Prenatal Multivitamin by Nature's Bounty, Dietary Supplement, Supports Baby's Healthy Growth and Development, 60 Softgels
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Supports Baby's Healthy Growth and Development

200 mg Plant Based DHA

100% Daily Value of Iodine and Folic Acid

Contains 19 Key Nutrients

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

During the summer months products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations, when provided.

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For Use Before and During Pregnancy. Providing essential nutrients for you and your baby is important during pregnancy. Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Healthy Mom Prenatal Multi is a comprehensive high potency multivitamin and multi mineral formula designed for women before and during pregnancy. Our formula contains 19 nutrients, including 100% daily value of iodine and folic acid, beneficial plant-based DHA and ginger. This can help to meet your nutritional needs allowing you to feel healthy on the inside for a beautiful mom glow on the outside.

From the manufacturer


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Đánh giá
bởi Meredith Hoffmann
I’m not typically one to review a product, but I guess that changes today.I first came across these at a Kroger in their clearance section. I’d been having hair growth issues, and I figured that taking prenatals could help with that. I mean, it couldn’t hurt, right? So, I took them for nearly a month and BOOM - I found out I was pregnant. Keep in mind, this is after YEARS and MULTIPLE doctors telling me that I would NEVER conceive naturally on my own. So, it was a big shock.I’ve continued taking these my entire pregnancy, because obviously my body responds to them! I mean, hello...! I’ve checked several stores and pharmacies, but I have only since been able to find them here on Amazon, so that is where I continue to purchase. I did switch to a gummy version from another highly recommended brand I saw on here, and I finished out the entire bottle - but I wasn’t pleased. My skin, my energy, my stomach, my joints, everything seemed to LAG when I tried the other kind. So, of course, I switched back, and immediately felt “normal.” (As normal as you CAN feel while growing a human - you fellow moms know what I mean)Fast forward to month 5! I forgot to reorder, and it was Christmas time. Amazon was so backed up with the holiday demands. I ran to Target and bought a bottle of their generic prenatals. I think it was $4, honestly. I figured it would be okay to take these for a week until I could order my usual ones. Well, I actually took them for 2 weeks, because my mind is now mush and I continued to forget to place my order.... In those 2 weeks, I experienced fatigue and joint/back pain like never before. I noticed excess swelling in my extremities. I craved SUGAR excessively for the first time during my pregnancy. I also caught a cold which turned into bronchitis and then PNEUMONIA.After my THIRD trip to the ER, the doctor and I were sitting down, trying to figure out if there had been anything I’d done differently to have such a rapid decline in health. That’s when I mentioned the change in prenatals. He scratched his head and said “well, if the Nature’s Bounty brand worked so well, you should continue taking those. It’s possible that coming off of them lowered your immune system greatly.” So, right then and there, from the discomfort of the emergency room, I placed my order (finally!). They arrived the next day (gotta love prime) and I’ve been back on them ever since... I think it’s been 4 days now? Well, in those 4 days, the following has happened: I have my energy back, I stopped running a fever, my symptoms have almost completely disappeared, I feel normal, I don’t feel as emotional or depressed, my appetite came back, but not for loads of sweets, etc.I know different things work for different people. & I know that EVERY BODY and EVERY PREGNANCY is different. But, when something works - it works, and this product REALLY works for me. I’m kicking myself in the butt for being complacent before.I hope this helps someone. In summary, these things helped me create a baby, grow a healthy baby, and it clearly boosts immunity!Less than 3 months to go! Woohoo!
bởi Nonameneeded
I like these prenatals. I was taking prenatal gummies and I liked the results, but then I read about the different forms of vit A and decided to switch because the gummies were 100% palmitate and I had to take an additional iron pill. Another brand I tried made me feel nauseous after about a week of taking them and I would vomit about 5 minutes after I would take a daily dose. It was like I had morning sickness, but I wasn't pregnant yet. I got this brand at Walmart and they've been great. I honestly believe these have helped regulate my cycles and my fertility signs seem stronger. I chart my cycles, and I saw a big difference in my chart the second month of taking these vitamins.Sadly, after two months, Walmart stopped carrying these in the store or online so I was very, very happy to see them on Amazon. I bought two bottles, both were sealed and had no bad smell like I saw on other reviews. I will continue to buy these from Amazon as long as they are available.
bởi lmk823
These vitamins are a fantastic value. They contain vegetarian dha from algae, which is important to me. The fish oil version of dha gives me the worst fish burps, pregnant or not. I honestly haven't noticed a "fish" smell through 2 bottles (it's actually an algae smell and all algal-based dha can have it to some degree, but it really is not even close to the fish version). It's worth mentioning that vegetarian based dha is not easy to find in national chain drug stores and grocery stores. But this prenatal contains vegetarian dha (no separate supplement needed!) and is widely available.If you need a vegan supplement or you need folate instead of folic acid (folic acid is the synthetic version that some ppl don't process), this is not the supplement for you. However, those things are not factors for most ppl. This is a good prenatal at a good price, and it's widely available at drug stores as well.
bởi Wendy M
I have been taking these prenatals for years as they carry great supplements for women in general.However, do NOT take on an empty stomach because you will feel god awful sick of you do. Best to take with a light snack before bed or in the AM with breakfast.
bởi MamaKar3
Pregnant with twin and these are the only ones to keep morning sickness away. Bummed the stores don't have them but glad I can get them here. I take them with my coffee so im not sure how they taste but they are a big pill.
bởi Debra
Trying to be fair. This product gave me massive migraines to the point it was debilitating. In all fairness though Omega 3 and similar products do the same. This has DHA. I was hoping the small amount would not cause any issues. My loss.
bởi D. L.
These are the best prenatal vitamins. They have so much plant based dha (my stomach was rejecting the fish oil version!) and are much easier to digest than other prenatal vitamins. Highly recommend!
bởi Melesha
I am extremely disappointed with these prenatal vitamins. I don't know what's going on with the manufacturer or the seller, but never have I bought vitamins(softgel form or not) that appeared to have been exposed to too much heat or have gotten wet before being put into the bottle??? Once I opened the bottle and removed the safety seal, I noticed a strange smear of some brownish-red color along the rim of the bottle. I then look further into the bottle to see this odd color spread throughout multiple parts of the bottle and also the ends of some of the red capsulses appeared to have been melted, wet, or burned. It's just so strange. I do not feel safe consuming these so I will be returning. I'm so upset because I bought this product as an add-on item for less and was excited about that. But I guess you get what you pay for. Couldn't even get a good multivitamin, smh. I wish I didn't have to select a star rating at all.