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Đánh giá
bởi Rykke
I would have given the watch a 5 star but as you know Amazon allows you to return the watch if you are not happy. Well, I received a "returned" watch, a recycled watch that had the protective plastic off it and with the plastic still in the box crunched up. The watch was set to a time zone. It was obviously used and returned. So, I got a used watch. I am not happy about that but the watch seemed to work well so I kept it. It still does work well and do what it is supposed to do. So good luck buying a watch from Amazon.
bởi Bill
First, I should mention that I tried several E6B watches before I settled on this one. The others were Seiko models, a brand I have worn for the past 20 years. The Seiko models are all well built but I could not read the slide rule scales except in bright lighting conditions. The main issue was the size of the text and scribe lines on the Seikos. There is a lot going on in a very small space. The slide rule on this Citizen watch is easier to read and work with.In no particular order here are my observations after having worn the AT8020-54L for a few weeks now:First, the watch is a solid, well-built machine. The workmanship is excellent as are fit and finish. The face is large and easy to read. The numbers and hands are not very bright at night and it takes me a moment or two to orient, though they are readable. I do miss the bright radium dials we had when I was younger.The watch band was a little on the small side for my large hands and wrist right out of the box. It left a faint imprint on my wrist whenever I removed it. As the watch band came at its largest setting there was no way to lengthen it without adding another link. Citizen to the rescue-turns out they will send you an additional link at no charge. Great customer service! The OEM band is solidly made and the clasp has a positive locking feature - very nice.The precision of the slide rule scales is the best I've encountered in E6Bs. A large 43mm case means more space for the slide rule text. There is a single scale on the outer bezel which is easier to read than other E6B's I have tried. The bezel is rotated using the knob at the 8 o'clock position. The bezel is completely contained inside the watch face and will not be knocked out of alignment by bumping against something. If you wear gloves the knob can be tricky to get hold of. The scales align precisely around the circumference when "60" is rolled to the 12 o'clock position. There is no tachometer scale (hyperbolic function) on this watch so you have to do that math logarithmically. Use the stop watch to measure the time for a single event in secs, then place 36 (for 3,600 - converting secs to hours) on the outer scale over that time for a single event on the inner scale. Look outside the 10 mark on the inner scale to see your answer in units per hour.The stop watch has a 1/20th of a sec resolution and is quite precise. It does NOT have a split time feature though. You can start and stop the second counter by pressing the upper knob but when the watch is stopped, so is its time keeping function. As a race fan I really miss the split time feature.The watch has a small radio receiver and will try to update itself relative to established atomic references each morning. There is a small scale to the left of the lower subdial which indicates if the latest update was successful. I have an atomic reference app on my iPhone which is well within a small fraction of a second with the watch as I write this. I believe the watch is the more accurate of the two.As a perpetual calendar watch, I am ecstatic that I should never have to set the date again. The watch accommodates leap years and any month with less than 31 days. It also manages to handle daylight savings automatically if you toggle that feature.The watch is powered by a rechargeable battery which gets its charge from photovoltaics cleverly integrated into the watch face. They are well-hidden - I cannot spot them. Well done Citizen. The upper subdial indicates the charge level and I have never seen it come off the full charge mark but the batteries are still young.The middle subdial (9 o'clock position) presents a 24 hr clock face. It would be nice if this dial could be set to Zulu time while the main watch indicated local. Maybe this can be done? I still have not figured out all the features this thing brings to the fight.Resetting the time for different time zones is simple. Around the inside of the watch bezel are 3-letter representations of different major cities (time zones) around the globe. Pull the crown out to the first setting and the second hand moves to point to the current time zone by major city. Twist the crown and the second hand moves discretely from city to city until you're happy. Close the crown and the watch will reset itself automatically to the new time and date, daylight savings included. So simple. Here are some of the cities: NYC, RIO, LON, ATH, TYO, HKO, SYD, LAX, et al.All in all, this is a very nice watch for the price. I just wish it had split times so I could watch the Audis pull away from the Peugeots at le Mans.
bởi Mike P
I haven't purchased a watch with a quartz movement for many years but I really wanted this one. I think mechanical movements (particularly self-winding automatics) are much more elegant and represent true craftsmanship; however I wanted to have a chronograph and, a mechanical one, due to its complexity, is too expensive for me; they typically cost well over $1000 for the least expensive decent one. I have viewed many, many quartz chronographs over the past month or so and I like the looks of this one the best, and bonus, I'm a US Navy veteran.Besides the great looks, I really like the solar powered movement (who wants to replace batteries?), perpetual calendar (a mechanical watch with a perpetual calendar would cost over $15K easy), and the automatic synchronized time features. My watch won't synchronize unless I stick it by a window but so what? It's a quartz movement and will be only off by a couple seconds in a months time before I sync it again. The power reserve indicator, automatic daylight savings time adjustment, and the ability to switch to any other time zone are also nice. Also, I really like sapphire crystals like the one on this watch because you don't have to worry about scratches. Quite frankly I don't really need many of the other features of this watch, including the chronograph function (if I did need it, I might mind the lack of capability to measure split times). I don't really see the usefulness of the 24 hour sub dial as I usually know whether it's day or night, but it does balance the main dial out nicely.Now the slide rule function, i.e. the two scales on the outer circumference of the dial is really superfluous today, although many chronographs do have them. You can do calculations by rotating the outer bezel of the slide rule using the button/wheel on the case at the 8 hour marker. I find it funny that the instruction manual doesn't even mention the slide rule I used one back in the late 60's in engineering school (they were straight like regular rulers rather than circular like on a watch), and back then the "bigger your stick" the cooler you were (there were nerds in the 60's too). Pilots used watches with slide rules to do flight-related calculations before there were tablets, calculators, and flight computers etc. Since there's really no good reason to use one now, I guess it's there because hey, it looks cool, and if you want to find out how it works, you can look it up on line!It's a really great looking watch with a lot of excellent features that you can set and then won't have to mess with at all in order have the time, day, and date kept accurately for years to come. One bit of warning, the pictures of the watch show detail on the dial that's much harder to see on the actual watch so you might consider passing this watch up if you have any difficulty reading very small print, otherwise I don't believe you'd regret buying one, especially for the price on Amazon that I paid for it. I only buy from authorized dealers and I couldn't beat this price with anything I found online elsewhere. If you buy it from an authorized dealer (there's a list on the Citizen web site), not only do you get a 5 year warranty, they'll also give you another year if you register the watch with them. Enjoy!