LUENX Mens Aviator Sunglasses Polarized Women : UV 400 Protection shades 60MM
Thứ 2 đến Thứ 6: Từ 08h-17h30
Thứ 7: 8h-12h
661,000 đ

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Giá trọn gói về Việt Nam 661,000 đ
Giá sau thuế tại Mỹ 415,000 đ ($16.99)
Thuế và phí thông quan 124,000đ
Trọng lượng vận chuyển 0.20kg
Phí vận chuyển về Việt Nam 122,000đ

metal frame


Lens width: 60 millimeters

POLARIZED LENS ▶ 100% UV400 eye protection effectively filter & block glares;Designed for driving & outdoor activities;High-definition lens gives you a natural & clear vision;Durable & Shatterproof;Weight is 65% Lighter than traditional Glass Lens.

ANTIOXIDANT PLATING FRAME ▶ Antioxidant plating,anti-allergy & skin-friendly tested,harmless to skin;

LIGHT-WEIGHT ARM ▶ Beside the metal frame part, the arm is premium TR90 Ultra light material;Super toughness;Wear-resistant;Resisitant to human sweat;Light-weighted & elastic arm gives you stress-free wearing experience and is Skin-friendly,hypoallergenic.

SKIN-FRIENDLY NOSE PADS ▶ Environmental & skin-friendly materials.Adjustable;Elastic and weight-free features enables you a long-time wearing without fatigue.

30 DAY MONEY FREE BACK GUARANTEE ▶ Solid customer service and 100% satisfaction guaranteed,First Choice as A Gift.Unisex.Aviator Style.Good for Driving & All Out Door Activities for all Day;Limited Time Special Pricing and Elegant Glasses Accessories for Free, Get LUENX'S Sunglasses Now;

04all Black(♡without Zipper Case♡)04gradient Black Red/Rose Gold Frame(♡without Zipper Case♡)04gradient Blue/Silver Frame(♡without Zipper Case♡)04gradient Green/Silver Frame(♡without Zipper Case♡)04gradient Purple/Rose Gold Frame(♡without Zipper Case♡)04gradient Silver Gray/Silver Frame(♡without Zipper Case♡)14-brown / Non Mirror23-all Black/Non Mirrored413-black / Non-mirror417-grey Green/Non-mirror
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Product Description

LUENX SUNGLASSES, with the highest value for money in the sunglasses industry,Each pair of sunglasses have UV 400 protection with 100% polarized lenses, giving you full protections when driving or outdoor activities. Stylish designs fit in well any cloth matching. Each pair of sunglasses is provided with a protective zip-up case,a soft bag, a soft clean cloth and a gift package classy enough as a gift to your friends and families.

aviator sunglasses


LUENX provided with multiple lenses colors are available for this style.Classic unisex design,is perfect choice for enjoying driving, shopping,vacation &all  outdoor activities; as high fashion accessory and daily wear all year round.

●Super light-weight design can hardly feel them on your face, gives you stress-free wearing experience which ensuring that you will be able to rock these  sunnies you through all seasons in comfort and style!

●Each pair of LUENX sunglasses with 100% UV400 polarized lens, High-definition lens gives you a natural clear vision,giving you full protections when  driving or outdoor activities. Stylish designs fit in well any cloth matching.

CARE: To avoid damage, never clean your sunglasses with paper towels or clothing, and also avoid using household detergents or soaps.  Fun fact: Don't keep any sunglasses in the car during the summer, as the heat will damage the lenses.

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Frame Width 135mm/5.31inches 142mm/5.59inches 142mm/5.59inches 140mm/5.51inches 140mm/5.51inches
Lens Height 52mm/2.05inches 53mm/2.09inches 53mm/2.09inches 51mm/2.01inches 51mm/2.01inches
Lens Width 60mm/2.36inches 60mm/2.36inches 59mm/2.32inches 60mm/2.36inches 60mm/2.36inches
Nose Width 17mm/0.67inches 15mm/0.59inches 15mm/0.59inches 16mm/0.63inches 16mm/0.63inches
Leg Length 135mm/5.31inches 142mm/5.59inches 142mm/5.59inches 140mm/5.51inches 140mm/5.51inches
Features Super Light weight; PC Polarized Lens; UV400 Light weight; PC Polarized Lens;UV400 Light weight; PC Polarized Lens;UV400 More durable; Heavier; PC Polarized Lens;UV400 More durable; Heavier; PC Polarized Lens;UV400
The composition of the Legs: 26%Metal+74%TR90(Plastic titanium) 56%Metal+44%TR90(Plastic titanium) 56%Metal+44%TR90(Plastic titanium) 52%Metal+48%TR90(Plastic titanium) 52%Metal+48%TR90(Plastic titanium)
Metal Frame & Adjustable silicone Nose pieces
Colour Selection Non-mirrored lens:all black; black/silver frame; grey; brown; grey green; grey green/gold frame; Mirrored lens: dark blue; silver; orange; pink; rose red; purple; light blue; gold Non-mirrored lens:black; grey; grey green; brwon Mirrored lens:silver; dark blue; pink; rose red; purple; green Non-mirrored lens:black;grey;grey green; Mirrored lens:silver;dark blue Non-mirrored lens:black;grey;grey green Non-mirrored lens:black;grey;grey green

