Fossil Women's Gen 4 Venture HR Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch with Heart Rate, GPS, NFC, and Smartphone Notifications
Thứ 2 đến Thứ 6: Từ 08h-17h30
Thứ 7: 8h-12h
7,944,000 đ

(đã bao gồm thuế phí)
Giá trọn gói về Việt Nam 7,944,000 đ
Giá sau thuế tại Mỹ 6,590,000 đ ($270.00)
Thuế và phí thông quan 988,000đ
Trọng lượng vận chuyển 0.27kg
Phí vận chuyển về Việt Nam 366,000đ

Smartwatches powered with Wear OS by Google work with iPhone and Android Phones

Heart Rate & Activity Tracking using Google Fit; Built-in GPS for distance tracking; Swimproof design 3ATM; Google Assistant built in - it’s your own personal Google, always ready to help; Speed through checkout with your watch using Google Pay

This is one smart watch - receive smartphone notifications and app alerts, manage your calendar, control your music, download third party apps (your favorite ride-sharing or music apps), and customize your watch face; touchscreen functionality, built-in fitness tracker, microphone, music storage & controls, custom goal & alarm settings, calendar alerts, multiple time zones, weather, LED flashlight, wireless syncing

Estimated 24 hour battery life, based on usage plus 2 additional days in low-power mode; magnetic USB rapid charger included; charge up to 80% in under an hour

Classic Design. Modern Tech. This 40mm Venture HR (Heart Rate) touchscreen smartwatch lets you track your heart rate, receive notifications, customize your dial and more; Case size: 40mm; Band size: 18mm; interchangeable with all Fossil 18mm bands; imported

BlackRose GoldRose Gold 5-LinkRose Gold GlitzRose Gold MeshRose Gold SloanRose Gold glitz/BlushRose Gold/BlushRose Gold/GreyRose Gold/SilverSilver Glitz
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From the manufacturer

Gen 4 Smartwatch Summer2020
Gen 4 google pay

Contactless Pay With Your Watch

Never get caught without your wallet again. Use Google Pay on your watch wherever mobile payments are accepted.

Last Longer

Extend your battery life for multiple days with new, smart battery modes.

Gen 4 Smart battery modes
Gen 4 water proof

Take It Swimming

Wash your hands, jump into the shower or hit the pool without fear. Your smartwatch will be safe and sound.

