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Đánh giá
bởi R&D
Looks built well, but it isn't flush in a late model explorer. It also wont fast charge galaxy equipment as noted.Update: The company stepped in and tried to help with the missing fast charge. They went beyond and above to try to resolve issue. Sadly, their resolution did not solve the lack of fast charging. They deserve 5 stars for service. I'll up the review from 3 to 4 stars due to this, but they should be clear galaxy phones will not fast charge with either of their car chargers. I will note, the charger quality is very good as far as the build and appearance go.If fast charge isn't important to you, this is very nice.
bởi Sana Benigno
Got this for my 7th gen (Mk7) VW GTI - so basically the same fit for the Golf/GTI/R. The unit does not sit flush with the opening for the cigarette lighter. That's not really my problem as it says in the description that the fit may differ depending on the car. The issue is the color. The description shows a silver color that is stilver like a dime, but the one they sent is a pewter, more on the brownish side. I'm a little taken back as it does not go with the trim in my car. The manufacturer guarantees satisfaction, so I will ask them to replace with a black one instead.**UPDATE 8/24/2018** - Ainope contacted immediately and is sending me a black model. They do honor their 100% satisfaction guarantee. Will update my review once I get the new color. Thanks again!***UPDATE 9/2/2018** Ainope did send me a black one as promised..thanks again. My next review update will be how long the charger lasts before it breaks.
bởi S.A.
I was looking for something that wouldn't break down quickly and most adapters are plastic. So far, I am impressed with this little gizmo. It is small, feels strong, and fit in my car lighter spot very well. For my car, it doesn't go in far enough to be able to close the cover, but it's only exposed a very small amount. If it continues to work as well as it is right now I don't even care if it is raised up just a bit. To me that is not very important. It would have been great if it did, but definitely not anything I would complain about. I like the glowing blue that makes it so easy to see in the dark. I will see how it performs over time. But for right now, it seems like a great purchase. I'll update this review after a couple of months to note it's durability. So far, I recommend this product.BTW, my car is not dirty in the last picture. It is the brightness of the flash against the textured finish and the bit of shine that causes what looks like white dirt.
bởi GB
I have a 2015 Mazda3. I bought a "flush" charger at a store last week, and the charger didn't even reach the back of the outlet, it was too short. Weird, I've not had that problem before. So I returned it and gave this one a try. To be honest, I bought it partly because both ports are 2.4amp, but mostly because it's the exact same awesome red my car is. Turns out, it fits the socket like a glove. I'm super pleased, because it looks like an OEM feature to have and it only cost 12 bucks give it take. I have the misfortune of having an outlet that remains on even when the car is off, so I still have to take it out when not using it, but it's still really cool.
bởi Abx
This is a fine compact dual charger. It arrived very promptly (two days soon than the Aukley). Both fit my 2010 RAV4 in the same way: fairly flush, but neither can allow the plug cover to snap back in place. This fits tightly (they both do) and does pull back out with a touch of effort. I thought I'd buy both (and the black Ravpower one not pictured which has a nobby section around the face). If color matters to you, you can see that this brand is warmer in tone and would match a tan interior better, but it is quite neutral in color so it does look fine in a gray or black dash too. The spring pin fully depresses while the other does not which does not seem to affect performance of either of them actually.
bởi Moombamimi
The charger fits practically flush with the top of the outlet with just enough room to remove it. I tested it with my phone alone, and in only 5 minutes it the battery charge increased from 35% to 45%! I used my phone for navigation while charging it simultaneously, and the ratio was approximately 1minute/1%. Then, I charged it without using the phone, and it was 1minute/2%. Overall, this is an excellent product, and the company emailed me directly to see if I had received it, and how it was working! One thing to note - it comes shrink wrapped in a plastic overlay, which I didn't notice. So, I used the charger in my outlet with the plastic on, and it worked even then! Granted, it was a little slower, but still...that's pretty impressive.
bởi The Virginian
My USB port on my Avalon died, but I had two cigarette lighter sockets available on either side of it. So I thought I would give this adapter a try until I can get around to replacing the USB port so that at least I can charge my phone in the car.I'm glad I did.Installation was trivial and the fit is totally flush - you can't even tell that it is installed in a cigarette lighter socket. Looks like the car just came that way. The TWO USB ports are also illuminated with a nice blue light so you can easily see which way to orient the USB cable when you plug it in (the USB port that came with the vehicle did not have this feature, but it should have).Best of all, is that it charges my phone much faster than the USB port which came with the car.I have only had it a little more than a week, so I cannot say anything about the reliability yet. But so far, I am extremely pleased with this purchase.