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Immune System, Muscle, and Energy metabolism support[1]

Provides an excellent source of Vitamins A, C & D

Clinically Proven Absorption for vitamins C & D6

Contains NO high-fructose corn syrup, NO artificial sweeteners, NO gluten, NO dairy and NO synthetic (FD&C) dyes

Recipient of the 2018 ChefsBest Excellence Award. The ChefsBest Excellence Award is awarded to brands that surpass quality standards established by independent professional chefs

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Vitafusion Mens multivitamin provides a complete gummy multivitamin that has been specially formulated to address the health needs of men. These delicious gummies combine essential vitamins and minerals with natural fruit flavors.

From the manufacturer

Sản phẩm này hiện chưa có thông số chi tiết

Đánh giá
bởi Ghost Rider
I had previously purchased these vitamins from a local grocery store in the smaller bottle, so here I thought I was purchasing the same product - only more, right? HECK NO! What you don't see from the clever packaging is that these vitamins are completely covered IN SUGAR! That's right, globs of sugar!!! 5 grams of sugar each piece! I am a Type II diabetic and bought these vitamins for healthy eating. These are anything BUT healthy! Who in the world would do such a thing to vitamins?!?!?
bởi Spatial Anomaly
I've got a genetic issue that makes me more prone to blood clots. As a result, I watch my intake of Vitamin K like a hawk since it promotes clotting along with bone health but I get plenty from my diet, I don't need any from my multi. It is so easy to get in your diet, I don't know why any of the multis have it. Literally a single serving of nearly any leafy green is just about all you need for that. Every time I think I might like to try a different multi I end up back with Vitafusion Gummies. It just has the exact balance of what I need and nothing else. It isn't trying to replace everything like you're some kind of idiot who never eats any fruits or vegetables during the day. It's a supplement, as in, it supplements things you're already doing in your diet, not trying to act as a replacement to real food.The taste is good and it never turns my stomach sour. I split them up by taking one in the morning and one in the evening. I do take a separate supplement however for Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium as this does not contain those also important things, especially if you are active in any sport.
bởi SRR
To sugary... its all over the dam things.. I don't want candy first thing in the morn I want vitamins. (Well I do but come on). I little sweet would have been fine but these are covered with'll see. I'll probably go back to the other chewy ones before I get diabetes. They where packed good in cooler type thing to keep them fresh... Kudos who ever thought of that..
bởi Rachel
Tasty vitamins full of everything you need. They taste like gummy candy and are appealing even to my hubby and teen son, who are not great about taking pills and vitamins. Since I take the Women's version of the same vitamin I really appreciate that the Men's vitamins have a sugar crystal looking coating to distinguish between them and the Women's (plain gummy). The bottles look very much alike and it helps keep my boys from taking girly vitamins on accident. Tasty with no weird aftertaste. A full range of vitamins and a reliable brand. Good price, too, and eligible for subscribe-and-save at the time of this writing. Woohoo!
bởi Outta Control
I have always had difficulty swallowing pills. Some vitamins are so large that I cannot begin to even attempt to take them.I started taking these gummy vitamins several years ago. They do work for me as my blood work has returned to normal after taking these on a daily basis. I am sure if I ate more fresh fruit and vegetables I wouldn’t need the vitamins but being as busy as I am, I find it very difficult to consume those foods.If you need to take vitamins, this is a simple solution.
bởi Komma
Good price on Amazon. The taste of these is good and it’s packed with most of your daily vitamins. The people complaining about the sugar content can just take a capsule instead of a gummy. Some sugar isn’t bad for you anyways.
bởi Liz G.
THE BEST TASTING VITAMIN GUMMIES ON THE MARKET! I'm a woman, but I'm hooked on the flavor/texture of these Men's VitaFusion gummies. Initially, I purchased them for my husband, but now we both enjoy them (I probably eat double the amount that he does!). I can see why these won the Chef's Best Award for 2017. They are soooo yummy!
bởi TEK57
I feel a lot more balanced when I take these vitamins.Happier, more energetic, faster, all of these slight improvements I would attribute to a prior nutritional deficiency that is now being filled by these vitamins.Honestly I love eating these, if someone made a yummier version ,with 5 gummies a day, I'd buy the hell out of that product.