Philips Sonicare HX5611/01 Essence Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush, Mid-Blue
Thứ 2 đến Thứ 6: Từ 08h-17h30
Thứ 7: 8h-12h
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Up to 31000 brush movement/min .

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Đánh giá
bởi E. Marzano
I am a dental professional, and have been using Sonicare brushes since 1992. This is the older (2nd gen) model, it is more durable than the more recent models. The handle is much thicker (and heavier) than the newer models, and the brush heads screw on (newer models just pop on). This may be a significant demerit for some users, but I have no trouble with it and again, it will last for many years. The only thing that can really kill it is the battery getting too old. Mechanically, there are no internal moving parts in this unit (other than the on/off button), the moving part being within the brush head itself, and thus it's renewed with each brush replacement. On the newer models, the mechanical parts are internal, and they can't be replaced. Hence, the newer, more expensive models will not last as long. A relative of mine only uses the newer ones, as they are for her more maneuverable. They last about 2 years.
bởi Kelly
So, I really enjoy how clean my teeth feel after using this toothbrush. It has a built in 2 minute timer which is also nice and the battery stays charged for several days. My complaint is that when I changed the head of the toothbrush after the 3 month suggested timeframes, there was was mold in the handle of the base. I am considering purchasing something else because using something that contains mold close to my mouth isnt very appealing.
bởi Audrey Laroo
I am not sure if this is normal, but I have had this toothbrush for 9 months and it no longer holds a charge. I start using it and after a few seconds it turns off. It is fully charged so I am not sure what the issue is and since I purchased it in January, I am unable to contact the seller to negotiate a return or trade in... May be on sale for $20 but can it at least last a full year...?
bởi Amazon Customer
I really enjoyed this product for about a week, but after removing the brush to clean the unit I was disgusted to find it filled with black mold. I'm not sure if the seals are bad or if it's just a poor design, but the toothbrush allows water to leak in and creates a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. Not only was the mold in the basin of the toothbrush (which was relatively easy to clean), but it was up inside the brush unit that was impossible to clean. I am extremely disappointed with this product and strongly recommend looking into a different electronic toothbrush.
bởi BPernick
Bought this Sonicare about 5 months ago. After 3 months it began making hell of a racket when in use. Noise is horrific. The function still seems to be the same, however the sound decibel makes the experience quite unpleasant. If Sonicare will read this review and contact me and replace this I would appreciate it!
bởi Antonia
Toothbrush stopped charging after several months. Stays at 1 star until i figure out what Philips will do about this.
bởi Andy Lam
Dispite the nice deep clean, travel and battery life, this thing is not waterproof. By that I mean mold started to grow where you screw in the toothbrush cap. I told my dentist I bought this product and she said a Sonicare product should never cost $20 something dollars. They start at around $100. I can see why this is a $20 product. Don't be like me and many others and spend the extra dollar. You get what you paid for
bởi Amazon Customer
Uggh, I just bought this Sonicare on June 19th, 2017. Already the battery is starting to die. Brush time should be 2 minutes and it just started shutting down at the 56 second mark, and Yes, I'm charging for 24+ hours between each use. This stinks!!!!! $25 Gone!!!! It didn't use to be like this, you could get 2-3 years out of these toothbrushes.