Mixologie - SULTRY (wild musk) Roll-on Fragrance - Perfume for Women
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Alcohol-Free Roll-On Perfume

Best Seller

Assured (Natural)Charmed (shot of spice)Daring (Spiked Punch)Electric (Citrus Twist)Free (Ocean Mist)Inspired (Rose Floral)Poised (Clean Breeze)Risqué (Exotic Woods)Serene (Light Floral)Soulful (Sheer Amber)Sultry (Wild Musk)Tempted (Coconut Kiss)Tenacious (Crisp Vanilla)Tender (Fruity)
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Product Description

A compliment to any composition, this velvety musk scent emboldens feminine sensuality and strength. Beautiful exotic white musk and blonde amber surround fresh watery accords and a modern rose muguet.

Sultry can be worn alone or mixed with other Mixologie fragrances to create a custom blend.

Ingredients: Dipropylene Glycol, Fragrance Oils

5 mL Rollerball

  • Alcohol-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Cruelty-Free

Irresistible fragrances

Man Smelling Woman that Smells Beautiful

Alcohol-Free Perfume

Feel good about what you put on your skin.

Beautifully clean fragrances

Sultry wrist application

Sultry (wild musk)

The kind of scent you buy for your girlfriend or wife, but definitely not your daughter or sister . . .

Sản phẩm này hiện chưa có thông số chi tiết

Đánh giá
bởi Twiluh
Umm this is fake. I don't know about the reviews that give it 5 stars, because this isn't authentic. Sure, it smells ok. But this is not the same product that I get from my go to Mixologie sellers, and the pictures advertised misled me to thinking it is. My one star review is based on several things. But first here's two red flags: the color of the printed label is a lighter/brighter red than the real one, and the red Sultry symbol isn't set in the right direction. Also certain words are out of place which is another red flag. I included pictures where you'll see what I'm talking about. See for yourself! Look at the comparison of my real bottle of Sultry that I bought at a local store, and the fake one I got from here. The one pictured with the blue F on the photo is from Amazon. The one with the red R is real.Though it is fake, the scent is slightly right but it's poor quality and wears off within minutes leaving a strong, BAD musky smell. The original DOES NOT have the fake musk scent. The smell after it's worn off from the original is sweet, and not at all musky even though it is musk.[What I bought on here reminds me of the knock off "Paris Hilton" by Paris Hilton I cluelessly bought in high school. Until I bought the real one, I realized what huge difference there was...like this one]Needless to say, I'm majorly disappointed for having spent money on a full price knock off. If you're getting your first bottle from here, and you like it, fine. But I don't recommend that you pay full price for it. Save yourself the trouble and put the money towards the real stuff, you won't regret it! I only bought it through here because the local store I get it from was sold out. Next time I will just stock up and never order from here again. Do not buy this!! Rant over.
bởi Courtney
I have bought this product because the older I get the more my regular perfumes give me a horrible migraine. I saw these at a local boutique and decided to order one off amazon. OH MY GOSH! I love the smell. Even better, I saw that you can layer them with different scents from mixologie. The scent isn't too strong, subtle, yet throughout the day I can smell it. Best part is, I haven't gotten any headaches. I will be ordering more soon! Love this product!
bởi Starla
I have found my perfect everyday scent! I absolutely adore this fragrance. It is light, sultry, feminine, warm and fresh-- all at the same time! It reminds me of that fresh out the bath, clean smell with a dash of sultry and sexy mixed in. Like, if I was smelling this on someone I would want to nuzzle in the crook of their neck and stay there a bit. As I move throughout the day I catch light tantalizing whiffs of... something familiar. Sandalwood? Violets? Ivory soap? What is that smell? Oh... it's me!
bởi Amazon Customer
Love this perfume! I am really sensitive to fragrance, because I am prone to migrains. Synthetic fragrances, particularly with a lot of alcohol always give me a headache. I find that I do better with oils and more natural scents. I found this perfume line at a small gift shop in Boston and purchased the citrus smelling one. I purchased one for my sister as a gift too. We both fell in LOVE with this perfume. It smells amazing. Its not so strong that it hits you in the face, but when you hug someone wearing it you can definitely smell it, and it softly lingers throughout the day. I can always smell it on my clothes the next day too. Anyways, I was so glad I found this line on Amazon. I ordered Mist and it smells wonderful too. I want to get a few more and try mixing them in order to create my own scent. LOVE Love LoVE!
bởi Cecy G
If you haven't tried Mixologie perfumes you should! They are so much fun and smell great! Tenacious is my favorite scent of all of them. It is a very subtle vanilla fragrance that is not overwhelming, or overly "candy scented", that you can still smell through out the day. The scents last all day without overpowering. It's fun to layer the scents or wear them alone. Since Tenacious is my favorite I like to wear it alone. The other great thing about Mixologie perfumes is that they are very portable so they are great for taking with you when you travel.
bởi Amazon Customer
**Initially I had purchased this cologne at a casino in the gift shop. I liked it when I initially smelled it. I carried the rollerball cologne in my purse and every time I needed a touch-up I would just put some on my wrists and ohhhh the compliments! I could never remember the name of it when people would ask, so I would pull it out of my purse to show people when they asked what I was wearing. The bottle lasted quite a while- it's an oil oil-based light muskie fragrance but not overbearing. I am a nurse so I have to be real careful with a fragrances that I select. I just received my second bottle. Hopefully they come out with other products in the same fragrance like shower gels, cologne sprays, ETC...... I love SULTRY!!!!!!!
bởi A. Bartz
This is seriously the most delicious smell. It’s like they picked my ideal scent out of my consciousness and created this masterpiece. I initially found it in a boutique in Oceanside, Ca, but now that I live 500 miles away, I needed a new source! I know these scents are made for blending, but I’m hesitant because this one is so good on its own.The vanilla, musk, Amber, and tonka are always my favorite notes in a scent, and this one has all of them! If I were to mix it with some of their scents, it would probably be Sultry or their new Risqué scent.
bởi Skylee Cook
Bought this little gem a few years ago from a local gift shop that has since closed. I was ecstatic when I found it again on here!! I get compliments every time I wear it, my boyfriend loves it, my family loves it, and I LOVE IT! I work with the elderly and the developmentally disabled so I try not to wear overpowering scents while working, and this perfume is just absolutely perfect in every way. A beautiful subtle and feminine smell that lasts all day but isn’t too strong. I’m on my 5th bottle in over two years of wearing it, and I use it almost daily. Mixes well with whatever other scents I have going on (shampoo, body wash, lotion etc.). It’s a very sweet and crisp scent. I’m 20, and having used for awhile I can comfortably say it’s a scent that’s suitable for every age group. They have lotion to match as well!