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UNSPSC Code42142900
Is Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Date First AvailableDecember 26, 2017
Đánh giá
bởi SpedAisd
They are okay. Seems pretty good quality for the price. My only complaint is that they are super reflective and too big for my small face. It's hard for me to find sunglasses that aren't too big so that is common for me. They fit my head fine, just the lens themselves are bigger than I like. You can't seem eyes through my lens like some reported. I ordered the pink ones. Nice packaging and arrived in two days with my prime membership.
bởi Munchiniwa
These sunglasses are NOT like the picture. The lenses are MUCH darker and consequently change the color of everything for the worse. If I were to rate the lens darkness on a scale of 1 to 5 where 3 is the optimum and 5 is too dark to be usable, I rate these a 4. I have had darker lenses that I had to throw away because you can't see through them except in extreme sunlight from 11am to 1pm.Good polarized lenses ENHANCE the colors of everything, especially greens, these make colors much more drab. At first i thought that the lenses were just dirty with oil or something but its the same after cleaning them.The seller contacted me and quickly offered a full refund. Excellent customer service. Wish they had a lighter shade of lens. I would purchase from this company again.
bởi S. Dawes
At a purchase price of $7.99 it's hard to believe that the manufacturers are making any kind of profit on these glasses. They are extremely well-made, solid construction, with polarized lenses that don't seem to create any type of glare. They arrived in a beautiful crushproof carrying case, along with a microfiber cloth, and a separate pouch to carry the glasses in if you want something less bulky than the case itself. I tend to be pretty hard on glasses, but it won't hurt my feelings to purchase these again and again whenever necessary. An amazing value!
bởi Amazon Customer
It's awesome
bởi Rene' Smeraglia
I'm hard on sunglasses and have gone through hundreds of dollars worth of name brand aviators, so I like to have good quality but inexpensive ones for activities that cause wear and tear, like the beach and outdoor sports.These Luenx sunglasses are better than what I expect in this price range. Solid construction and great style. They are polarized, and come with an excellent hard-shell case and accessories that I estimate would cost more than half the purchase price if bought separately.
bởi Jack Sprat
I have possibly gone thru 20 pair of Sunglasses over the last few years. Some broke within the first few hours that they were in my possession. And that is un-true, I do take care of my Sunglasses. A great deal of care is required as I cannot drive a car without them. I have a problem with bright sunlight that causes me severe head aches if I do not cut down the UV & excessive bright light. My Eye doctor insisted that I get a $300 pair of corrected sunglasses to drive with. He was right, they were great and lasted almost 1 week. They broke at a weld on the frame and then were sucked out the window of the car. When I finally found them, several vehicles had ran over them. From that moment forward, I purchased cheap but good under $25 glasses. My vision is not that bad to require the correction to drive a vehicle. After many, many, many pair of less expensive glasses, I feel I can speak with experience when I say that these are of better quality than even the prescription glasses. Great glass with a perfect tint to make driving very comfortable. They are strong where they need to be without making them heavy and ugly, bulky parts. I have ordered a new second pair in case I sit on these or somehow they become non-working. I love these and really think you will enjoy their quality and the way they are designed. Comfortable to wear for hours and make driving very comfortable. You drive? you need these for sure. Like the beach or high mountain walks in the sun. These are a must have tool, just like good shoes. Don't leave home without them!!
bởi Rikk Caro
Seriously they are fine. They get the job done and for a really cheap price. Comparing them to designer level glasses that cost about 10x as much isn't really going to be a good idea. Someone else mentioned that they are light and feel cheap. That's exactly what they are, light and cheap. It is kinda funny that my American Eagle aviators that these are replacing that were a bit smaller were actually quite heavier though.
bởi R. Cox
Aviators are my go to for cheap sunglasses...theyre bendable so they don't break easy, and the lenses typicly pop right back in if they fall out.These are solid cheap aviators. I just wish theyd take all that money on the fancy case and accessories and invest it into the glasses bc one thing I'm not doing with 6 dollar glasses is making sure they're wiped down and in their case.Edit: this appear to be 12 dollars now. I'd still buy them at that price and I plan to once mine are no more. But a couple months later they're still here.