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Đánh giá
bởi Amazon Customer
I first set these bulbs up with lumiman app as per instructions, but many tries later, still couldn't get Alexa to link. Tried to get Alexa to connect to Lumiman app; but Alexa always found SmartLIFE app when asked for Lumiman. Deleted Lumiman app, set up bulbs with SmartLIFE app, then everything worked fine (well, one bulb I had to set up twice before it worked, but that's par for the course). Colors and dimming now work with Alexa. Deducted one star for misleading instructions.
bởi Timothy Pender
The bulbs work well using the Alexa Echo dot. The Turn on/off/color/brightness change etc... works very reliability and they are very bright in the daylight mode.There is a logic fault in the bulb that needs to be addressed. As you know the bulbs need to be rapidly flashing to program and if they are not flashing, the directions say to power cycle 3 times. This is all well and good and performs a reset and gets things back to a virgin state.The problem arises when there is a power outage/restore 3 times before the lamp operates. It seems that any 3 breaks in power over any length of time ( even several hours ) will cause the lamps to flash brightly as they are now reset. This reset/flash presents several issues 1. The lights are very annoying when they reset- almost painful. 2. If you are not home, maybe on vacation, and this flashing starts what will the neighbors think is happening?In my opinion the "3 power cycle reset" sequence should be designed so that the power cycling must be done in 1 minute (or some other reasonably short time) to stop the majority of accidental resets.
bởi MG
So I wanted multi color bulbs to integrate with my Google home system. Tried a few brands on Amazon, but found these to be the best value and most feature rich. While full range multi color was a requirement, the majority of use is simply a warm white bulb I use for reading and general room lighting. I am not a fan of daylight bulbs - my preferred color temperature is about 2900K - warm white. These bulbs offer full range color, including excellent control over white color using the Smartlife app. Wifi connection was quick and reliable. Integration with Google Home was easy using the app. Full range color and dimming control 1% -100% is available. Brightness is higher than I have seen with other low cost smart bulbs, They are rated at 800 lumen - or 60W equivalent. Comparing to a Phillips LED bulb, this rating looks to be correct. This review was written after only a short period of use, so I cannot yet comment about long term reliability, but I am very impressed out of the box.
bởi George
I got these light-bulbs for a party to have a cool light changing effect in my stairwell and I'm very happy with the result!Pros:- Installation was easy, just download the app and follow the instructions to connect the light bulb to your wi-fi network. I was able to get the bulb up and running within a few minutes. And best of all NO HUB NEEDED! Just the light bulb and a wi-fi connection!- Although the bulb is multi-color, you can still adjust the type of white light the bulb produces anywhere in the range from a warmer yellow to a colder blue which is a nice feature to have!- The bulb is essentially instant on - maybe a quarter second delay after flipping the switch but then it comes on at the last used color and brightness level without having to build up to the brightness.- All the colors of the rainbow are at your disposal- Customization is great! Not only are you able to have the bulb change colors, you can select up to 6 colors you want the bulb to cycle through AND control the speed of how quickly the colors change (i enjoyed perfecting the color changing frequency immensely :) and found 92% the right speed for the stairwell)- brightness is great - exactly as advertised! - As with all the other smart bulbs, you can create schedules, auto turn-off and on, etc.Cons/Product Recommendations:- If you have the light bulb on any non-white color, changing the brightness resets the color to white. This was very annoying when i had only the smart bulb lighting the room and just wanted to tweak the brightness and the vibe was killed as the light switched to white. I'd definitely like to see that updated!- This is a minor one, but i'd like the ability to be able to cycle through more than just 6 colors!- In the future, i'd really like to see an option for the bulb to change colors with the music. I've seen some other ones online that have it, but at this price-point i can't complain that this doesn't have it. Brighter wattage bulb options would be good to have too when you have limited sockets!Conclusion:All in all, this was a great purchase and I'd happily recommend this bulb to anyone. Great value for money!