NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender 1200 Watts, 1200W, Dark Gray
Thứ 2 đến Thứ 6: Từ 08h-17h30
Thứ 7: 8h-12h
3,916,000 đ

(đã bao gồm thuế phí)
Giá chưa khuyến mại: 4,502,000 đ
Tiết kiệm: 13%
Giá trọn gói về Việt Nam 3,916,000 đ
Giá sau thuế tại Mỹ 1,952,000 đ ($79.99)
Thuế và phí thông quan 390,000đ
Trọng lượng vận chuyển 4.30kg
Phí vận chuyển về Việt Nam 1,574,000đ

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NutriBullet blender is the ultimate cooking companion, with multiple speeds blend up any recipe, both quickly and precisely.

Three precision speeds, and pulse function offer you full control at the Press of a button. 1200W of power let you make an endless array of smoothies, soups, sauces, nut butters and beyond.

Includes: (1) 1200 watt motor base, (1) 64 oz blender pitcher with lid and vented lid cap, (1) Tamper, and (1) recipe book

The NutriBullet blender blade is made of powerful stainless steel and designed with cyclonic action. Our super-durable BPA-free pitcher is made of high-performance plastic.

Hassle-free cleaning - simply place pitcher in the dishwasher.

This item includes a 1 year Limited warranty.

Unit dimensions: 7.75 L x 8.07 W x 16.101

Note: Refer to user manual before use

Product built to North American & Canadian Electrical standards

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Đánh giá
bởi MyPenName
This is a great blender for smoothies, frozen drinks, and whatever else you can throw at it.I have a touchscreen complete ninja set that I love for the versatility and and ability to do so many thing with it, but sometimes it is sort of a pain, to be honest. So many pieces to clean and switch out to complete a task vs a different task, locking the pitcher in the base properly, locking the lid on the pitcher properly, etc etc.This nutribullet is nice because it's just simple to use, period. The pitcher locks into the base easily and smoothly. You can lock it with the handle to the left or the right.The lid doesnt have an actual locking mechanism, just a plunger type lif that you press down into place and then easily remove with a finger loop type handle by pulling it up and out.Theres a cap in the lid to remove and add ingredients while blending. It simply twists on and off.It has your basic settings, but they're all perfect. Low, med, high, and pulse. It seems basic, but they do everything you could need it to and you're able to get any consistency/texture you desire.It sounds like the most powerful hemi charged cyclone when running, but so does my ninja. This one has a little less vibration though and just has a smoother sound to the motor.The pitcher is a really nice size if you like to mix up larger quantities.The blade is not removable for cleaning and while I appreciate having less parts to keep track of (my ninja has a million, it feels like) it does make it a bit tricky when cleaning the pitcher. To make things easiest and safest, be sure to rinse the pitcher out right away after each use so you dont need to get your hands down in there as much to clean it or get caked on stuff off of it.It comes with a tamper to use if you need to push down ingredients. It fits the whole way down into the pitcher from the removable cap on the lid.There are suction cups on the base to keep it in place while it is running.All in all, it looks like a basic unit, but it definitely performs like a member of the elite and I love pulling it out to use instead of the ninja when I simply want to blend and dont want to hassle with lots of parts and such and putting lots of parts away etc. Definitely recommended you want a blender that performs like a pro, but dont necessarily wants to spend a few hundred. This one absolutely surprised me with its power and performance for the price point and it feels like a well made machine, too. Not super heavy but not some lightweight appliance either.
bởi Ken
I got mine in February and the blade assembly started making a horrible noise just now in May, that's 3 months. They replaced the upper part of the unit for free and then told me IT NEEDS TO BE REPLACED EVERY 6 MONTHS!! that's $48.00 plus shipping twice a year. The following is the "care" guide they sent me when I called about the problem. Never run the unit for over a minute! Running the unit continuously for more than one minute can cause pressure to build in the sealed vessel (through friction of the rotating blades), and may lead to an eruption that may cause personal injury and/or property damage. If additional blending is required, run for short one minute intervals allowing the unit to cool down (for a few minutes) between each interval- do not use for more than 3 intervals. When blending, keep all ingredients under the MAX line. Overfilling the vessel can lead to leakage and pressurization which may lead to separation and can cause personal injury and or property damage. Overloading the vessel may eventually weaken the integrity of the blade assembly component leading to damage and improper functionality. Make sure that the blade assembly is screwed tightly to the vessel. If the blade assembly is not tightly attached to the vessel, the contents may leak into the power base cavity. Leakage in the power base cavity may cause the switches to become sticky, and over time, making it difficult, if not impossible, to depress and power the motor. Allow the motor to come to a complete stop (3 seconds) before lifting the blade assembly and vessel from the power base. ONLY use room temperature, cool, cold or frozen ingredients - never blend warm or hot contents in your NutriBullet. Never blend carbonated ingredients or liquid (including baking soda, any type of batter and or vinegar). We recommend replacing your blade assembly and vessels once every six months or as needed for Optimal Performance. Always check to make sure that the blade assembly gasket is fully seated into its recessed housing channel before each use. Periodically check the three tabs on the sides of the vessels to make sure they are not cracking, crazing, breaking or rounding (if so discard immediately!) We recommend washing all parts by hand and allowing them to air dry—do not place in the dishwasher. If you have any comments or questions, please call Customer Service at 855-346-8874 and we will be happy to assist you in any way that we can!
bởi Max
I was hesitant to try this blender with big ice cubes, thinking I should probably have crushed ice in there instead but, no problem, it handled the big ice easily. I've been making protein smoothies and all kinds of different smoothies on a daily basis. I've had it for about a week or so and I will update after I had it for about a month.
bởi MMasiA
This is the best blender ever! I own a waring that costs more than double but I think the nutribullet is better. I’m going to buy another as a gift to my sister for the holidays!! I don’t review a lot but the feedback from others was very helpful in my decision to purchase this blender. If you are researching for a blender please don’t hesitate. This is one is great!!