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Date First AvailableMarch 19, 2019
Brand, Seller, or Collection NameFossil
Model numberFTW6015
Part NumberFTW6015
Model Year2018
Item ShapeRound
Dial window material typeGlass
Display TypeDigital
ClaspTang Buckle
Case materialStainless Steel
Case diameter40 millimeters
Case Thickness12 millimeters
Band MaterialSilicone
Band length190-200 millimeters
Band width16 millimeters
Band ColorBlack
Dial colorBlack
Bezel materialStainless steel
Bezel functionStationary
Item weight1.8 Ounces
Water resistant depth165 Feet
WarrantyIf this product is sold by Amazon, please review the manufacturer’s website for warranty information. If this product is sold by another party, please contact the seller directly for warranty information for this product. You may also be able to find warranty information on the manufacturer’s website.
Đánh giá
bởi MyPenName
First things first - this watch is not fully compatible with iPhone.It will receive texts so you can read them, but you cant reply like you can with android.You cant pull your pics from your phone to use as a custom watch face. You cant access your pictures at all from the watch.When you go into the settings for the custom watch faces and select the option to change to one of your own pictures, it gives you a message stating you need a separate app to do that and it is not supported by and will not be available for iOS (attaching pic of the message).Ok so now that that info is out of the way, I'll move onto to general info about the watch and functions etx.It is a gorgeous watch. Nice large watch face with easy to read graphics. It's not so large that it is tacky though. It is adorned with just enough crystals to attract the eye and look beautiful, but again, not so much to look tacky. Worn at work for an 8 hour work day, this watch collected many compliments and people were constantly checking it out. The rose gold is perfect peachy pink and not too brassy toned. It just looks great.The band is huge, but you can remove links. I took it to a Fossil store and had 4 links removed- they do this for free. The sales associate at the store was excited to see this watch- she said it is the first one of this new gen that she has seen and held in person. She stated that the reason you cant reply to texts when using the watch with an iphone is because "apple wont release the limitations" ... because they want you to buy an apple watch. I don't really understand how you can get them to read them, then, but whatever.You will get all of your social media notifications and can read messages etc, but again, can't reply.You can answer a call from your watch, but not talk through your watch. It's basically beneficial if you're in a situation where you can't have your phone out - you can see who is calling on the watch, answer it awhile, while you fumble to get your phone or excuse yourself to take the call etc. You can also decline the call from the watch.There is no log for texts, maybe because of the inability to reply if used with iPhone, not sure. I'd like to test it with android and see how the experience changes, but I don't want to mess up the current settings and have to delete the fossil app account and create a new one for the android etc. I am super curious how it would be different though. Hopefully someone else will review for android with lots of good info.There are several watch faces you can choose from that are already included on the fossil app. Other customizations are text font, brightness, wake command, gesture commands.For the different functions of the watch you have to download apps to the watch and the phone. You can use Google assistant to ask questions and such but it wont text or make calls for you on iphone.The health monitor is really nice. It monitors, sleep, steps, heart rate. You can put it in a work out mode and indicate the activity you're doing and it will keep a log for that also.You're supposed to be able to access your music and control your music apps, but that isnt working. With the app open on the watch and the phone, they both appear to be playing a different playlist, even though theres not actually music playing anywhere. The associate at Fossil said that theoretically, the watch should be able to control the music that is playing through your phone and shes not sure why it isnt working like that and she supplied a tech support number dedicated to the smartwatches, but we cant call until after the weekend and holiday since they run typical business hours. Once I talk to them and find out more, I will come back to update. I asked if perhaps the phone can play the music to wireless earbuds or wireless speaker etc and she said she didnt believe so but wasnt sure with this new gen.. it could have been one of the new changes. I'll find all this out when I call, but for now it doesnt seem to be able to pair with anything like that.Battery life is ok. After a 10 hour day it is about ready to be charged. This is with somewhat heavy use - as much as possible with the limitations of iphone. Lots of checking messages, notifications, activity monitor etc.Overall, even without the ability to reply to texts or social media messages, it still does provide some nice benefits and it is beautiful on top of that, so it is mostly loved. It's nice to be able to at least see who is texting and what it's about, in situations where you can't just have your phone out, such as if you work face to face with customers all day etc. You can decide if it's important and then get your phone to reply, call back, whatever you need to do. The health monitoring app is really nice. Theres a lot of function in that, so that really is an awesome feature. I suspect that if you use android, you will have even more satisfaction with this watch as you will be able to use all the features as intended. It would really make it an even greater experience. One of these days when I have more time, i may just go through the hassle of switching everything back and forth and connect it to my S9 as well and see how it works. As of now it is on iPhone X for reference.Updates: a round about way to get your own pics onto the watch if you have an iphone - you can access them from your social media account. Any pics you have on social media, you can pull from there by linking to social media. Theres an option to link in the settings for the watch face. It will bring up the various social media platforms and you click which one you want to use to get the pics and then itll have you login and link to the watch. Once you're linked your photos pop up and are available to scroll through. So for example, if you're someone who does not post pics of your kid online and you want to use a pic of them on the watch, youd have to add it to facebook, set the privacy to "only you" can see (so that no one can see it if you dont typically post him/her), and then pull it from there onto the watch. A bit of a process, but gets the job done. The pics actually look really good on the watch, too, as far as graphics and clarity, etc. I uploaded a pic to the review that shows a personal pic watch face. It had been edited with a vintage filter in the original, so id say the resolution and color is great. When adding unedited pics of the baby (also uploaded one), they looked even better.Not the ideal method of adding pics, but definitely happy to be able to do it regardless.Still working on music.....
bởi Quickbeam
I own a few smart watches. I've found that none of them have everything I want. This one is no exception. It is quite pretty to look at. It keeps good time and an accurate step count. Even on my small (6") wrist it is not too large. The notifications from my calendar are timely. However there are a few drawbacks:--you need to recharge this *every day*. That's high maintenance for me. It comes with a proprietary recharger I'm sure to ruin somehow.--No sleep data--The band was grimy after 2 days of light use. It looks new for about 15 minutes. I have been unsuccessful in cleaning it.--A cluttery app and watch face. Took a while to get used to--touch screen is really sensitive and results in unintended swipes (cuff hits it etc).I do like the watch but it's too high maintenance for me. I have a Marc Jacobs smartwatch that does all this, has an internal battery and great sleep data. This one needs a lot more care and feeding that I want in a smart watch.
bởi Burcham15
I really wanted to love this watch. It's so pretty, gives me all my notifications, allows me to use google assistant, tracks my health, and works great with my Google Pixel. However, the battery life is seriously terrible. I start my work day at 8am and it's dead by noon. What good is a smart watch if it won't stay charged? I've done some research online and I guess you basically have to turn off all notifications but texts and calls, set the screen to practically dark, use the most boring watch face they offer (the cool animation ones take up a lot of battery life apparently) , and turn off the 'always on' feature to where you constantly have to turn your watch back on even see the time. Really disappointed. I figured a Google OS watch would be a lot better than that. The screen also glitches a lot and either won't do anything when you swipe or it will become pixelated and then appear. I would not recommend this watch. Returning it as soon as possible.
bởi M. Lane
Beautiful watch!! I waited to write this review until I had fully experienced the Fossil Gen 4. It's an absolutely beautiful watch. I chose the rose gold with the original soft leather band. The rose gold looks more like traditional gold and the leather band was quite comfortable and soft. However after the first time I wore it I noticed that the band looked very dirty (see pic). I tried to clean it with a damp cloth and discovered that the dirt is some sort of staining or rubbing off of a thin layer of some sort of material, which is very disappointing. I would highly recommend buying different band if you purchase the fossil Gen 4 with the leather band.Other than that, I really enjoyed the watch. It fits quite nicely. I don't have very thin wrists and it still fit me comfortably. I was not used to wearing a watch, so it took about two weeks to get adjusted to having something on my wrist.I expected to use it a lot more in my line of work. I'm a behavioral therapist and I work with children, but I found that I rarely use it. The notifications are quick and simple. The drawback to the notifications 4 text is if the same individual text back-to-back, the watch will only show me the second notification, but not the first. Even though there will be a numeric to, showing that there is another text. It's not viewable from The Watch. I was surprised that I could not take phone calls from the watch unless I had bluetooth earbuds connected. Trying to answer a phone and connect earbuds at the same time takes a lot more energy than just grabbing my cell phone. The other disappointment would be that I prefer to use my Verizon message plus app and it isn't supported on the fossil Gen 4 watch. I went back to the original Samsung texting app and that works perfectly. I really love the heart rate tracking and activity tracking. That is the sole reason that I've debated on whether or not I want to send this watch back and try a different one. For the exercise and activity tracking, this price point was really fantastic and comparable to other physical activity trackers..