needs dire improvement. Hope it lasts long or I will come back for an upset update.
bởi Sara
I've never owned a smartwatch before, but after my fitness tracker stopped syncing with my Google Pixel 3a, I figured it was time for a change. I chose Fossil because they use WearOS, figuring that since my phone is a Google product, it made sense to stick with another Google system. I've been very happy with it thus far. I'm primarily using it as a fitness tracker, but I've also been experimenting with other app capabilities. I downloaded a water intake tracking app, and I've found that I'm hydrating more because I have a clear goal set. I'm pleased with the Google Fit app and have been using it to track steps and workouts. I was originally looking at a different Gen 5 watch, but was concerned about the 44mm face size. I have a small wrist, so I was glad to see the 5E had a slightly smaller face. I think it fits nicely on my wrist, though I did end up replacing the band pretty quickly. I'm not a super huge rose gold fan (but it was the better option of the colors available, I felt - would have loved a silver face!), and the magnetic mesh band pinched my arm hair and would get stuck on my work lanyard. The one I bought is a great fit and tones down the rose gold aspect of the watch. As far as battery life goes, I have a custom battery mode set up and it lasts me over 12 hours of use. I do charge the watch nightly, but I likely would never want to sleep with it on anyway.
bởi C. Cuelho
I ordered this Fossil watch and I really really wanted to like it. The problem is that the watch band is too large for my wrist. Usually, not an issue since it should be simple to take out a few links. Not that easy. Firstly, there are no instructions for removing the links, other than to direct the wearer to a jeweler or Fossil store for link removal. Since I live 300 miles from a Fossil store, I decided to check my local jeweler. Nope, they don't do it. Will have to try to find someone. I decided this was just too much of a headache because what if I didn't like it after all and decided to return the watch! So, I just decided to return it without a band adjustment. NOW I can't get the band back on the watch and of course there are no instructions. If you decide to purchase this watch, make sure you have a good jeweler that can help you!