HP 63 | 2 Ink Cartridges | Black, Tri-color | F6U61AN, F6U62AN
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Compatible ink types: Pigment-based (black), dye-based (tri-color)

Compatible Printers: HP DeskJet 2130 (F5S40A#B1H) ; HP ENVY 4520 (F0V69A#B1H) ; HP OfficeJet 5255 (M2U75A#B1H) ; HP OfficeJet 3830 (K7V40A#B1H) ; HP OfficeJet 4650 (F1J03A#B1H) ; HP DeskJet 1112 (F5S23A#B1H)

Up to 2x more prints with Original HP ink vs refill cartridges.

Cartridge yield (approx.) per cartridge: 190 pages black, 165 pages tri-color

Original HP ink cartridges: genuine ink for your HP printer.

What's in the box: 1 New Original HP 63 ink cartridges (L0R46AN)

Colors: Black, Tri-color

CHOOSE AN INK REPLENISHMENT SERVICE - Let your printer track usage and have ink delivered before you run out. Either reorder HP Genuine ink cartridges only when you need them through Amazon Dash Replenishment, or save up to 50% by paying for pages printed through HP Instant Ink.

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HP 61 Tri-color Ink Cartridge (CH562WN), 2 Ink Cartridges (CZ074FN) for HP Deskjet 1000 1010 1012 1050 1051 1055 1056 1510 1512 1514 1051 2050 2510 2512 2514 2540 2541. HP 61 ink cartridges work with: HP Deskjet 1000, 1010, 1012, 1050, 1051, 1055, 1056, 1510, 1512, 1514, 1051, 2050, 2510, 2512, 2514, 2540, 2541, 2542, 2543 2544, 2546, 2547, 3000, 3050, 3051, 3052, 3054, 3056, 3510, 3511, 3512 HP ENVY 4500, 4502, 4504, 5530, 5531, 5532, 5534, 5535 HP Officejet 2620, 2621, 4630, 4632, 4635 HP 61 ink cartridge yield (approx. ) per cartridge: 165 pages. Up to 2x more prints with Original HP ink vs refill cartridges. Original HP ink cartridges: genuine ink for your HP printer. Ensure that your printing is right the first time and every time with HP printer ink: 61 ink. CHOOSE AN INK REPLENISHMENT SERVICE - Let your printer track usage and have ink delivered before you run out. Either reorder HP Genuine ink cartridges only when you need them through Dash Replenishment, or save up to 50% by paying for pages printed through HP Instant Ink. What’s in the box: HP 61 ink cartridges (2 Tri-color). Color: Tri-color.

From the manufacturer

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Multi Color

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Page yield
Up to 190 Black, 165 Tri-color Up to 190 pages Up to 165 pages Up to 480 pages Up to 330 pages Up to 190 pages per cartridge
Multiple cartridges per pack Standard yield HP cartridges Standard yield HP cartridges High-yield HP cartridges High-yield HP cartridges Multiple cartridges per pack
Cartridge color
Black, Tri-color Black Tri-color Black Tri-color Black
What's in the box
2 inks: Black, tri-color 1 ink cartridge: Black 1 ink cartridge: Tri-color 1 ink cartridge: XL black 1 ink cartridge: XL tri-color 2 ink cartridges: Black
Multipacks available
Yes Yes Yes No No Yes

Professional quality with dependable performance

Print twice the pages

Original HP Ink delivers up to 2x more prints than refill cartridges.

Value and convenience

Save time and money with convenient multipacks.

for DeskJet OfficeJet used in Photosmart premium high yield

Save more with XL

More pages, more value with HP XL high yield ink cartridges.

Prints that last

Fade resistant documents and photos will last year after year.

