Vitafusion Multi-Vite Gummy Vitamins for Adults
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Thứ 7: 8h-12h
479,000 đ

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Tiết kiệm: 12%
Giá trọn gói về Việt Nam 479,000 đ
Giá sau thuế tại Mỹ 241,000 đ ($9.88)
Thuế và phí thông quan 72,000đ
Trọng lượng vận chuyển 0.45kg
Phí vận chuyển về Việt Nam 166,000đ

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Natural berry, peach and orange flavors

Clinically Proven Absorption for vitamins C & D7

Each serving provides: Antioxidant Vitamins C & E and an excellent source of vitamins B12, B6, Folic Acid and Pantothenic Acid

Contains NO high-fructose corn syrup, NO artificial sweeteners, NO gluten, NO dairy and NO synthetic (FD&C) dyes

Recipient of the 2018 ChefsBest Excellence Award. The ChefsBest Excellence Award is awarded to brands that surpass quality standards established by independent professional chefs.

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Vitafusion MultiVites is a supercharged, complete multivitamin that fuses massive fruit flavors with a bajillion essential vitamins and minerals.

From the manufacturer

Sản phẩm này hiện chưa có thông số chi tiết

Đánh giá
bởi Alyus Vasquez
I love these gummie vitamins, but I will never order them online again. They just got to my house and when I opened the package the gummie vitamins had melted and fused together into a blob that I can't get out of the bottle... I'm gonna scrape them out anyway, but next time I'll just go to the store.
bởi Juana
My daughter and I love these. She was always getting sick, just sniffles & colds often. Teenager, jobs, school, etc. In the last couple of years we have started taking these and see such an improvement. She relies on these to not get sick. She does a lot of theater and when a show is coming up she makes sure we have these stocked so she doesn't come down with anything.I purchased the complete, daily multivitamin for everyday for only about $8! Unfortunately, I'm not finding the same deal and the current $13 is about the same as the vitamin shoppe, so I'll have to decide where to buy. But the product itself is highly recommended.
bởi MeConnie
A big box came...😊 I did order vitamins...didn't I???? OK bring it in, open it up...let me tell you....I live in AZ, our house faces South, is hot! Anything left outdoors for very long tends to cook, inside the big box was an insulated cooler made of foam, inside of it a refrigerator pack,although thawed out was nestled next to the bottle of adult gummy! I am sure the vitamins themselves will make me feel younger 😂 and live longer, but right now I am honestly just blown away with the care of packaging...Thanks to whom ever package them, will buy again.
bởi Dr. K
I bought these because I wanted to take a multivitamin but I have a really hard time taking large pills. I kept buying other brands of multivitamins and then let them sit on the shelf until they expired. These I take EVERY day, sometimes I'm even tempted to take them twice! I've been taking them for about half a year now. One nice thing about this vitamin is that it is gluten free even though many gummies are not. It is also free of milk, eggs, peanuts or soy (as listed on the bottle). The only downside is that the nutritional profile is not as complete as some other (solid) multivitamins. Also, make sure you look at the price of the different sizes (150 gummies vs 200 gummies) because sometimes the smaller bottle is a better deal.If you'd like to know the nutritional profile before buying, it is below. For some of the lesser known vitamins, I listed some of their effects on the body. I try to take the vitamins with a meal, as this aids in absorption of some of constituents. Also, make sure not to just swallow them - chew thoroughly!(for two gummies)Calories: 15Vitamin A: 2500IU (50%)Vitamin C: 30mg (50%)Vitamin D: 800IU (200%)Vitamin E: 15IU (50%)Niacin: 10mg (50%)Vitamin B6: 4mg (200%)Folic Acid: 400mcg (100%)Vitamin B12: 12mcg (200%)Biotin: 15mcg (5%) (Vitamin H, cell growth)Pantothenic acid: 10mg (100%) (Vitamin B5, hormone secretion)Chromium: 120mcg (100%) (maintains blood sugar)Molybdenum: 37.5mcg (50%) (breaking down toxins)Choline: 40mcg (controlling weight/cholesterol)Inositol: 3mg (for healthy hair, etc)Lutein: 275mcg (for vision)Boron: 150mcg (enhances ability to use other vitamins...calcium, magnesium, vitamin D)
bởi Mother of Dragons
I am trying to get myself back on track heathwise and these vitamins were just the boost I needed. They are not complete for my daily needs but I don't think any vitamins are, and we always have to add to our supplement intake to get it just right for our specific needs. Knowing that, these are great! A good start for anyone to get there bodies and health back on track. The importance of a gummy vitamin for me is because standard vitamins such as "one a day" simply make me nauseous and sick. I can't stomach them!! It happens, and through trial and error this has been the best choice for me! They are tasty and almost a little treat onto themselves, doesn't even feel like I'm taking vitamins. For me that's important, it's easier to rmemeber to take them because it is a "treat." They have a "gummy bear" taste. I will purchase again!
bởi Michael S.
Yeah they taste good blah blah blah... the real reason I'm writing this is because it came in a ice pack style box you get fondue strawberries or flowers in. That is extraordinary!! I was seriously amazed at this
bởi Liza
These are my family's favorite vitamins-unfortunately the last third of the first bottle contained contaminated dummies. The vitamins (I would like to return these and have included a picture) contained pea size pieces of plastic or some other hard material. My children removed them from their mouths and showed them to me. We checked the bottle and found about 15 bad vitamins. We checked the second bottle and it was OK.
bởi JamesW.
Do not buy these in summer. Amazon does not deliver in air conditions vehicles or at least my delivery was not. The gummy vitamins where a single mass of gelatin. You could distinguish they had separate colors but once they cool down and firm up they are going to be solid and inseparable. My mistake though. I should have known better to have these delivered in the summertime when the daily temps outside are 100+. (And they weren't outside for long. I got them right after they were delivered.) I wonder if I could put them in hot water, dissolve them and then make something bite sized out of them again.... ideas.