Man Eau Fraiche Eau De Toilette Spray Men by Versace, 6.7 Fl Oz
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Hazmat Non-Returnable item

EDT Spray

Versace Eau Fraiche, a lighter version of the Versace Man fragrance, with notes of lemon, tarragon

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Size:6.7 Fl Oz

Man Eau Fraiche Eau De Toilette Spray Men by Versace, 6.7 Ounce

From the manufacturer

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Product Dimensions4 x 1.5 x 6 inches ; 1.35 pounds
Shipping Weight3.1 pounds
UPC796037810148 885693870860 700999586669 786502152286 789602152286 885108220907 883277835892 786500215228 142996866052 102234406310 883954022607 885137864097 070070109484 827198244494 792850022843 885298842637 885246443640 885106071112
Item model numberVER500011
Đánh giá
bởi Versace cologne user 4 yearsNAME_NOT_RETURNED
I liked how I received the item on a timely manner which was awesome. However, I don't think I want to order the same Versace Cologne anymore. I've been using Versace for many years and the scent always lasted for a long time be it on the skin or clothes. This time it seemed like the scent when sprayed only lasts a few minutes. Personally this cologne isn't comparable to that of the one I used to wear. Something happened to it...
bởi megan morales
Please please please do not buy this item! Read all the reviews. All the people that are saying that the smell is off and doesn't last long, are right! I took a chance on it and was extremely disappointed that it did not smell the same and did not last long at all. A couple days before I purchased this, I was at Macy's and sprayed the same one on while I was there. I only sprayed about 4 or 5 squirts and it lasted for 2 whole days on my clothes. This amazon one only lasts about an hour and that's only if you spray like 10 squirts. Do not buy!!!!!
bởi BH Heird
I love this cologne it’s the only fragrance I have worn for years. When I found it on amazon...I was skeptical at first because previously I had bought it at Dillard’s and the price difference was odd. However I decided to give it a try. Now whenever I get asked about this cologne I direct them to amazon to buy it because it’s cheaper and it’s delivered quickly to your door. I probably over spray on myself but I’ve never met anyone who has disliked the smell. I have worn different scents to try and change it up and I don’t get the same response. If your skeptical about it being the real product...don’t be...they smell it’s a win win.
bởi Corin Aleister
I have previously purchased this product before in a store and loved it. I decided the largest bottle was the best value for the money and went ahead and ordered it. I received it very quickly and everything looked normal except the scent does not last more than a few minutes. I still have some of the old bottle left so I compared, the product that I bought in the store lasts for hours, the bottle I bought here only lasts for a very short period. Less than an hour after application my wife was not able to detect that I had applied this at all.
bởi Eric Bourne
I purchased this originally from macys a few years ago and a 3.4 oz bottle lasted me for years because I only need to use a small amount and the smell was amazing. All my girlfriends over the years absolutely loved it. I ordered the bigger 6.7oz version from amazon thinking that it was an amazing deal and realized after I bought it how fake it is. The smell is no where near as good as an original product and almost has a stench that is unpleasant. It is like a watered down version of the original mixed with a weird bathroom cleaning product. I am unable to return the obviously fake product now and am out the $60 something I paid for this giant bottle of glass cleaner. Extremely dissatisfied and don't be scammed by this fake product.
bởi TheDude
The scent on this is absolutely the best I've found. I've also had so many compliments over the years on my cologne and too many girls I work with wanting to get it for the boy friends and husbands. I'm usually hesitant because I can't have everyone smelling like me haha...nonetheless its a bit pricey but the bottle lasts me a long time as long as I'm not too liberal with it. I've used this since high school and have yet to find an equal.
bởi G. Garthe
I ordered this 6.7oz bottle to replace my last bottle that I had purchased from my local Macy's. At nearly half the price of the department store, I had to give it a shot. It arrived quickly and well packaged. The packaging and bottle appear identical to what I purchased at Macy's, as is the scent, which is light and clean. It is not, and never has been, a very strong, overpowering scent. Those who say otherwise must be confusing it with another cologne. I apply two sprays in the morning and can still catch whiffs of it into the late afternoon. I'm very happy with this purchase again in the future.
bởi Ricardo
This has to be fake or expired because one, it smells too much like alcohol (i bought this at Macys before and loved the smell and performance) and two, it will literally last like 30 min even after spraying like 10 times!!! Do not buy colognes online, in this case you truly get what you pay for. And you cant return it because its flamable. Waste of $45