Organics Prenatal Gummy Vitamins - Berry - Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher Complete Multi - Methyl B12, D3 & Folate - Gluten, Soy & Dairy Free - 120 Real Fruit Chew Gummies
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Prenatal vitamin gummies: These organic gummy vitamins for women have 9 organic whole fruits in every bottle

Unprocessed: With our clean gummy technology, these prenatal multivitamin gummies have no "candy" ingredients, no pig gelatin, and no corn starch

Mom and baby: This prenatal gummy multivitamin has targeted ingredients to support the needs of mom and baby, including 600 microgram of folate and 800 IU of Vegan D3 vitamin

Organic gummy vitamin: Certified USDA organic and non-GMO project verified, certified vegan, certified gluten free and kosher, no artificial flavors or colorings

Great tasting: These yummy organic berry gummy vitamins for adults are made with pectin so they not only taste good, but are good for you

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From the manufacturer

kids multi organic fruit vitamins gummies

Kids Multi

- Made with 9 organic whole fruits in each bottle.

- No synthetic ingredients, artificial flavors or colors.

- With 800 IU Vegan D3.

- Essential vitamins & antioxidants for kids’ health.

Sản phẩm này hiện chưa có thông số chi tiết

Đánh giá
bởi Stacie
It is important to note these are different than most prenatal gummies!If you are looking for a more candy taste, try SmartyPants. It's pretty good.Otherwise....As far as taste, these taste not like licorice, but like a candy I had a lot as a kid: Panda All-Natural Raspberry Licorice (in the little red box.) I used to be crazy for it. That is the closest I can compare to taste AND texture. The taste is a lot like homemade fruit leather. And for sugar content, each serving (4 gummies) contains 5 grams of sugar, 4 of those from added fruit. This is less sugar than SmartyPants... but if you can't swallow pills, it's worth it to gain the nutrients.As far as nutrient value ---- remember that regardless of how much "vitamin and mineral" content is in a prenatal, what really counts is what actually absorbs. Whole food supplements are much easier to absorb than synthetic counterparts.Also I read comments regarding specific vitamins and minerals - how some shouldn't be in there or there isn't enough of another. Hopefully the company stays on top of current research in order to refine their recipe for best nutrient content..... but as far as my limited knowledge is concerned ---1. This contains a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals2. If it contains a mineral or vitamin you don't think it should, remember that this is a whole food blend. It isn't as if "added Selenium or Chromium or Manganese" is actually in the ingredients.3. Compare notes with your OBGYN if you like this supplement but your doc wants you to add another, ie Iron. You can find a separate supplement that is easily digestible for you to supplement your supplement.The one thing, for me, that I didn't realize is that since I also have thyroid nodules, consuming certain vegetables raw are not recommended. I have to take this in to my OBGYN to go over his recommendation, but that is my one and only concern.
bởi Nikita Cowan
I compared the label of this package to the label of a package that I'd brought directly from The Vitamin Shoppe. At first it appeared to be the same but upon further examination multiple things were different. I returned this product and purchased it from the Vitamin Shoppe.
bởi Amazon Customer
The vitamins aren’t too bad, I like them because I don’t have to take them with a meal. They’re easy and on the go. My only problem is the last order I placed arrived spoiled. There is mold! The date is current, however it’s a possibility they weren’t stored correctly. Please check for an off color and smell before taking!!! Unfortunately I have to give an overall rating due to this issue. I will be shipping them back.
bởi S. Berg
I'm a huge fan of these vitamins, I've been taking them since I was only a few weeks pregnant and I'm now in the 2nd trimester. I take these with the largest meal I eat each day along with a DHA supplement. I take an iron supplement that is OK to take without food (it says on the bottle it's OK to take alone and I haven't had any issues for the last 4+ months). This is the iron supplement I take, and I usually do so in the middle of the night when I wake up to pee (it's like clockwork, so very convenient. Haha): Since iron absorption can interfere with (and be interfered with) other nutrients it just seemed wise to take separately.I like the flavor, I think the reviewer who mentioned they are a bit like fruit leather texture-wise put it best. Like little mounds of fruit leather. I'm sticking with these.The DHA supplement I take at the same time as these prenatals:
bởi Marquita J
Let me start with the pros these are easy to take. I just pop them in my mouth and I’m out the door for work.However after 2 months of taking them I’m a little skeptical they are working. I’m 3 months preggors and my hair is shedding as usual and my nails are still brittle and lack luster. Now I know this review isn’t evidence based but I’m not feeling a perk of energy after taking them either. To each it’s own but it’s a no for me Johnnie!
bởi Goldie
This prenatal is packed with nutrients and none of the bad stuff. I love that it is whole food and vegan! I don’t like synthetic vitamins and I also don’t like anything with animal products so this brand was a perfect choice. I was taking Rainbow Light which is also a wonderful brand my problem was the pill was so large and tasted terrible that I couldn’t stand it once I had gotten pregnant. I switched to these and it was great for a while however the flavor is very strong, not bad but strong, and I have developed a pretty bad aversion to it! Pregnancy can be frustrating at times lol. So sadly I’m switching brands again but I still highly recommend them.
bởi CrazyCatGuardian
After ordering MyKind Garden of Life children's multivitamin for my 3 year old, I decided to purchase a supplement for myself. I chose the prenatal vitamins because figured that being a plant-based vegan, I could use the extra vitamins. I love the taste of these, they're very fruity and taste almost like candy. I take half the dose (full dose is four gummies) a long with an iron supplement every day and I have noticed that my nails are stronger and have been growing much faster. Also, my hair is thick as ever. What I love most about this brand is the vitamins are plant-based and made from organic whole food ingredients. Although they are pricier as far as supplements go, they are worth it and I will be sticking with this brand for a long time.
bởi Alex and Jennifer
I've been taking garden of life pregnatal my last two pregnancies. It made me stomach upset though. I just found this gummy prenatal last month and I'm in love with it! I had a sensitive gag reflex and couldn't swallow any pills this pregnancy. This was the only gummy vitamin I could find without added sugar and that's organic. This was a life saver! I just wish I had found it earlier on for my last pregnancy too! I will be buying this many more times!