Rainbow Light Prenatal Daily Duo: Prenatal One Multivitamin & Prenatal Dhal, 30 Tablets & 30 Softgels (Package May Vary)
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COMPLETE: Contains a complete profile of optimal levels of nutrients essential for a baby's healthy development plus provides nutrients to nourish mom’s energy throughout pregnancy and nursing.

GENTLE PRENATAL BLEND: Magnesium and potassium to ease discomfort, plus high potency vitamin B complex for energy, cell growth, stress and immune support

FOLIC ACID: Provides 800 micrograms, which promotes healthy brain and spinal development

TOP-SELLING: Prenatal One is our top-selling once daily prenatal multivitamin

ALLERGY FRIENDLY: Gluten and dairy free made with no artificial preservatives, colors, flavors or sweeteners

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Prenatal Daily Duo combines the top-selling natural brand prenatal multivitamin, Prenatal One, with powerful omega-3 support from Prenatal DHA Smart Essentials. Prenatal One contains a complete profile of optimal levels of nutrients essential for a baby's healthy development plus provides nutrients to nourish mom's energy throughout pregnancy and nursing. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

From the manufacturer

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Đánh giá
bởi DancerCounselor
I started suspecting some of the claims in the reviews that the vitamins on Amazon were fake or counterfeit. So I had my lovely husband go to my local grocery store and pick up a (real) box of the same vitamins to compare. Check out the pictures. Can you tell a difference? Didn't think so.I have noticed that Rainbow Light came up with a new, updated formula involving nutrients from "super foods" which has a different look and smell to the actual vitamin itself, and the labeling is different to reflect this. Those are not the ones in these duo packs. Those are sold separately and are more expensive. Ppl might be confusing the two products thinking the original vitamin is a fake. As you can see in the pics, they are the same product. Same smell, color and everything. You honestly could not tell which one was from Amazon and which one was from my grocery store. So, yeah, I would recommend.Don't believe all the internet paranoia. 👍🏼
bởi Ms. S
Three months ago, I would've given these an enthusiastic 5 stars, but the last few times I've ordered, I've received some VERY fishy smelling product. I returned the duo the first time this happened thinking it was just the one bottle, but turns out, it's an entire batch of these vitamins that are not quite right. I contacted the Rainbow Light headquarters in late December and they said they'd ship me a 60-day supply of the DHA (fish oil) pills, and I never received anything. I followed up with a phone call and voice mail, and got no response. Before I started receiving the new, fish-smelling version of these supplements, this was the greatest prenatal duo I could find. Just beware of batch number: 1044559. I still take them, but have to pinch my nose to swallow, or I'll gag. I'm just hoping Rainbow Light will eventually run out of this fishy batch sooner than later!
bởi Christy
I thought these were Rainbow Light Prenatal vitamins and they aren’t. I normally get these at Target, but ordered through amazon to save myself a trip. The ones purchased here are on the left and the ones I went and got at Target are on the right. The bottles aren’t the same and the vitamins are different. The ones ordered from amazon upset my stomach and have a terrible smell. I tried to suck it up and take them and finally broke down and purchased the ones from Target even though I still have these. Lesson learned!
bởi Paola T Fleurinord
I started taking these over a year ago when I found out I was pregnant. I loved how they are food based and "clean" ingredients. I suffered from hyperemisis so the size at times were hard to swallow but when I did manage to take them I felt great. I would not recommend them for women who have trouble taking pills. They are pretty big! My son is now 7 months and I am still taking them while breastfeeding. I can really notice a difference in my energy level. They did change the look and formulas a TINY bit but nothing too drastic. The DHA has a bit more of a "fishy" smell and the vitamin is a bit more chalky. It does turn your pee neon yellow so expect that to happen! Over all they are fantastic vitamins and I will definitely be switching to the womens multi vitamin once I am no longer breastfeeding.
bởi JKV
I am 11 months postpartum and still taking this combination. The continued use of the DHA/fish oil has helped manage my anxiety to the point of not getting back on a prescription. I also credit these vitamins to keeping my milk supply up. I tried a different brand of fish oil and dropping the prenatal all together and saw a huge decrease in my milk supply. I also noticed my anxiety was much more prevalent. Ordered another set of these and my milk was back on track and I was felt a lot better. I would recommend these to everyone!!
bởi Sydney M
I wish I could give these vitamins zero stars. There are NOT from a rainbow Light. I’ve been getting the same vitamins from Target for months and decided to order from Amazon because they were a few dollars cheaper. Wow, am I disappointed. The labeling doesn’t look the same, the vitamins are a completely different color than the ones I get from Target. The DHA that comes from Target is a yellow color small pill. These are brown and smell awful. Seriously, don’t waste your money! And the worst part, they won’t let you return them.
bởi Anastacia Jensen
Love this prenatal. After tons of research I chose this one because it had everything I wanted. There are some minor negatives... The pill is large and can be hard to swallow at times (easier for me if taken with justice vs water)and I do have vitamin burps all day after taking them and it turns your pee like super neon yellow. Other than that this vitamin is great! Has everything a pregnant woman could need from growing a happy healthy baby. All the other prenatals I've looked at didn't have dha or calcium or vitamin D or C...the list goes on and on. They'd have one but not the other. This one does it all! Even has ginger and other tummy soothers/digestive help for morning sickness and that dreaded irregularity in it! And as an added bonus it's not derived from synthetic lab made formulas it's all derived from natural organic plants. I just feel good taking this and it gives me more energy so bonus!
bởi Sobe
The picture shows that the folate amount is 800mcg but the label on the bottle says there is only 600mcg of folate. The whole reason I bought the item was because it contained the 800mcg. I already had a prenatal one bottle at home with 600mcg. COMPLETELY DECEIVING!!