PICTEK Digital Alarm Clock, 5
Thứ 2 đến Thứ 6: Từ 08h-17h30
Thứ 7: 8h-12h
565,000 đ

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Giá trọn gói về Việt Nam 565,000 đ
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Trọng lượng vận chuyển 0.18kg
Phí vận chuyển về Việt Nam 122,000đ

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Big white LED numbers easy to read day or night, and 6-level display brightness can be easily adjusted for personal preference. You can also turn it cmpletely OFF for a sound sleep at night. 12 or 24 hour time display optional.

Wake up with your favorite alarm sounds and adjustable increasing volume. The 3 alarm sound options: buzzer ( didi sound), bird sing and chord. The alarm volume can be set at low (75dB) or high volume(85dB) for light or heavy sleepers.

Easy-to-use digital alarm clock.The digital clock is designed with simplicity and clear indicators. All the functions can be realized through three shortcut keys on top and two snap switches on back. Best gift LED clock for kids and seniors.

Big snooze button to avoid oversleeping.Once the LED alarm clock for bedrooms gives off, just gently touch the big snooze button, you can enjoy a 9 minutes extra sleep before it rings again.

【Without USB Power Adapter, Still Easy to Power It】With micro USB power cable(included), you can plug it into any unused USB port via power adapter, cable box, TV, computer, etc. In case of power outage,The button cell battery(built-in) preserves time and alarm settings , but the display will not be visible until power is restored.

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Product Description

At PICTEK, we work passionately to create products with simplicity and usability. We talk & listen to our customers and value every constructive feedback to improve our alarm clocks and services.

Alarm clock actually can be a healthy upgrade to your bedroom based on some recent researches. Some users report that they wanted something to use instead of phone, to save battery life and avoid flight mode every night.

Digital Alarm Clock by PICTEK, has 6 Brightness Dimmer, is easy-to-read regardless of distance or visual acuity thanks to its 5" arc-shape large LED display.The digital clock also has an adjustable Sounds and Volume.

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Basic Digital Alarm Clock Wireless Bed Shaker for Heavy Sleeper Hygrometer Thermometer clock Sunrise Wake-up Clock Kids Alarm Clock
Adjustable Brightness 5 Level+OFF 5 Level+OFF 1 Level 20 Level+OFF 1Level
Powered by mains powered(without Power Adapter) mains powered (with Power Adapter) battery powered(2x AAA batteries) mains powered (with Power Adapter) battery powered(3x AAA batteries)
Package Included:AC adapter
Alarm Sound Buzzer, Brid's singing, chord ring 3 Natural Sound or Bed Shaker Buzzer 5 Natural Sound, FM 2 Dinosaur Alarm
Main Features Digital Alarm Clock with Optional Alarm Sounds and Volume, 6 Brightness, 5" Curved Dimmable LED Screen, Big White Digital Display, Snooze, 12/24H Wireless Bed Shaker Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers, Shaking or Sound Mode, 3 Alarm Sound, Clear Red Display with 6 Dimmer Hygrometer Thermometer clock, snooze, Large Backlight LCD Screen travel clock Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock, Great Gift, 20 Brightness, FM Radio, Two Alarms, 6 Sounds,Touch Control, Night Light Kids Alarm Clock, Time to Wake Up Children's Trainer,2 Alarms, Night Light, 12/24 ,Snooze

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Package Dimensions8.11 x 4.02 x 2.36 inches
Item Weight6.4 ounces
Item model number8541847940
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Date First AvailableMay 22, 2018
Đánh giá
bởi Randy
I recently replaced my cable box “Spectrum” and to my surprised the new cable boxes do NOT have an LED Clock in the front. So i had to find an alternative. Found this LED clock the other day and its perfect! I highly recommend it. I got the one with the white numbers so that it matches the cable box’s led lights. The new cable boxes have a usb port on the back so you do NOT need to buy an AC adapter for this clock. It brings its own usb cable.
bởi Justin
We’ve always relied on a living room digital clock of the cable box for years, and when we cut our cable ties, we were left without a main digital clock. Searching for a digital clock that wasn’t battery based was actually bit of a chore, and I found this one finally at a competitive price to nearby places for much smaller clocks.Ultimately, the actual digitized numbers are very large and easily readable across the room. It comes with a single cord, one end plugs into the clock, and the other is USB. We have a USB power strip, and it works directly plugged into a USB port, however, this would also work with one of those USB adapter plugs that you get with most phones. I paired this clock up with my phones time, and it has been keeping accurate time ever since.I’d say this clock is definitely a keeper, especially for the cheap price tag.
bởi Mike K.
The new set top box for my TV does not have a clock. So we needed to get a stand alone digital clock in our living room where we could see the time in the evening light of the living room. This clock requires a USB connection to power it. The set top TV box and most newer TVs have a USB port to use. The digital readout has numbers about the size of a chicken egg for each digit. You can set the brightness (intensity) if the display in four levels. So ours is set to not be BRIGHT and dominant in the room. It is just bright enough where we set it to be visible at a glance.
bởi Stephanie G 210
UPDATE: This update in my review has been updated due to the SUPERIOR customer service I received. Although the alarm here did not meet my expectations, the seller did reach out to me to offer me a solution. They sent me, free of charge, another model of alarm clock, which surpassed the expectations of the first and met all of my needs. It is VERY rare on Amazon to find sellers who are actually willing to work toward a resolution.There were a few cons with this item. First of all it was VERY quiet, and the alarms are all very gentle sounding....they sound more like that of a sleep machine (birds chirping, waves crashing, gentle lullaby). Secondly, it comes with a USB style charge, but did NOT come with a wall adapter, meaning we ether had to sacrifice one of our phone adapters, or purchase an extra one. This seller does not offer free returns. We feel totally ripped off.
bởi Ronald E. Michaels
I was disappointed in the brightness of the clock but I am using it in a normally lit room. For a dark room or for sleeping it might be fine. My only reason to write this review is that it does not keep the same brightness setting. I had to keep pressing the button every couple of days to get back to the setting I selected. I contacted the seller and they replace the clock with a model that had a brighter display and that has made all the difference to me. Thanks for your assistance.
bởi jln
I've got two of these clocks, one in my bedroom and one in my living room, yep... you guessed it, right by my cable television receiver where my little crappy clock would have been. Oh... but wait.... I can't read that anymore, because they make those now so small I can't read those. Oh... but wait again... that's not why I can't read it... it's because I'm old now... so I needed to buy these clocks because, I can't really see, or perhaps tell time anymore. Either way, I stumbled across this fantastic clock and I am so very grateful that I did!!! This is your little cable box clock on steroids guys!!! This thing is awesome, and it has like 5 or 6 brightness levels, so very cool. I would 1,000% recommend this clock to anyone, not to mention I get compliments to it all the time.
bởi Amazon Customer
We recently upgraded our cable box in our living room and the new one doesn't include a clock. This clock is a great size and brightness for the space on top of the cable box. One negative is that when setting the time, you can't adjust by the hour - you can only go up or down by minutes. This isn't really a big deal since I don't have to set the time often.
bởi MaryMc
We wanted a basic digital clock to put on a shelf in our living room. This one does the job. It's bright and easy to read from across the room, even if I don't have my glasses on. It's clean and simple to look at and it doesn't have an excess of buttons and clutter that we don't need anyway. It was easy to set. I had a drawer full of AC adapters, so I was fine with a clock that didn't come with its own. I can't comment on the alarm functions because we're not using those--but as a simple clock, it's working fine.