Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer, Powerful 2200 watt Ceramic Tourmaline Blow Dryer, Pro Ion Quiet Hairdryer with 2 Concentrator Nozzle Attachments - Best Soft Touch Body/ Black& Rose Gold
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✔ ADVANCED IONS GENERATOR BUILT-IN - Our breakthrough is to use turbo to speed up transferring ten times more ions and thus help removing static and reducing frizz. The combined effect of ceramic tourmaline makes hair soft and smooth, and all you have to do is blow-dry it

✔ THE PERFECT HAIR STYLING TOOL FOR HAIR STYLISTS - The new upgraded 2200W DC motor providing powerful airflow and fast drying. Bring a professional salon home

✔ FEEL CHARMING AND CONFIDENT ALL DAY - 3 heat settings and 2 speeds, equipped with two concentrator nozzles to precisely meet the demands of all hairstyles: Curly, Straight, Thin or Thick

✔ ORIGINATING FROM THE BEST DESIGN - Premium soft-touch body; comfortable non-slip handle for flexible operation; detachable rear filter for easy cleaning

✔ YOU DEFINITELY DESERVE IT - We believe that you will fall in love with the TREZORO Ion System Hairdryer

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Product Description

IONIC hair dryer


  • Enhanced 2200W DC Motor for Effortless Salon Hairstyles
  • The Cutting-edge Ionic System Will Give You Shiny Hair Every Moment
  • 3 Heat and 2 Speeds Settings Make All Hair Attractive
  • 100-125 V, 60 Hz, Only 1.5 pound
  • Two Professional Concentrators for Fast Drying and Precision Styling
  • Detachable Rear Filter for Easy Cleanup and Service Life Extension
  • 2. 7 m Salon Cable in Safe Insulating Material, Convenient and Durable
portable portable travel
ION-9300 MK-1550 EGO-2000
Wattage 2200W 1875W 1500W
Motor DC DC DC
Weight 1.5lb 1.5lb 1lb
Cord Length 2.7m 1.9m 1.7m
Cool shot button
Ionic ceramic tech
Over heat protection

