Nilight 6 AWG 20-Inch Battery Power Inverter Cables with Terminals,Red + Black Tinned Copper Battery Inverter Cables for Motorcycle, Automotive, Marine Boats, Solar, 2 Year Warranty (10024W)
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Thứ 7: 8h-12h
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Heavy Duty Safe UL 6 Gauge Cables: Tinned copper wire has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, stability, tin-plated copper can increase heat dissipation, improve electrical conductivity and improve wire performance. Red wire is positive while black is negative.

Tin-plated Copper Terminal: Tin-plated copper has good stability, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, which improves the oxidation resistance of copper and maintains its conductivity better.

PVC Insulated Jacket: Flexible PVC insulation of battery cables resists abrasion, waterproof and moisture proof, flame retardant and heat insulation, and withstands the rigors of an automotive or marine environment.

Scope of Application: 6 gauge inverter cables are often used for power application in automotive, truck, marine boats, solar, RV, trailer, golf car, motorcycle, mower, etc.

Package Includes: 20-inch 6AWG battery inverter cables contain a set of positive(red) and negative(black) battery cables.

Fit type: Universal Fit

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Size:Battery Inverter Cable Set

Features: Wire Gauge: 6 Actable Length: 20 inches Operational Temperature Range: -15°C to +105°CCable Material: Tinned copper wire & PVC insulated jacket Terminal Material: Tin-plated copper terminal Wide Range of Uses: Used for power applications in cars, RV trailers, golf carts and small marine crafts, also great for small solar cable applications. Safety Instruction: When Installing Battery Cables: Install the positive (Red) cable first before the negative (Black) cable. When Removing Battery Cables: Remove the negative (Black) cable first before the positive (Red) wear safety glasses when working near batteries. Package Contents: 1 × Positive Cable with Tin-plated Copper Terminal(Red)1 × Negative Cable with Tin-plated Copper Terminal(Black)

From the manufacturer

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Item Weight7 ounces
Product Dimensions5 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches
Item model number10024W
Manufacturer Part Number10024W
Cover Included20Inch 6AWG battery inverter cables
Mirror Lighting TypeLED
Date First AvailableMay 17, 2019
Đánh giá
bởi Gil
My kit came wired wrong, terminals at the relay had been wired to the wrong side, the black leads from ground source was wired to the 86 terminal side of the plug in harness which should have been on the 85 terminal side.This caused the fuse to blow each time i connected the battery lead to the power source. once i switched the terminals locations it works as it is designed to. Note the manner in which this set was wired is factory defect. The harness is wrapped with heat shirk i had to pull back form connection harness in order to relocate the terminals, i hope this is an isolated incident, however if this happens to any one else i hope you understand how to fix this issue. reverse the terminal locations from 85 to 86 on the harness. Black wires to 85 terminal and blue wire to 86 terminal. I had 2 bad sets.
bởi Airman H
Be nice if they came with wiring instructions for the less savvy electricians. Solid product though.I found a youtube video with the image of a light diagram
bởi Zeb Olsen
Really like this kit. The quality is very good. The only thing that's not totally ideal is the size of the switch (kinda big for me, but might be a good thing come winter when im wearing thick gloves). This could be preferable or not depending on person or situation. The whole switch lights up red when in on position.I used this kit to wire two led pods & one 12" led light bar. It's set up for two out of the box, but I tapped in the light bar as I wanted all three on the same switch & was still within the load limits (you will have to make that calculation on your particular setup to he safe).The kit comes with everything you will need & the setup is simple. Directions were easy to follow as well which is something many companies take for granted these days. I would definitely recommend this kit.
bởi EaW
Normally I would have made my own wiring harness, but by the time I purchased the wire and put the thing together, it would have cost me more than this complete unit.It was extremely easy to assemble. However, I do highly recommend soldering your joints and shrink taping or wrapping each individual wire then covering the entire triple junction with heat wrapsI ended up splicing two separate lights into this harness and it worked flawlessly! I’m a single mom, that also is a contractor for the last 18 years. I say this because if you have minimal wiring experience this should be a snap for you to install on your own.Do not rely on any instructions! If you get them you are You are fortunate. If instructions did not come with your wiring harness, it is pretty self-sufficient and if you have the least bit of wiring knowledge, you will have no problems installing it.! But I definitely recommend using heat shrink around all of the ends and every connection to ensure nothing jars loose and that your connection is 100% waterproof.
bởi A Regular Guy
There is 12ft of wire if you add it all up, but the length between the battery connection and the first connectors for a light is about 7ft. Then an added length from there is about 4ft to the 2nd light.Do not buy this is if you intend to install 2 lights beyond 7ft - get something else.Instructions, wire, connectors, insulation, protective covers and relay a look better than cheap quality, but not top of the line. I expected that. I also expected to be able to install a light 12ft away from the battery connection, but that is not the case here.I even bought the extension wires, but they don't get me to the 15ft that I needed. Best case is 10ft and 15ft or 16ft and 12ft. LolContacted the seller to see if they can fix their description and help me figure out a solution.
bởi frankelson
Great deal on a good quality driving light harness. Couple things: The instructions could be better. Note that the hot (+) wire off the switch should connect to an accessory switched hot wire on your car. I used a mini fuse adapter add a circuit and tapped in that way. If you also wire the switch straight to your battery the lights will go on & off even without keys in ignition. For safety & battery protection it's better to tie in to switched on wire. The negative on the switch just needs to go to closest ground-not necessary back through the firewall to the battery negative. I used the ground from the stereo. I didn't like the oversized switch which required drilling huge hole in dash so I changed it to a smaller toggle with led. Easy to wire up - took me longer to mount the driving lights securely.
bởi Darrin Moore
Installed 4 of these to drive 4 different sets of LED lights (2 of them your brand). All 4 15 amp fuses blew. Double checked all connections and tried again with only ONE light plugged in (half current). Same result. Unplugged the lights and tried TWO of them direct wired to the battery through a FIVE amp fuse (double current drawn) with no problem.Analysis after troubleshooting? Your wiring harnesses (or something in them) are a miserable failure.
How Good of a deal are these ? A Great Deal in my opinion, I bought one for my LED Bar and a couple of small LED Aux lights, I opened the box up and spread the wiring out and had it all figured out how it was to be installed, then I was impressed with the way the wiring was put together and it would look like a professional job if I took the time and a little extra effort to make it look nice and neat, I went to a hardware store to look at the wiring that I would need and then a switch that I liked, none of the switches were aesthetically pleasing, then I needed a inline fuse BUT With this set up it came with every thing that I needed to do the job right, I did get a couple of crimp on male and female spade connectors , a few months later I bought another set for a spare if I wanted to use one on anther vehicle that I own, Then a few more months later I bought a spare, that's one that I used and 2 spare sets, I don't buy a lot of spare extra parts but I know that it's just a matter of time before I use my extra wiring sets, Very Very Please with these and all for les than what the wiring alone would have cost me.