Skechers Men's Classic Fit-delson-Camden Sneaker
Thứ 2 đến Thứ 6: Từ 08h-17h30
Thứ 7: 8h-12h
2,036,000 đ

(đã bao gồm thuế phí)
Giá chưa khuyến mại: 2,272,000 đ
Tiết kiệm: 10%
Giá trọn gói về Việt Nam 2,036,000 đ
Giá sau thuế tại Mỹ 1,392,000 đ ($56.99)
Thuế và phí thông quan 278,000đ
Trọng lượng vận chuyển 0.91kg
Phí vận chuyển về Việt Nam 366,000đ

100% Textile and Synthetic


Rubber sole

Shaft measures approximately not_applicable from arch

Air Cooled Memory Foam

Classic Fit

Air Cooled

Bungee Lace. 1 inch heel


TaupeBlack/GreyLight BrownBlackGreyBlack/BrownOliveBlack/WhiteChocolateBlack/TanNavyGo Walk Black MonoKhakiGo Walk NavySlip on Navy Black
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Đánh giá
bởi DavidsList 📝👍💬✅
I normally wear size 9 but I purchased this 9 WIDE and I'm loving it!These shoes are very comfortable, lightweight, and is made out of breathable material, keeping your feet cool.They look classy and I can wear them casually with my jeans or semi-formally with khakis to work.I already heard so many compliments from my coworkers and friends.** TIP **The shoelaces are for style only and cannot be adjusted or tightened so makes sure you order the size that fits your feet perfectly. These are more like a slip on shoes that looks like a sneaker.THE BOTTOM LINE:5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended. Great pair shoe!
bởi Chad
Problem being that the left shoe's insole came glued down out of alignment. Not wanting to risk tearing the Insole by fixing it myself, I ordered a replacement. Just as I expected the replacement had the identical issue. This time I successfully removed the insole and realigned it, after doing the left I also did the right seeing as it could be better.Now, I bought the Sketcher's Brexton shoe from Khol's and they have the identical sole and insole, and they came perfectly fine. It make you wonder if Sketchers passes shoe's with lower quality checks to online sales/vendors? Because no one would put this shoe on in store and buy it.The shoe is super comfortable, and quality is great outside of their 'assembly.' I still recommend, and just know that you can get the insoles out to fix them without tearing them, and I probably wont need to buy glue because they're still pretty tacky to the sole.
bởi Amazon Customer
I was so surprised by how terribly uncomfortable these shoes were. The "comfort sole" on the inside is somewhat soft, however, it doesn't fill the whole inside. There is a 1/4" gap around the edge with no padding. As a result, it always feels like you are stepping on something. The arch support is similar in that is more just uncomfortable rather than supporting.This is not normal for Sketchers, as I usually like their shoes. The outside looked fine, but I am not one to wear a terribly uncomfortable shoe just for looks.
bởi J. Bardi
I always buy Skechers 9 1/2 Wides, so that is what I ordered in this model shoe, and they are way too tight on the toes. Very uncomfortable and tight around the sides, when it is supposed to be wide.So I ordered a size 10 Wide, just to see if it made a difference, but turns out they are also way too tight and crush the toes from the sides. They must have changed how they make their shoes, because their Wides are REALLY narrow.
bởi cyberfogey
Ok. I'm a guy and not that into shoes but I wear Sketchers for the comfort..not necessarily the looks. I have seen these off and on in stores and I like the looks. They are a casual shoe that you can wear to dinner or a movie. They are very comfortable. They usually cost around $65 dollars everywhere I have looked so the price on these was outstanding. My only minor issue is that they don't actually tie. They are a slip on shoe and I guess I didn't pay that close attention to that detail. Again...a guy not that into shoes. I like the ability to lace my shoes a little tighter because I have a narrow foot. All in all a good purchase.
bởi gerimedic
These shoes are lightweight, well constructed, and should be comfortable and cool to wear. I returned them because the laces are small diameter shock-cord and not adjustable. I would have to carry a shoe horn to get them on and that would be sort of inconvenient. I have arthritic hands which makes putting on shoes difficult, otherwise these shoes would serve well. I ordered size 10 and the shoes were a comfortable 10.
bởi William
I'll admit I ordered these shoes because I saw them in a store and liked the looks. I found them to be significantly cheaper on Amazon than they were at the store, so I bought them. They are a really nice looking shoe, but also surprisingly comfortable. They are light weight, yet don't feel cheap. Even my son was impressed by the look of the shoe, and you know how young folk are about their shoes!
bởi DAVE
Much cheaper than Ko%$#s and they are the most comfortable shoes I have had in years very light , but how long they last.... we shall see. seem to be very good quality..update : got 3 pairs cause they are so comfortable and it's hard to find shoes that fit me just right.. these do! 3 colors to cover the whole wardrobe..