Tommy Hilfiger Men's Thin Sleek Casual Bifold Wallet with 6 Credit Card Pockets and Removable Id Window
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Thứ 7: 8h-12h
756,000 đ

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Giá trọn gói về Việt Nam 756,000 đ
Giá sau thuế tại Mỹ 488,000 đ ($19.99)
Thuế và phí thông quan 146,000đ
Trọng lượng vận chuyển 0.14kg
Phí vận chuyển về Việt Nam 122,000đ

100% Cow Leather


100% Leather lining

No Closure closure

3.5" high

4.5" wide

GENUINE LEATHER: Crafted out of real and soft leather, our stylish wallet combines design and functionality; Say farewell to the worn-out look thanks to the high quality leather preventing the wallet from stretching out; A quality wallet you can rely on

EXTRA STORAGE CAPACITY: This ranger passcase wallet features 5 credit card slots, 2 slip pockets, and a large bill compartment; The wallet also offers 1 removable ID window with a thumb slider, adding extra space for your work badge, just when you need it

REFINED & STYLISH: Our genuine leather passcase wallet is enhanced by a stylish pebbled leather strip featuring an embossed and ornament logo; The tonal stitching on edges reflects the great attention our designers paid to details

SLIM DOWN YOUR POCKET: Measuring just 3 1/2 inches x 4 1/2 inches when closed the slim design of this ranger passcase wallet is perfect to fit in your pocket without bulging out of your jeans; You can safely put your wallet in your vest pocket and keep a clean look

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This tommy Hilfiger wallet is a pass case design with pebbled strip and embossed logo

From the manufacturer

tommy hilfiger slimfold mens wallet

Are you looking for a great quality, perfect size, good looking wallet?

It looks like you just found your new favorite accessory. Not only our Tommy Hilfiger passcase men's wallet fits perfectly into your back jeans pocket, it also looks great in any of your casual outfit.

Jeans, khakis, casual pants or even shorts, our casual wallet adds the final trendy touch to your wardrobe.


A versatile, timeless wallet that you can carry with discretion in your vest

The extra capacity feature of this Tommy Hilfiger wallet makes it possible for you to carry your cards, credit cards, driving license and bills in your vest pocket with discretion. The removable ID card holder offers you extra capacity when you need it but also allows you to carry your essential belongings without bulging out your pocket.

Our Tommy Hilfiger designer team, carefully handcrafted this passcase wallet so you can enjoy a long lasting, timeless, and great quality wallet.

tommy hilfiger mens wallet leather wallet

Never feel limited with our Tommy Hilfiger extra capacity wallet. With its 5 card slots, 2 slip/hidden pockets, and 1 removable ID window. The ID window features a thumb slider for a quick access to your work badge or driving license. Our slim wallet is the perfect cards and credit cards holder.

gift idea dads gift mens wallet

For your Dad, Loved-one, or your Son, our passcase wallet is always a great idea

You can never go wrong with our Tommy Hilfiger passcase wallet. Either it is for Father's Day, his birthday, or just to show him some love, you know you make the good choice when selecting this extra capacity wallet.

All our wallet come with a gift-able valet tray

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Braided and stretch Reversible Construction Logo Flag Ornament Fabric Edge Detail Logo Ribbon Inlay 2-in-1, versatile style
Strap Width
1 1/4" 1 9/16" 1 1/4" 1 3/8" 1 1/2"
Tommy Hilfiger Quality

Thông số chi tiết:

