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Đánh giá
bởi Rob P.
I want to preface my review by saying that I was not looking to buy a dress watch,but not a "beater" watch either ( I have Casio AMW Diver series watches and G-Shocks for that). I was looking to fill in a casual, dress down "weekender" watch need. I was a little reluctant to buy it because I have a 7.5 inch wrist and a 43mm case may wear too small on me, depending on the case style. With that said,I found the watch attractive enough to take the chance. I'm glad I did. The watch wears bigger than expected but not gaudy "big". The watch has a very beautiful, yet pleasantly understated,utilitarian look to it. The dial is so blue that it looks black when looking directly at it. It's not until you catch it in certain angles or light that you see the rich blue of the dial. I actually found this as a positive because the first thing I did was change out the band for a NATO strap. The fact the the dial can pass for blue or black lends for fantastic diversity for changing the look of the watch ( I have many NATO straps in varying colors). The watch goes well with almost all color combinations of straps I own. I know that other reviewers have dressed up the watch by putting a bracelet or a leather strap on this watch,but I just don't see it as a dress watch. Hey....different strokes for different folks. I fits my want of having a clean looking,handsome, utilitarian watch with TONS of style diversity. The fact that is a Seiko AND solar powered separated it for me from the pack of watches I was also taking into consideration. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend it to others.
bởi Hoan
This is a gorgeous watch with an absolutely beautiful blue face. The strap that came with it is very well made with nice big buckle and I would wear that strap for casual events and swapped in the brown leather strap for for more formal occasion. A very classic and elegant look! I also have had the watch for a good 6 months now and and it is solidly made, I wear the watch to everything and not a scratch in sight!
bởi Nokenndo
Overall, it's a good watch for the price I paid. Perhaps if I paid the suggest list price, my opinion might differ.Positives outweigh the negatives.- Visually, the face is easy to read and if the light catches it the right way, the "SEIKO", numbers and markings on the face have the illusion of being suspended in space rather than being on the black backdrop.- The navy nylon/canvas band works well for a casual appearance, and the leather lining underneath the band keeps it pretty comfortable.- Setting the time, day and date was simple - just read the instructions.- Haven't tested it's water resistance yet, but don't plan to do so in the immediate future.- As to its weight, it appears like it would be much heavier based upon the size of it, but actually, it's deceptively light.- Further, it looks well-balanced on a medium to large wrist. It's also not too big for a female's wrist either.- The fact that it's a solar powered watch is a nice bonus.My only two negatives, despite being expected at the time of purchase, are as follows.- Although I knew the bezel did not turn, while you can't appreciate it looking at the pictures, in person and up close, it really seems like it should rotate rather than being part of a single molded piece.- Also, I do not think that swapping in a new leather or metal band will be sufficient to "dress up" the watch and take it to the next level, but I'm sure it would still look good.The negatives are truly minor, and quite frankly, it's to be expected for the price.
bởi Gene P
After enjoying this watch for 3 years I am now disappointed that the battery no longer maintains a charge for more than a day. The solar charging will only keep the watch charged for about 24 hours, so if I leave it in my closet and wear one of my other watches, I will come back to find this one dead. I bought this watch so I wouldn't have to worry about changing the battery every year or two but now I have to manage charging this daily.(Original review) I've worn this watch for a week, so this review covers initial impressions. The watch face is clear and easy to read, an important thing for me as I need glasses for reading or seeing anything that is within an arm's distance from my eyes! The 43mm case is big enough without being either heavy or cumbersome. In the first week it has kept perfect time--to the second. It is a simple watch that tells the time and date accurately.
bởi Purchase Person
This is a very nice watch and (so far) a very good value. The numerals are very readable, although the day/date window is a bit small. The watch face is blue, but so dark as to appear black in low light. The night illumination on the hands actually works well. The watch itself is fairly large, but fits my small wrist just fine and does not feel heavy. The band is wide but comfortable. Mine arrived working/running and set to the proper time and date! Unlike some other solar watch vendors, the amount of time that this watch will run without a charge is not disclosed in the product description; however, mine has run for a week steady on and off my wrist with no special attempts to expose it to light. I’m looking forward to testing it’s fairly robust water resistance specifications soon.After a week’s use the watch has kept excellent time, exact to the minute.
bởi Deep
Watch was a non expensive solar one that kept time pretty well while it lasted. Stopped working one day and did not get back on even after keeping it in direct sunlight for 3 hours.So I dug out seiko’s repair warranty claim form and sent it in. They kept it with them for about 2 months - no communication in between - and then returned it out of the blue with a invoice saying that the movement needs complete replacement for $100.Since I don’t want to spend the same amount of money to repair this hot ball of turd as I had to spend to buy it, I just threw the watch into the trash. Good riddance of bad rubbish.