Sản phẩm này hiện chưa có thông số chi tiết

Đánh giá
bởi KPS
I researched blow dryers for about 3 days straight! I wanted to invest in a product that would give me the results I need without all the hair damage. I first was recommended by Sallys to use the ION Whisper 1875 wattage. So I purchased that and it did NOT do the job! It felt no different than my regular 1875 watt I had bought 9 years prior. So I took it back and got a refund the next day. I began to do my research on blow dryers and did so for HOURS! I was left with three different hair dryers to choose from that was not over $100 and offered great benefits. I felt I was left with these choices taking in consideration and comparing all the reviews with a hairdryers on Amazon and that gave you the tourmaline/ ion technology. The Baybliss Pro 1900 watt, JINRI 1875 watt and the Trezoro 2200 watt. There were VERY few blow-dryers in general that gave you a high wattage on top of tourmaline/Ion included. At first after seeing how much the Tezoro blow dry had to offer, I immediately wanted to purchase it. It looked like the PERFECT choice! However due to the fact I take in consideration EVERYTHING, I didn’t see many reviews on this product. So I hesitated to purchase it, even though it looked to be the best hair dryer in all the other areas, including a great price for what you’re getting! So the next one I looked at was the Baybliss Pro which had a lot of raving reviews! It looked like a great product but when I began to dig deeper almost EVERYONE complained about the red paint coming off on the palm of their hands. People said it got everywhere & was very messy! After years of making this product they still have not fixed that small issue. My bathroom is all white and with me always being in a rush while getting ready, I didn’t want to go that route. (I don’t need red paint all over me or my bathroom) So I decided on the next best hair dryer which I THOUGHT was the JINRI 1875w Powerful Tourmaline Negative Ionic Hairdryers Light Weight. I purchased that and it did alright. It got the job done but didn’t seem like it was very quick. It was better than the ION but still lacking. I just expected more product for my buck and was a tad disappointed. I told myself well at least it has the technology and the technology is better on your hair. So in a last minute effort to still find the BANG FOR MY BUCK! I thought about purchasing the Trezoro even though it didn’t have many reviews. The thing that stood out to me and I found was impressive was the wattage it offered on top of the fact it offered the tourmaline/ advance ion generator. So in spite of the lack of reviews, I took a leap of faith and purchased the Trezoro Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer. I figured I could return it if I didn’t like it and just keep the JINRI blow dryer and make do with it. Well let me tell you I received my Trezoro hair dryer and its EVERYTHING I expected and hoped for! I’m so excited! I have FINALLY found a product that gives me the best of all worlds! It heats up quick and has a LOT of hair dryer to offer! I have long thick curly hair and I have found my new best friend in Trezoro! I took both blow dryers to work and showed my coworker the difference between the JINRI and The Trezoro! Im just amazed at the product and Im going to be telling everyone I know! Thanks to Trezoro for making my life and daily hair struggle so much easier and safer for my hair! It’s the BEST! SIDE NOTE: This blow dryer will work on the famous Xtava Black Orchid hair diffuser!!!
bởi Lydia
Before purchasing this hairdryer, I read **far** too many reviews and compared so many! A few hours went into the search and comparison. I'm picky about what I purchase! However this effort paid off I think! So here's what I was looking for:• I did not care about traveling with my hairdryer. I did not want the heaviest model out there either. I've had heavy models and I cannot see where they are any different from the lighter models outside of general weight!This is light enough that it could be lugged around for a flight, but I'm just not into that typically.• I wanted a product that had a lot of control and that would blowdry my thick, but fine, hair quickly without damaging it. Wanted multiple heat settings, especially "cool".• I did not want to spend over $75. That is because I HAVE spent as much as nearly $300 on blowdryers in the past! They all worked pretty much the same! The most expensive one that I purchased came from a friend who was a well known Boston hairdresser and she bought me a hairdryer through her professional account. It did not last very long, although longer than $275! So, I was over that...paying that much money for a hairdryer. Nope! Stay firm, I told myself!! The hairdryer had to be under $75.00!!!• I wanted to be able to defuzz the air intake/fan. I did not want sparks! Yes! I've had 3 or 4 cheaper models actually smoke and spit sparks...the high-priced one actually had little flames coming out just before I tossed that into the trash...stinky smelly burnt thing!! It is critical to be able to clean out all the fuzz that can accumulate in the hairdryer over time.• I wanted a lot of ***bloooow*** power! Did not want to stand in front of the mirror for extended time on most days when I'm in a rush to get out the door!• I admit it...I wanted something that looked elegant in my bathroom!* I wanted a cord that didn't get tangled up and was originally looking for a hairdryer with a retractable cord.I settled on this one and it is a gem!Here's what I bought and why I gave this hairdryer 5 stars:I plugged it in and immediately it sounded very soft to the ears. It sounded like a far less powerful hairdryer than what I thought I had finally purchased. WELL IT IS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE REST! In fact, I read one of the reviews here and the person indicated that the hairdryer did not blow as strong as what she had expected. There are 3 settings for blowing...low, medium, high and 3 settings for heat.WHAT I REALIZED was that this hairdryer is so nicely designed that it is simply NOT AS LOUD AS THE OTHERS. It also BLOWS MORE STRONGLY THAN THE OTHERS...BUT with less noise! I realized this when I was trying to blow out my bangs and had to turn it to a lower speed to do what I works perfectly.... Happy me!Since I do not care about taking it with me when I travel, I shrugged off the weight. However, what I found is that this is lighter than many on the market. It is also chic...I find the rose gold touch attractive but a bit too flashy in my personal design book. However, it is still elegant and classy...they call this rose gold but is more like a rose gold colored high sheen metallic.... The hairdryer itself is very classy black with a soft, tactile, and trendy black finish.This doesn't have a retractable cord...but I have had problems with those retractable cords retracting over time with other models. So, I opted for this heavy-duty round "professional salon" cord which doesn't curl up and twist into knots. There is a velcro band that makes it super easy to fold the cord into any length you wish..and .it looks good...not a tangle or curl in the cord whatsoever. Tidy.This hairdryer comes with two attachments which made easy blow-drying for my hair type. I like it. A lot. The other reviewers said something about the cool settings not working very well. I use these since I live in a very humid, Southern climate here in the US. I found that that the COOL settings work very well both with the instant "cool" button as well as the Low setting. However, you have to WAIT a little bit for this to cool is not as quick as other hairdryer models I noticed. So patience required!!!The back comes off easily in the air intake/fan region so that the filter can be cleaned. Excellent, just what I was looking for.Best of all, I did not pay over my budget!!! Extra happy stars for that!!! I paid pennies under $50 at $49.85. Well worth to value ratio gets more than 5 stars. This hairdryer feels and look much like the $300 one I once had (that one actually had a little fire popping out of the back of it when it was sent to the trash!) fact, my hairdresser friend said that she has had it with the expensive models as they are just the same as most of the cheaper models!Trezoro Customer service...this is something I did not mention in my "wants" list...but the company Trezoro has emailed me every step of the way with delivery, which was fast. This is not something that I paid a lot of attention to...but the delivery notifications were very professional I will add. Their emails were nicely written...however Trezoro, don't send emails to your customers starting with "Dear," without my name...that is so tacky when all the rest is so well presented!!Finally...I sum up that this is a terrific hairdryer that looks classy and works extremely well in an unusually quiet manner! I am thrilled with the strong "blow" that I get and my hair dries much faster than the others with less wattage...this is 2200 watts where most are 1875 or lower. Highly recommend this...hopefully this review will save you some time, too!
bởi Amazon Customer
This dryer is amazing. I am a professional hair stylist as well so I have used all sorts of dryers. This blows my mind...and my hair! It's light weight. My drying time has been cut in half. It's got several settings and two nozzles. The best part is the PRICE!!! So affordable.
bởi Kindle Customer
Love it... im a hairstylist and this dryer is great! The heat doesnt get too hot was my isdues at first but then it actually dries the hair faster because the amount of air coming out is like a tornado! Lol very happy with it. Plue its quite and the cord is really long so it reaches behind my hsir chair perfectly!