Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner: High Power Corded Handheld Vacuum w/ 16 foot cable - 12V - Best Car & Auto Accessories Kit for Detailing and Cleaning Car Interior
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KEEP YOUR CAR PROFESSIONAL LEVEL CLEAN! No more crumbs, dust or dirt! With our ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner you’ll be free of any wet or dry messes, even liquids, cigarette ashes or pet hair

POWERFUL YET TINY! Our handheld vacuum weighs only 2.4 lbs but has a high power, 106W & 8.8 amps motor and metal turbine for the ultimate suction power. The 16ft power cord connects to the car’s 12V lighter port, for maximum coverage

CLEANING MADE EASY! The ergonomic design of this hand vacuum ensures you can reach all the nooks and crannies of your car. The transparent trash container makes it easy to empty it and the protective lid keeps the trash inside at all times

WE PUT CLEAN IN SQUEAKY-CLEAN! The car vacuum set features 3 all-purpose nozzles, a carrying bag for easy storage, a special filter cleaning brush and a spare HEPA filter. It makes for an awesome gift for ride-sharing drivers & car lovers!

ThisWorx REALLY WORKS! We’re positive our hand-held vacuum will revolutionize your car cleaning habits! But, just in case you ever have an issue with it, our Customer Support team is ready to assist you with no question asked replacements

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Product Description

Easy To Use

Easy To Use For Quick Cleanups!

1. Turn on your car and plug into the 12V outlet.

2. Pick one of the 3 free attachments for those hard to reach areas.

3. Clean from front to back!

4. Use our included filter brush to brush out any excess debris and extend the lifespan of your filter.

Perfect for families, rideshares, and pets
Join the Thousands Who Love ThisWorx

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BrandThisWorx for
ModelCar Vacuum
Item Weight2.4 pounds
Product Dimensions13.4 x 4 x 4.3 inches
Item model numberTWC-01
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Manufacturer Part NumberTWVC01BP1
Cover IncludedDry / Wet cleaning, Nozzle set, 16ft long power cord, Additional HEPA filter, special brush for filter cleaning
Special FeaturesPortable, Vacuums, Brush for filter maintenance, Bagless, HEPA Filtration, 16ft long power cord
Lift TypeNo specific
Vehicle Service TypeAny vehicle with 12V outlet
Amperage8.8 Amps
Voltage12 Volts
Wattage106 watts
Date First AvailableJune 5, 2017
Đánh giá
bởi Sally
This thing is awesome! I only a 2018 Dodge Durango that sadly does not have leather seats. I own three dogs and it is just a nightmare pulling out my extension cord to vacuum my truck. I can now just plug this little guy into my 12v car outlet and I’m good to go! The power in this vacuum is as good as it’s going to get for a car vacuum so if you want extreme suction - buy a shop vac. Also the attachments are fantastic.P.s. I own 3 dogs- it picks up hair. The spots with sand in the picture are not vacuumed over yet to compare.
bởi adam
I don’t understand the reviews stating it’s lack of suction. Yes, it’s not super powerful but it works! I don’t know what people expect from a $30 car vacuum but it works great to pick up dirt and crumbs in a pinch. The accessories are useful and the extra filter is clutch.
bởi Julia Bright
Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  I'm glad to have such a great stuff in my car. Yes, it is not a powerful as my vacuum cleaner in the house, however, it cleaned out all the garbage, which I accumulated over the past autumn and winter in the car.At the end of October my husband and I went to the ocean and as we tried to be neat - the sand was still in the car. Finally, I got rid of it!Now my beauty again is clean, as on the first day, when I bought her))))
bởi Amazon Customer
This was a daily deal & most would say you get what your pay for but unfortunately not with this product.1) the picture shows a black scrub brush and a little brush for the filter which we did not receive2) when you read the manual - it states "to avoud (yes it was misspelled) the power plug overheating, after continuously running for 10-15 minutes, you should let it take a 10 minute break to cool off before switching it on again." Most people know that it will take more than 10-15 minutes to vacuum out a vehicle. Our vac shuts itself off between 6-7 minutes.3) Black extension hose does not fit into the vac. The measurement of the openings of the hose are bigger than the vac opening. Maybe you're supposed to insert the clear nozzle into the unit and then put the extender hose onto that? I wouldn't think so- but the manual doesn't specify.4) Suction fair. (even with the vehicle running) Works better with the nozzle in it. Little gravels pebbles wouldn't pick up (though our old car vacs would)5) Seems louder than most we've used (not that big of a deal if it actually worked)
EXCELLENT AUTO VACUUM, but check you car's fuse box and make sure it's at least 15 amp because this vacuum blew the 10 amp fuse of the cigarette lighter outlet in my 2013 Subaru Outback. HOWEVER, the Outback has a second power source located inside the console and it is rated at 20 amp. This is a terrific vacuum cleaner! Very easy to set up! This baby does the job! I drive for both ride-share companies and make it a point to keep my car spotless and this small but MIGHTY vacuum does the job! A clean car gets better tips!!!!
bởi ReviewerViewer
Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Nice caddy and for the price does a decent job. Not as powerful as a commercial vacuum but if you are one to stay on top of a vehicles appearance, this does a good job of doing so.
bởi BBundy
Had this 3 1/2 hours only. At first... worked pretty decent at first. It has an okay suction, nice long cord, they could provide better attachments..but they did an okay job. It's so light weight that it's kind of hard to work with and..so light it feels cheap. *While using ThisWorks Vacuum... the dirt that is being picked up.. goes right through the little rubber stopper and plugs up the vaccum.The filter keeps falling out of place when I start to put the vacuum back together after emptying.. also it sure doesn't hold much. Here's my Biggest complaint... I swept one floor board at a time andwhile taking breaks in between, emptied a couple times with each floor board just to clean off the filter.. then I go to vacuum the last floor board and it stops working.. messed with the plug that plugs into the lighter... and it works. Turned it off and tried to turn it back on..... NOTHING, Checked both lighter plug ins.. and it lights up and works for my phone charger... but it wont even light up with the vaccum and tried both of my lighter plugs.. both work with my phone charger but neither now work with the vaccum!!! VERY DISAPPOINTED! I've had it for 3 1/2 hours and it stops working!!!! I couldn't wait for it to arrive... was so excited, but now just very disappointed!! And a very angry customer!
bởi Simon Garfunkal
Great little vacuum! I have used it twice so far and I am not disappointed. I got a follow up email a few days ago from the seller, the p.p.s stated to turn on the engine when using the vacuum. I found that out earlier as I had the stereo on in my truck while vacuuming and noticed the sound degrade from my speakers, I started the engine and all was good again. I cracked the brush accessory by accident trying to fit it over the longer adapter, but it seems to still work fine. The carrying case is very nice and everything fits in it.