Women Fashion Handbags Wallet Tote Bag Shoulder Bag Top Handle Satchel Purse Set 4pcs
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Thứ 7: 8h-12h
1,465,000 đ

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Tiết kiệm: 26%
Giá trọn gói về Việt Nam 1,465,000 đ
Giá sau thuế tại Mỹ 977,000 đ ($39.99)
Thuế và phí thông quan 244,000đ
Trọng lượng vận chuyển 0.00kg
Phí vận chuyển về Việt Nam 244,000đ

(*) Lưu ý: sản phẩm này có thể phát sinh thêm chi phí vận chuyển căn cứ vào trọng lượng thực tế (12$/kg)

Top zipper closure. Durable and smooth.

Well made: Made of good quality synthetic leather fabric and polyester lining with durable gold hardware.

Dimension Handbag:12.6x10.64x5inch(W*H*D), Handle height:10.24inch. Messenger bag:10.24x7.29x3.74inch(W*H*D),long shoulder strap length:49.25inch. Wallet clutch:9.65x6.5inch(W*H). Total weight: About 0.87kg/1.92pound.

Tote bag Pockets:One main zipper compartment with one inner zipper pocket,one back pocket and two slot pockets. 4pcs: One large handbag+one messenger Bag:+wallet clutch+card holder. Perfect for dating,shopping,working,traveling, vocation, party and other occasions and keep your daily items well organized.

After-Sale Service: We are committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service and top quality goods, if you are not satisfied with our product or service for any reason, please feel free to contact us by email.

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Product Description


About YTL:

Since 2016, YTL has specialized in affordable bags that are both fashionable and practical. We only use high-quality materials, elaborate craftsmanship and multipurpose design, this is the most important pursuit of YTL.

About our Handbag:

Pack a carry-on bag for your next flight or load up your everyday essentials in this soft synthetic leather anti-theft backpack from YTL. The YTL fashion purse is made from soft synthetic leather with shiny gold hardware accents and multiple pockets for organization. It's available in multiple colors. An ideal gift for Christmas etc.

If you are a bag fan, YTL bags will definitely be your first choice. Thanks for your support on YTL. Thank you for being a respected customer in our store. Your satisfaction is our goal. Thanks for your support on our store.

A-Pink&Beige Brown&Black Beige Flower Black&Beige B-Pink&Beige
Material Synthetic Leather Synthetic Leather Synthetic Leather Synthetic Leather Synthetic Leather
Size 33*26.5*12.69cm(W*H*D) 33*26.5*12.69cm(W*H*D) 33*26.5*12.69cm(W*H*D) 37x16x28cm(W*H*D) 37x16x28cm(W*H*D)
Weight About 1.05kg About 1.05kg About 1.05kg About 1.05kg About 1.05kg
Strap Type Double handles Double handles Double handles Double handles Double handles
Occasions shopping,dating,go to school shopping,dating,go to school shopping,dating,go to school shopping,dating,go to school shopping,dating,go to school
Laptop Compartment NO NO NO NO NO

Thông số chi tiết:

Chú ý: Quý khách vui lòng tìm hiểu kỹ thông tin sản phẩm trước khi mua hàng!

Package Dimensions ‏‎ 16.89 x 13.43 x 4.96 inches; 2.6 Pounds
Department ‏‎ Womens
Date First Available ‏‎ March 3, 2020
Đánh giá
bởi Antoinette
If I could give this bag six stars, I would. The pink color is quintessentially spring. The tote is large inside. You could easily fit a large tablet or a small laptop in it. The exterior has a woven texture. There are feet on the bottom of the bag to protect it from wear and tear. You get another smaller bag with an optional shoulder strap. It's approximately the size of a large makeup bag. There's an envelope-style wallet and a smaller wallet for credit cards. This is a true bargain. It's perfect for gifting. I highly recommend it.Thanks so much for taking the time to read this review. I hope the information that I've provided makes your decision a little easier.
bởi John
Got it for my wife, here's her comments: A really great set of bags for the price! The quality looks good and they look actually expensive. Have been wearing the crossbody bag for a couple of weeks and it feels and looks amazing! Fits the big wallet (a problem with many crossbody bags) and all other necessities. Very satisfied and highly recommend!
bởi Amazon_User
My package came today.. I was worried since I was looking at all the other reviews. But so far no problems!! The largest bag has a lot of pockets and space whereas the purse (pictured in front) has no pockets. Overall please.. kind of wish the purse was slightly larger as I carry a lot around with me. Otherwise pleased!So update: a month later.. I use the larger purse and the small purse and the handbag to hold makeup.. all of the products are amazing.. I initially rated this as 4/5 stars but now I am changing it to 5/5 because I’m very pleased with this product8/10/19 almost a year later and it still holds up just as newUpdate: almost two years later.. I still use these... they hold up just as new! I highly suggest.
bởi Internetshoppingjunkie
I got this set on sale, so for the price it's great. The large tote size isn't really huge, which I prefer, just a large purse, not necessarily tote size. The medium sized one is perfect size for running around, I use the larger for a work bag, easy to throw in drinks, etc into with room to spare. If you need organization, keep looking. The two larger bags have 2 small pockets on one side, zipper on the other, rest is open space. Large one has a zipper compartment on the outside. The clutch is just open space. The cross body strap is not super long. I'm 5'3" and it hits maybe waist or top of the hip. Now the card purse is trash lol. This will last me maybe a week before I tear it up. Cheap, plastic card slots, 6 total. (Ordered a new, better quality one) Only reason for docking a star. It's not perfect, but looks quality. See how it holds up.
bởi Nora Cr
I have been looking for a purse for a while I didn’t want to pay an arm and leg for one but I also wanted a nice sturdy purse for a good deal. I came across a few of them on here but this one caught my eye because it was a great deal for the amount items that it comes with. It come with 3 extra items and they are all very nice and useful. The material that is used for this purse is really good! I will be buying more in different styles! Totally worth the price!!
bởi Jacqueline
For the price, I did not expect much. I am not one to spend a lot on purses, and having spine issues, I prefer a quick and easy way to carry my things I need. The crossbody purse is absolutely the perfect size to fit all I ever carry, and putting my credit cards that I use most in the small cc/picture pouch is perfect for my needs. If I am just running into a store quickly, grabbing the lightweight wallet is all I need. The tote has a zipper closure which is a must for me. I will use the tote to carry extras I may need if we are going somewhere for the day. Sunglasses/night driving glasses/fold up umbrella/extra masks (until Covid is gone)/pen/notepad, whatever the need may be. And look at all the beautiful colors offered. Very impressed. Would recommend unless you want to pay tons of money and carry a brand that has the same old pattern for years now, this is the way to go. I got the pink/beige because of its light and airy color as I live in Florida and pink is my favorite color!
bởi Brisa
color is exactly what i wanted looks good
bởi eNicole
Perfect summer color, i got it for my mom as a Mother's day gift she loves it & its really good quality. I took off a star because there was residue on it, it seems like from a sticker or glue.. it came off with a dry cloth & tuff scrubbing!