Levi's Men's Trifold Wallet-Sleek and Slim Includes Id Window and Credit Card Holder
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Faux Leather lining

Trifold closure

HIGH QUALITY FAUX LEATHER: As an American industry flagship, Levi's only provides you only with high quality material, Enjoy this long lasting wallet everywhere.

CAPACITY: 6 card slots to hold credit cards, debit cards, bank cards, ID cards & more, 2 hidden pockets, 1 large bill compartment for cash bills, tickets, receipts, and coupons, Last but not least 1 transparent Thumb ID Window in the middle part, ideal for your driver licence

STYLE: Aged leather design, embossed two-horses Levi's logo and stitched edges add a sophisticated kick to this Levi's wallet, Be sure to make a good an unforgetable impression every time you pull out your wallet

SLIM DOWN YOUR POCKET : Measuring just 9"H x 4 1/7"L, this extra capacity perfectly fits in your pocket for your everyday life and even when traveling

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More than 140 years after inventing the blue jean, one thing is clear: Levi's clothes are loved by the people who wear them - from presidents to movie stars, farmers to fashion icons, entrepreneurs to the everyman. 'Live in Levi's' asserts with confidence and pride that Levi's clothes are indeed for everybody who's not just anybody.

From the manufacturer

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Buckle Silver Gun Metal Silver Silver Gun Metal
Features Reversible, Detail Stitching Tonal Edge Stitching, Grommet Details Double Strap Keeper Double Prong, Textured Roller Bar Buckle Reversible, Tonal Edge Stitching
Strap Width 1 1/4" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2" 1 1/2"
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Capacity 9 Card Slots, 1 ID Window 6 Card Slots, 2 slip pockets,1 ID Window 6 Card Slots, 2 slip pockets,1 ID Window 6 Card Slots, 1 ID Window 4 Card Slots, 1 ID Window, 1 Magnetic Money Clip
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Package Dimensions ‏‎ 5.3 x 5.2 x 1.6 inches; 7.2 Ounces
Item model number ‏‎ 31LV110024
Department ‏‎ Mens
Date First Available ‏‎ April 5, 2019
Manufacturer ‏‎ Levi's
ASIN ‏‎ B075JZG5R7
Đánh giá
bởi Amazon Customer
I am just disappointed overall, I put six cards in, license, money and the wallet will not stay closed. I have to use a rubber band to keep it closed. The chain is too short, so I took the chain from my old wallet and put it on this one. My old wallet had snaps that kept it closed, and I had thought, based on the pictures that there was a flap with velcro to keep it closed. My bad for not digging deeper, but I assumed wallets like this all came with some type of closing mechanism. Note my old wallet was from Levi and it work well for a couple of years, until it started flaking (normal wear & tear). I will go and buy a new wallet, I can not use a rubber band for ever.
bởi A customer
It fits all my cards but over stuffed as seen in pics. 4 months later and Leather had stretched a little to conform to all those cards without ripping or falling apart. Very tough and well made!
bởi Eric
Don't even bother. The listed rfid blocking doesn't even work. I tested it and still can read my cards. As a motorcycle rider I like my chain wallets. That way I won't loose it when riding. I also have my bike's paperwork in my wallet too. My biggest complaint is there's nothing to keep it shut. I also have a lot of cards too. My last wallet had buttons to close. But over the years my old wallet the belt loop wore out so I ordered this one. Some benefits is this one feels to have a nice quality leather and the chain looks pretty durable. Another complaint is the latch it doesn't freely move well. And kinda tight clearances. I usually have my spare key and my work key fob on it so I can easily unlock the doors when I'm at work. Seems like now a days all wallets are small and don't hold much nor very functional. This wallet would be great for someone who only has like 4 cards and a license that's it.
bởi Chains956
Slots are very tight , hard to remove cards . The chain is very very short and the belt loop isn't big enough for a belt ! Also deceiving is the fake flap sewn into it , there are no buttons to keep it closed .
bởi David
I had high hopes that this wallet would work great, and it does in some ways. The biggest issue is that it is simply a little small. For example the credit card slots inside the wallet do no all fit regular size credit cards. The thickness of the wallet is a little thin and if you carry more than a little cash, it does not close properly. The chain and clasp were larger than needed to be and I switched it out with a slimmer version that works better. That is a subjective call. The workmanship is good and it seems sturdy and ready to last many years. Just could be much better with a minimal amount of change. Another case of the designers never actually using it!
bởi PlainsGirl
The Levi's wallets looked good as a first wallet for my 8th grade grandson. However, this trifold is nice enough for any man. The leather is sturdy and should wear well, but it isn't stiff so it won't require a lot of breaking in. The Levi's logo is more subtle than on some wallets, embossed in the lower right corner of the front of the wallet. I was so surprised by the metal gift tin the wallet came in! I could have put a ribbon around the red tin and given it as the gift that way. This wallet is worth its reasonable price.
bởi Brittany
My husband loves it. Even as a man, he appreciate the little touch inside with flannel. The only thing he doesn’t like, is how it doesn’t really close when there’s money inside. Although it is still pretty new. It’s amazing quality, smells like real leather. It came in a awesome little tin box that’s 100% recycled and authentic LEVI. He especially loves how the chain isn’t extremely long like some wallets/chains. It doesn’t get in his way while he’s working. (He’s an electrician)
bởi Luce
Decent quality wallet, plenty of card space. Only issue is cards are difficult to fit in the transparent ID section of the wallet. No big deal but a little frustrating.Edit: a month in there is a bit of fabric ripping along the seam of leather. review was 4 stars but because of this I’m dropping it to 3.