Dockers Men's 5 Pack Cushion Comfort Sport Crew Socks
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79% Cotton/20% Polyester/1% Spandex


Machine Wash

0.7" high

14" wide

Full cushion footbed for increased comfort and durability

Soft cotton blend fabric for overall comfort

Comfort toe seam for reduced irritation

Athletic ribbed leg for a flexible and secure fit

Navy (6 Pair)BlackDarks AssortedKhaki AssortedBlack/CharcoalNavy/Charcoal AssortedWhiteDark Fashion AssortedKhakiNavy/Grey AssortedKhahki/Brown Asst.Light Khaki/Assorted
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Dockers signature crew socks feature full cushion foot , ribbed cuff to stay up, and cotton rich construction for comfort

From the manufacturer

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Date first listed on AmazonJanuary 11, 2019
Đánh giá
bởi R. Nace
I've been purchasing Dockers socks through Amazon for years. Well, this last batch I received have to be knock-offs. There are no Docker Logos on any of the socks, and as you can see from the photo (with latest on top and prior purchase below), the upper section is a good inch to inch and a half shorter than previous versions, allowing your calf to show with normal length pants.
bởi Researcher
The content of these socks is advertised as 80% Cotton, 18% Nylon, 1% Polyester, 1% Spandex. Two pair of socks that I received contain 59% Cotton, 40% Polyester, 1% Spandex and 3 pair contain 79% Cotton, 20% Polyester, 1% Spandex. I don't like polyester and would not have ordered these if they were accurately described.Dockers Men's Docker's 5 Pack Cushion Comfort Sport Crew Socks, Navy/Charcoal Assorted, 10-13 Sock/6-12 Shoe
bởi Molly
See picture of product sent! These are THIN dress socks made of 83% Polyester, 15% Cotton. Doesn't match the description of 79% cotton, 20% polyester. Maybe they just assume the customer will not bother with sending them back. Well, I am.Sorry, deception is not a good business practice.
bởi usmma76
I was in need of some new socks and had purchased Dockers socks in the past so I purchased 15 pair of these socks. I like the cushy feel. I washed these socks before I wore them for the first time and a red flag went up right away when they came out of the dryer. The lint filter was full (and I mean full) of sock lint and the socks themselves looked like they had a lot of fuzz on them. I proceeded to wear a pair for the first time, but by the second or third wearing, I had a hole in the toe. That had never happened with these socks in the past. As a matter of fact, they usually hold up quite well. Since purchasing these socks, I have had to sew a hole in the toe on at least half of the socks. I'm not a happy camper. These socks are made in Pakistan for what that's worth. I don't know where the last Dockers socks I bought were made, but these socks just aren't cutting the mustard. They still have the same cushy feel I like, but they look like they are 10 years old when they are actually only about 6 months old. I'm going to be looking for a new brand of socks when these completely wear out.
bởi ClockworkOrangutan
Remember when Dockers was a trusted, quality work brand? I guess everything comes to an end. Everything I've purchased from them over the past few years has disintegrated in weeks to months. Including these socks.First off, I give this review knowing I'm a bit hard on my socks. I work on my feet, and I run. That would've made me feel guilty enough to leave an extra star or two, except...then I remembered the Gold Toe socks I STILL have from YEARS ago. They've taken far more abuse over 4-5 times the amount of time.These Dockers socks began to pill up after one wash, and the elastic in the tops of half of them frayed and snapped within days. Then, the holes started showing up. Overall, they lasted a few months...and that was stretching it. (Check pics to see the pilled, busted, holed mess that are these socks)Not worth it in the least. I just ordered more Gold Toes!
bởi Tertius
The Dockers men's socks 5-pack are very comfortable and fit well (I'm a US Mens shoe size 11 1/2). My only gripe is that the product photo shows the color tones as medium-range browns, which is much darker than what was in the package I received. I received socks where the light color sock was a light, pale cream, and the darkest was a light tan-orange-brown (lighter than the middle color of the three colors in the photo) -the photo shows the darkest as being a medium (oak) brown and the lightest one as a khaki tan. I ordered these specifically for the medium to dark browns which go best with my pant and shoe color ranges, but am happy with (and will keep for use with my summer-wardrobe colors) the socks that were shipped.
bởi V.P
Update Feb 29, 2016: Have washed these enough times (15+) that they are no longer leaving trails of lint, however the experience has left me with a bad taste. Still comfortable socks but I bought some gold toe socks which are equally as comfortable and have left very little lint (a few balls of lint), have upped my review from one star to two since I think the problem could perhaps have been fixed by washing them several times inverted and then again non invertedI bought these because I had travel plans and wanted some nice new comfortable socks to walk around in. They looked and felt amazing, however these things leave fluff EVERYWHERE! Very annoying, cannot wash these with other clothes without black fluffballs getting everywhere. I feel bad for the housekeeping at the hotels I stayed at since every time I took off my socks I left footprints of fluff wherever I walked and it looked like I had a thin sock on with all the cotton stuck to my feet. After over 10 washes these socks still need to be washed separately and leave fluffballs all over the place. I cannot not recommend these socks to anybody.
bởi KevKas
These Dockers crew socks feature a full cushion foot and ribbed cuff to stay up. Nothing is worse than a sock that droops down to your ankles and you have to constantly pull them up. They're made of comfortable soft cotton that feels really good on your feet.There are five pairs. 2 khaki colored, 1 light heather-brown, 1 dark heather-brown, and 1 black. Only one stock in a pair have the orange Dockers logo stamped on the sole. They're not thin like dress socks; they feel more like your traditional gym athletic socks but more comfortable and slightly thinner. I wear them with my dress shoes and have no problem. Recommend!