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Product Dimensions4.5 x 0.8 x 3.5 inches
Shipping Weight5 ounces
Item model number31TL22X062
Date first listed on AmazonNovember 11, 2010
Đánh giá
bởi t
THIS IS NOT LEATHER. REVIEWS MUST BE FAKE. VERY UNHAPPY. GOING BACK.Over half the credit card pockets/slots are glued together.Feels like cheap vinyl.UPDATEI just got back from a local retail store. Looked at the same wallet. Completely different with quality and stitching.Do not believe the positive reviews.AMAZON YOU NEED TO GET IT TOGETHER WITH ALL THESE COUNTERFEIT GOODS AND WITH ALL THE FAKE REVIEWS.I LOVE YOU BUT IM READY TO LEAVE YOU!!!
bởi Romer
Just by seeing it in person you notice the leather is high quality. At touch you can feel how soft and durable it is. I've been using it for months now and looks like i just got it out of the box. Comes in a really nice box ideal for any gift, I really like that it has two compartment, keeps everything organized. Its not too bulky as some wallets, I can last all day using it in my back pocket comfortably, although I removed the card holder, only use it in special occasions. Would definitely recommend this to anyone. My friends saw the one I got and had me order them a couple. This is the best choice look no further.
bởi Al In Da House
This review is for the buyer, like me, who wants a wallet that doesn't send the message that you're homeless.It's not sturdy. I recommend that you avoid this brand and try a different one. I included pictures that show how the wallet came torn out of the box. The material on mine was so low-quality that it did not survive shipping! If your wallet comes out okay, it's likely it won't survive one season. If you look at the box, it appears you're spending more on the box for this wallet than the wallet itself. To me, that's a message from Tommy Hilfiger that says, "We want you to think you're getting quality that you're not." No thanks!I give this wallet two stars because it came from Amazon and saved me a trip to Walmart, which earns it forgiveness, alongside the fact that it's larger than my last Walmart brand. This TH wallet also has clunky photo slips, which do nothing for me, and it has very little space for credit cards, which I need. This wallet would suit you better if you carried cash on you -- but that's a risk, considering this wallet would quickly tear and your money would fall out.
bởi Lilly Champagne
Other people had questions on whether this was real or a knockoff. if it is real, it should be on clearance because it has a defect. The logo is not centered straight on the front of the wallet. No way I could give this as a gift- which is why I purchased it.
bởi Apocalypto_Altapete
Very durable and beautiful product. Using it for more than 5years. Yes, and it is still like brand new. The secret is: 'I don't sit on my wallet' and if the wallet is made of durable material, it may last for more than 5 years. Depends on ur usage. I can guarantee specifically this item. It looks to be made of original sheep leather, if so. It never faints, never gets damaged from daily use. Take the wallet out of your pent's back pocket while sitting and it would never get damaged.
bởi K
The quality is really good. I love it so far. I would have given it a 5-Star, but the price was a bit much (About $20 when I bought it). But I understand, its a name brand product. Really good quality though! And it has a lot of pockets for cards and all.Update (Now 5 Stars): Its been 4 months now and this is still a really really great wallet. I now think it is worth the price of $20 :)Happy customer here.
bởi Marchar
My last wallet was big, old, cheap, and ugly. I don't even remember what it looks like exactly. So here's my review on this bad boy.First impression:-When I first opened the package I was pretty surprised. The wallet came in a nice Tommy Hilfiger container / wallet holder thing. Soft material inside, harder outer casing. It's a nice touch. The wallet itself I fell in love with immediately. Clean look, not too big that it bulges in your pocket and not too small so you can't hold your money and your cards. Love it.Pros:-Great size-Lots of space to hold cards, money, and IDs.-Looks great. I mean, it's TOMMY HILFIGER.-Price is amazing for such great quality.-Very durable, been using it for almost a year and almost no signs of wear.Cons:-Honestly... none. It's too good.
bởi Cuinn Lauten
This is a very nice wallet in a great color and perfect size. The wallet has a nice leather feel to it, and I regularly receive compliments on it. I am able to fit all of the bills, credit cards and business cards that I need to in this bifold, and have found no damage to any of them the way I did when using a trifold wallet. This wallet would have received a five star review if there was a divider in the bill section, just so that I could separate larger denominations from smaller ones, but that is more of a personal preference than a product flaw. Overall, great wallet that fits comfortably in my pocket and looks great whenever I take it out.