Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Natural Eau de Toilette Spray
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Thứ 7: 8h-12h
2,596,000 đ

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Size:0.75 Pound

Product Description

Just as René Lacoste invented the polo shirt for greater freedom on court, women players were also aiming for freedom. By shortening the hems on their pleated skirts, they broke with conventions along the way. Lacoste has once again encapsulated this spirit in a fragrance collection.  Introducing the fragrance collection for women, Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 pour Elle. Capturing the sophisticated simplicity of its original male counterpart, the Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle flacon accentuates its femininity with delicate pastel shades. Uplifting, authentic, warm – and yet constantly surprising, Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 pour Elle Natural opens with a coconut accord that wraps its warmth around a delicate construction of raspberry leaves, mandarin and pineapple. Powdery notes of orris bring a long-lasting soul to this fresh, light scent. Discreet yet addictive.

Brand Story

Life is a beautiful Sport

From the manufacturer



Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Natural is uplifting, authentic, warm - yet constantly surprising, like the woman who wears it. A fresh, light scent with a long-lasting soul, you'll find it discreet but addictive.



Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Natural opens with a coconut accord that wraps its warmth around a delicate construction of raspberry leaves, mandarin and pineapple. Powdery notes of orris bring a long-lasting soul to this fresh, light scent. Discreet yet addictive.




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Product Line
L.12.12 Pour Elle L.12.12 Pour Elle Sparkling L.12.12 Pour Elle Magnetic L.12.12 Eau Fraiche Pour Elle
Scent Type
Eau de Toilette Eau de Toilette Eau de Parfum Eau de Toilette
Fragrance Family
Floral Floral Oriental Floral
Top Note
Coconut French macarons Jasmine Lemon
Heart Note
Jasmine Jasmine Violet leaves Aquatic notes
Base Note
Iris Patchouli Vanilla Patchouli
Mood Adjectives
Creamy, soft, floral Sweet, gourmand, sparkling Invigorating, intense Vitality, naturally cool

Sản phẩm này hiện chưa có thông số chi tiết

Đánh giá
bởi Laura A. Reich
Light & fresh
bởi Jennifer
I love perfume. I'm the type of girl that buys sample sets and wears a different one everyday. I don't usually get full sized bottles until I absolutely love them, but when this popped up on Vine, I jumped at the chance. Now I'm a little disappointed. This is something that I would maybe wear every once in awhile, but it'll take me years to go through the entire bottle. I honestly have been thinking about giving it to one of my teenager students because I think they would enjoy it more. I usually love the mix of flower and fruit. I like sweet scents and have been currently obsessed with Prada's Candy for exactly that reason. This is much lighter than almost anything I have word lately and has now lasting power. By mid-morning, I couldn't smell it at all anymore and no one commented upon it. I usually get a few students that ask me what scent I was wearing that day, but it was like this disappeared. I couldn't smell the coconut at all and the rose was more of a generic floral scent than a clear rose. I guess this is to keep it from going too far into the very specific rose water smell that a lot of rose perfumes go towards. Regardless, it leaves this without a distinction and without any lasting impact.
bởi Crystal Starr Light
I love to discover new scents, hence why I hound Ross's and TJ Maxx for their discounted perfumes. I had never tried Lacoste before, so I took the plunge, even though it said it had "coconut" and if there is one scent I've grown to hate, it's coconut.But seriously, this perfume is a fantastic "day to day" perfume! It's light and subtle, a perfect balance between sweet and floral. I don't smell coconut at all, which is absolutely perfect!This is definitely not a super strong perfume, but really, that's good because those strong perfumes tend to get rather noxious (and make me nauseous) over time.I really like the packaging - very efficient with little waste. Same with the bottle - while I do love my decorative bottles, I appreciate streamlined ones that fit into cabinets better.Overall, I do like the scent; I find it very light and refreshing, more floral though than coconut. If that sounds like something you want, head to your perfume counter and check it out!Brought to you by:*C.S. Light*
bởi Lincoln
This Lacoste perfume has a fun light floral scent that carries well but does not linger. The description is "Wild rose and raspberry enveloped in a detectable coconut". The rose is the strongest aspect of this fragrance, amounting to maybe 70-80% of the aroma. The raspberry does not stand alone or overshadow the rose, instead it mildly alters a solitary rose fragrance. Don't expect to smell flowers and fruit, instead experience a more playful rose. The cocount is very, very light - not anywhere near your sun tan lotion strength. I apply organic coconut oil to my skin as a moisturizer and the smell of the oil (which is already very light and not at all at perfume levels) is greater than the coconut in this perfume. Rest assured you won't smell like Coppertone or Hawaiian Tropic sunblock.I dislike strong perfumes and colognes that are so bold that they linger long after someone has left the area. To me a scent should stay on the person and offer a gentle greeting to those in conversation or standing side by side. The power of this perfume is just that.
bởi HobbitLyfe
I was expecting more fruit and less floral. On me, this smells floral, without any fruit, and if I put 2 sprays on, throat and wrists, it comes off as grandmother's perfume. If I do a single spray on my wrists, it's soft and subtle and enjoyable. For me, the coconut isn't there. I don't smell it, the kids don't smell it, and The Man doesn't smell it at all. My middle son says he can smells "some kind of berry, like maybe blueberry" but he's the only one who smells anything remotely fruity. If there is a fruity smell, it's just a hint of citrus. The rose described is more generic floral notes on me than actual rose. If you've ever been to a botanical garden, you've gotten the overall floral smell, and this is more like that when it's on me. In the bottle, it smells MUCH LESS floral, so keep in mind that it will always interact with your chemistry to change the overall smell. In the bottle, it also smells less like something you'd expect on a little ol' church lady. I like it because it's not overwhelming, it's a clean scent, and it's pleasant overall. I do wish the scents described were a bit more obvious, so it gets 4 stars instead of 5.
bởi C. Hamilton
I really like the sweet smell of this perfume. The description says that it is wild roses and raspberry enveloped in coconut. Some people say that they think it smells flowery. To me it smells more fruity. It doesn't smell like raspberry or coconut. To me, it smells more like a sweet citrus. My Husband said that he thinks it smells like "citrusy flowers". Regardless, we both like the smell. I read a comment that says it smells like grandmas. I don't think it does at all. I am 32 and I have worn it several days. I have asked the opinion of several others and none of my family or friends think it smells bad.The bottle is really nice and it is a large size. It will certainly last me for years even with using it regularly. The perfume sprays out an appropriate amount and functions as expected. I do wish the perfume lasted a little longer. I feel like it fades a little fast. This isn't my favorite perfume that I own, but I do like it a lot and will use it regularly. I personally recommend it.