NIOXIN System 3 Scalp Activating Treatment
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Thứ 7: 8h-12h
741,000 đ

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1.7 Ounce3.4 Ounce6.8 Ounce
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Size:3.4 Ounce  |  Style:Nioxin Scalp & Hair Leave-In Treatment System 3 (Color Treated Hair/Normal to Light Thinning)

Product Description

Refresh the scalp and increase hair volume with Nioxin’s 3-part System 3 Scalp & Hair Treatment for Colored Hair with Light Thinning. This diameter-increasing professional product refreshes the scalp and gives a healthy shine to your hair. With its Transactive Delivery System 2.0, the volumizing Nioxin leave-on treatment helps provide thicker hair by increasing the fullness of each hair strand. Nioxin Scalp & Hair Treatment is the final step of the 3-part System, which amplifies hair texture while protecting against breakage.


Nioxin is the only salon brand with 25+ years of experience in thinning hair. Nioxin, supported by The Institute of Trichologists, believes the scalp is an extension of facial skin and requires the same attention and care.

From the manufacturer

NIOXIN System 3

Scalp & Hair Treatment

  • Professional quality treatment to increase hair diameter for colored hair with progressed thinning.
  • Scalp Access Delivery System 2.0 helps to provides thicker hair and contains UV-protection ingredients for the hair.

Scalp Therapy Conditioner


System 3 Treatment


System 4 Treatment


System 1 Treatment


System 2 Treatment

Hair Type
Color Treated Hair Color Treated Hair Natural Hair Natural Hair
Thinning Stage
Normal to Light Thinning Progressed Thinning Normal to Light Thinning Progressed Thinning
Moisture Need
Balanced Moisture Balanced Moisture Light Moisture Light Moisture
UV Protection
Removes Environmental Residues

Best Results in Combination With


Cleanser Shampoo


Scalp Therapy Conditioner


Recharging Complex


Formulated to meet each user's specific scalp and hair needs.


Formulated to control moisture balance each user's unique hair needs.

Inside Out Health

Supplement with Nucilium-plex Technology supports hair health from inside out.

Derma Purifier

Remove follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids, and environmental residues.

Density Protector

NIOXIN technology provides hair resilience and smoothing control.


Take one tablet daily with water, as part of a balanced diet and lifestyle.

25 Years of Heritage


With over 25 years of experience in thinning hair, NIOXIN is supported by the Institute of Trichologists.

Thông số chi tiết:

Chú ý: Quý khách vui lòng tìm hiểu kỹ thông tin sản phẩm trước khi mua hàng!

Product Dimensions2.2 x 1.6 x 6.1 inches ; 4.8 ounces
Shipping Weight4.8 ounces
Item model number81629544
Đánh giá
The stuff really works but found a better deal for $21.00 includes shampoo and conditioner on Groupon. Same size for the scalp treatment but then you basically get the 10 ounce shampoo and conditioner for free.
bởi newmanj15
I am highly disappointed, I have been using this product for years and the price has gone up, the bottle has gotten smaller and worst of all I just ordered two bottles and found out they have changed the product from foam to spray ?!?!? I use this product for thinning hair and as a styling foam , now that it is a spray I guess I will have to find something else. I wish they would have mentioned this on the product description. Sorry about the one star but it was not what I expected at all.
bởi noknots
There are a combination of different ones, 3 is for chemically treated hair and I use quite a few along with hair growth and its brought my hair back, not the curl or body but with all the product we put on my hair the style lasts a few days. I have tremors so I'm wicked with a curling iron so I get my hair done once a week, Great line and they even advertise it on line and in commercials on TV. They are a little price but they last a long time, like the big bottles over a year, first time try the kit then work up from there
bởi Crissey
It took over 2 months to start seeing a difference. Be careful not to get any liquid beyond your finger tips. My arms, wrists, and cheek turned red and numb until the potency wared out. It works!
bởi Wesley
I don’t know what the company has done to the products, but this treatment actually makes me look like I have less hair and I never get the redness that I used to get with the prior formula, which gave me a clue it was doing something. This formula is too thick and horrible to deal with. They have raised the prices and destroyed these products.
bởi Barbara A
Purchased this product previously and was more than3.5oz thought I was getting samebut was surprised to see that bottle was smaller and only 3 oz for same price I paid for larger bottle. Prob won’t purchase again
bởi AhoyMate
This works amazing to volumize thinning hair. I first used it in the starter kit with the shampoo and conditioner but wanted to get a little bigger size for a month long trip than what came with the kit. This size is perfect.
bởi Joneva L. Flowers
The product works