Levi's Men's Trifold Wallet-Sleek and Slim Includes Id Window and Credit Card Holder
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802,000 đ

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Leather lining

Trifold closure

MADE FROM 100% GENUINE LEATHER: Because Levi's is an American industry flagship, we want to provide you only with the top material on the market - Handcrafted leather wallet is the best way to ensure lasting quality

CAPACITY: 6 card slots to hold all your cards, 2 hidden pockets, 1 bill compartment for cash bills, tickets, receipts, and coupons - Last but not least, 1 transparent and removable ID Window in the middle part, ideal for your driver license

STYLE: Aged leather design, embossed two-horses Levi's logo and stitched edges add a sophisticated kick to this Levi's wallet - Be sure to make a good an unforgettable impression every time you pull out your wallet

SLIM DOWN YOUR POCKET –Passcase design will perfectly fit in your pocket for your everyday life and even when traveling

LEVIS HISTORICAL QUALITY: Levi’s first started to make jeans back to 1853- We slowly, but surely started to craft men’s accessories and men’s wallet to pair with our Levi’s apparel- This wallet is your new, high quality essential-

Andrew BlackBlackBlack ChainBlack EmbossedBlack LeatherBlack StitchBlack/Black 2BrownBrown DarkBrown StitchBrown/OliveGrayToasty Brown
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ABOUT OUR RFID LEVIS TRIFOLD WALLET: Capacity: 6 slots for holding credit cards, debit cards, bank cards, passport cards 1 bill compartment for cash bills, tickets, receipts, coupons, notes & so on 1 ID Window What makes it unique: Detailed Edge stitching Slim design Logo detail Minimalist Slim Wallet Specifications: 4 1/3" high x 3 1/3" wide Our trifold wallet is crafted with premium materials and great attention to detail. Click 'ADD TO CART' to order your LEVIS RFID TRIFOLD WALLET today

From the manufacturer

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Buckle Silver Gun Metal Silver Silver Gun Metal
Features Reversible, Detail Stitching Tonal Edge Stitching, Grommet Details Double Strap Keeper Double Prong, Textured Roller Bar Buckle Reversible, Tonal Edge Stitching
Strap Width 1 1/4" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2"
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Style Bifold Trifold w/ Chain Slimfold Bifold Front Pocket
Capacity 9 Card Slots, 1 ID Window 6 Card Slots, 2 slip pockets,1 ID Window 6 Card Slots, 2 slip pockets,1 ID Window 6 Card Slots, 1 ID Window 4 Card Slots, 1 ID Window, 1 Magnetic Money Clip
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Date First AvailableDecember 24, 2020
Đánh giá
bởi Peril
The most perfect wallet, dont listen to the bad reviews. Levi's is top of the line brand, this wallet is perfect in size, not too big, not too small, not bulgy at all. I almost didnt buy it because i read one or two negative reviews, but as soon as this arrived, the 1st thought in my mind was I WANT TO BUY ANOTHER ONE ASAP. This would make a great gift for any man. I already put 4 credit cards in here and some dollar bills, and i have no complaints. Looks great, smells good, im just so happy with it.
bởi Jason
First time I used this wallet was on a trip to Hawaii. I forgot to remove this wallet from my shorts and spent an hour in the waves boggie boarding. Luckily my shorts velcro pocket stayed shut, even after being tossed by several waves. After an hour in the water I came out to rest and realized my wallet was in my pocket. The wallet was soaked, the few dollars I had were wet. Once I was back at the condo I rinsed out the sand in the wallet, soaking the wallet yet again. Blowed dry it and left it inthe sun the following day. To my surprise, the wallet did not expand or stiching wear away. Card slots did not stretch out and still hold cards firmly. Leather is still firm yet soft if that makes sense. Seems like it never ended up in the ocean, except for the occasional grains of sand see/feel once in awhile. Stop searching. Buy this one!
bởi deathnesia
Well, the wallet is very dark compared to the photo. My old wallet darkened over the years naturally. The metal button logo is black gunmetal colored, a tiny bit darker than the photo. The stitching is single-stitched and has some low-quality areas-I expect it to get busted faster than my last one. It doesn't live up to the capacity of my older Levi wallet (see photo to compare) but it was bi-fold to be fair. The internal Levi logo has HIDEOUS stitching on its sides that make no sense (photo). Once you load everything in it you pretty much bought it, so I am hoping that it will relax like a shoe and conform to its contents (you can see it rests half open on day one). It might be useful that it's tight so it will stay compact once it relaxes. I may or may not continue my Levi-only must-have-front-metal-button wallet tradition.
bởi Amazon Customer
I am just disappointed overall, I put six cards in, license, money and the wallet will not stay closed. I have to use a rubber band to keep it closed. The chain is too short, so I took the chain from my old wallet and put it on this one. My old wallet had snaps that kept it closed, and I had thought, based on the pictures that there was a flap with velcro to keep it closed. My bad for not digging deeper, but I assumed wallets like this all came with some type of closing mechanism. Note my old wallet was from Levi and it work well for a couple of years, until it started flaking (normal wear & tear). I will go and buy a new wallet, I can not use a rubber band for ever.
bởi Nathy
I just received it & It has been LOVE at First sight!!! It took me FOREVER to make up my mind (soooo many options I was going CRAZY!) & I think I got it right. I'm planning to give it to my Boyfriend as a Father's Day gift to replace his old wallet, and let me tell you this is better looking than expected... I'm sure he's gonna love it. Very manly and just the right size. Tried some of my cards and bills and everything fits just fine. Can't wait to give it to him...I'll update with his reaction ;)
bởi Lenrapp
I had a similar wallet I had for years. It finally started to fall apart. I tried ordering one on eBay that said it was leather but it was very poor quality and I couldn't even get a credit card into one of the pockets. I returned it to eBay.This one, however, is a nice leather (not genuine cowhide of course) but the other leather called reconstituted, Bonded or Fibre Leather. Credit cards fit the slots and enough room for all my stuff.Either way for the money it is worth it. Hope it will last as long as the one I just threw away.
bởi shari azadeh
The wallet itself is generally nice for it's cheap price but after receiving one with a bit of a defect I ordered a replacement. Only to find that the replacement was a completely different shade (not the biggest issue), but also there was a gap under the logo which is concerning, the logo itself looked worn along with weird black lines in the leather. I will likely change my rating depending on how the 2nd replacement turns out... the quality control is lacking.(UPDATE): I finally got a replaced one once again, it looks good, feels good for the price. There will always be a tiny gap under the logo but it is very minimal if you got a non defective unit. Only time will tell how well it lasts.