Complete your purchase with HP papers

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Sheet count and size (inches)
25 sheets of 4x5 100 sheets of 4x6 100 sheets of 4x6 60 sheets of 5x7 150 sheets of 8.5x11
Removable sticky paper True-to-life glossy photos Durable, top quality photos Durable, top quality photos Professional quality brochures
Soft gloss Glossy Soft gloss Glossy Glossy
Paper weight (pounds)
77 66 80 80 40
Printer compatibility
Any inkjet printer brand Any inkjet printer brand Any inkjet printer brand Any inkjet printer brand Any inkjet printer brand

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Product Dimensions4.8 x 1.9 x 6.4 inches
Item Weight3.84 ounces
Shipping Weight4.8 ounces
Item model numberL0R46AN#140
Date first listed on AmazonMay 4, 2015
Đánh giá
bởi Jennifer
I have bought four (4) hp ink cartridges in the past 6 months. I'm lucky to get 40 pages out of a black ink 63 cartridge. NOT the recommended 190 pages. And maybe 30 pages of color ink instead of the 165 they claim. RIP OFF. And you can only put HP ink cartridges in the printer or you will get an error. So you are forced to pay $43 for ink that lasts maybe 40 pages. It's cheaper to print at the local library. HP should do better quality control if you read other reviews it sounds like these cartridges are being sold half empty. NOT OK for the price we pay.
bởi Bonnie
Ordered the 2 pack (1 tri-color, 1 black cartridge). Item arrived quickly (so that's good!). However, the box was taped shut, indicating it had been previously opened... ok, no big deal, that happens sometimes. Then I find the black cartridge already torn open & the cartridge missing the protective strip, also indicating it has been used. Installed it & my printer gave me this messsge: "Previously Used Genuine HP Ink." I saw some other reviews saying the cartridge was depleted long before it should have been, I'll be documenting how many prints I'm able to get out of this. Double checked to see if I missed anything in the description, I still see nothing about reused cartridges being the items for sale.**Update: Black ink cartridge is already empty. Description says the black cartridge will yield "190 pages in black." Did not get anywhere near 190. Will not be ordering again.
bởi Kyle Porter
This is a great deal. As you can buy them from other retailers for 2x the price. My only issue is not with the colored print cartridge which still remains 90% full. My issue is with the black ink cartridge which is supposed to be full as I have only used it a few times but it is indeed almost completely empty. I bought them together yet one is almost gone? Seems fishy. Buyer beware.
bởi Srg
Do not recommend. The ink ran out so fast. I had originally used the 63xl for black and tri color and it lasted so long. I printed out over 100 color and black and white photos and still had ink left. Very disappointed about this purchase. Thought it would last as long. Will never buy this again.
bởi R Erwin
The black worked fine. I put the color in, and the machine would not read it. We turned the printer on and off, and installed and reinstalled it multiple times before finally giving up. We happened to have another color cartridge on hand, and put it in. It worked immediately.I pay extra for genuine HP parts so that we don't have this problem.UPDATE:HP actually got in contact with me, and resolved the problem. Color me IMPRESSED with HP! Most companies today don't seem to care about anything. I have changed my "star" rating to the top.THANK YOU HP!
bởi Amazon Customer
The ink lasted only a few documents. They were just plain reports without excessive graphics or images. A complete dud.
bởi MyJoyaGirl
I purchased this in August to have on hand when I ran out of ink. I ran out of ink, installed the cartridges and the black ink is defective. The tri-color seems to be fine. Being that it is out of Amazon's return stage, I am in a quandary as to what to do. I have paid for a product that I am not able to use. Any suggestions?EDITED - I am adding to this because I took the defective cartridge to CostCo ink services (by mistake - was trying to get my old empty cartridge filled to save money) and CostCo said that my brand new ink cartridge that had never been used was only 75% full based on the expected weight and actual weight. So not only was a I sent a defective cartridge but it was not full either. I have downgraded my 2 stars to 1 star based on this new information.
bởi RMon
My other printer had 3 color cartridge and a black cartridge, if one color was low I could not print until it was replaced. Love the ease of installing the cartridges and the fact that there is only two cartridges needed.