Tissot PR100 Silver Dial Two Tone Stainless Steel Mens Watch T1014512203100
Thứ 2 đến Thứ 6: Từ 08h-17h30
Thứ 7: 8h-12h
5,636,000 đ

(đã bao gồm thuế phí)
Giá trọn gói về Việt Nam 5,636,000 đ
Giá sau thuế tại Mỹ 4,392,000 đ ($179.95)
Thuế và phí thông quan 878,000đ
Trọng lượng vận chuyển 0.80kg
Phí vận chuyển về Việt Nam 366,000đ


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Đánh giá
I've owned a beautiful Tissot self-winding or automatic watch for about ten years. For about eight years, it was reasonably accurate (plus or minus 2 minutes a month) IF I wore it everyday for about 12 to 14 hours. If I wore it less (such as on a weekend while doing yard work), it ran slow. Over there past year, it began running slow regardless of how long it was worn.Bought this battery operated version of an almost identical looking watch, based on numerous claims of accuracy. I expect that over the year, the automatic version, while considerably more expensive, will prove to be more convenient (no batteries to change periodically). I've owned this battery version just over a week. Set it to the official NIST time when I received it; after about 9 days it remains accurate to the second.Don't know how to provide a star rating for "thickness." It's hefty without being clunky. It has weight and mass without being one of those chronometers that could pull you under in deep water.Initial impression: a great watch devoid of even minor negative features.
bởi WatchLover
This watch has so much to offer at a very reasonable price. I didn’t know that this watch existed until I researched High Accuracy Quartz (HAQ) watches. To find a HAQ watch like this for less than $1000 is amazing. The expected accuracy is plus or minus 10 seconds per year. Yes a year not a month. It’s not only highly accurate but is beautifully made. My black face version of this watch is running 1 second fast for 20 days or 1 ½ second per month. This may become better with wear.The COSC testing procedure allows the watch to vary plus or minus 0.07 seconds per day. The hardest decision was to decide on which time source to use for setting. I finally settled on the National Bureau of Standards Time. I have seen a number of atomic watches and clocks give some slightly different times but all within a second difference. A number of long term owners have stated that the only time the watch needs resetting is when the battery is replaced. It seems that 2-3 years is about the life expectancy of the Renata 371 battery.The date window has a magnifier but unlike others, this magnifier is inside rather than outside the crystal. It works well. No chance of hitting it and knocking it off the crystal.The band is solid link. It has the balloon head style pin. I used a screw driven link pin removal tool, Zacro Link Removal Tool purchased from Amazon. A plastic jewelers hammer should be used to reinstall the pin. Other methods may be used but why take a chance of scratching such a beautiful band.Another great feature is that the date changes rapidly at about midnight unlike some that change over a one to two hour period.This is the twin to the black face version I also own. I like and enjoy both watches.
Beautiful watch, a little heavier than I would have liked, it keeps perfect time. The one drawback is it is available on other sites for a hundred dollars cheaper. I went with Amazon only because it is so easy to return watches if you don't like it for any reason. since I am happy with it I wish I had saved THE HUNDRED DOLLARS.A year later this watch has never had to be reset. It keeps time with split second precision. I can still see the hour turn over on the second. I had a Rolex that never came close to this.
bởi Cohen B. DePriest
Don't remember buying this item
bởi Sheila K
Fantastic quality, bought it for my Dad and he absolutely loves it.
bởi Amazon Customer
The description above says “ Japanese Quartz” while this watch is a swiss made! Is that a mistake or what?