Brawny Paper Towels, Full Sheet, 6 Large Rolls, White, 6 = 8 Regular Rolls
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Brawny 6 Large Rolls = 8 Brawny Regular Rolls. Each roll has 56 11”x 10.2” white, 2-ply, full sheets.

This 6 roll pack has 35 more feet per roll than the leading national brand 6=8 pack (48 sheets per roll)

Brawny full sheet paper towels are strong and absorbent—perfect for cleaning up bigger messes

Brawny full sheet 2-ply premium paper towels are the perfect choice for cleaning a large surface area

Perfect for food preparation and cooking, cleaning kitchen counters and surfaces in the bathroom

Made with pulp sourced from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative(r) Fiber Sourcing Standard

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When you’ve got a tough mess on your hands choose Brawny full sheet 2-ply premium paper towels. Brawny full sheet paper towels are strong and absorbent—perfect for cleaning up bigger messes.

From the manufacturer

Use for larger tasks like cleaning windows or soaking up big spills. Perfect when you need a little less for your everyday tasks. Ideal for smaller spills, snacks or as a napkin during your meals. Use for quick and easy hands-free access to Brawny paper towels.
Full Sheet Pick-A-Size Tear-A-Square Innovia Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser
Strong & Absorbent
Full Sheet Size Option
Half Sheet Size Option
Quarter Sheet Size Option
Works with Innovia Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser

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Product Dimensions13.8 x 11.4 x 10 inches
Đánh giá
bởi Christina J
I usually buy Viva, but when I went to order them this month the prices were outrageous. I decided to try Brawny and I’m impressed with the job it does. I dropped a cup of coffee with a few minutes of starting my first roll. These are not soft like Viva but they they are very strong and absorbent. Much better than I hoped for for the price. I’ll probably just buy these now.
bởi Lydia T. Enriquez
Paper towels are kind of a luxury to me but I always buy Brawny because they support Wounded Warriors, GOOD on them, and the paper towels are excellent too.
bởi digigirl
Ok paper towels but I found the same pack for 5.50 at my local big lots:(
bởi Escarioth Walcott
Very strong, but not the best paper towels I've ever used. I have rampant allergies, so those soft little tissues that come in boxes are unacceptable for me. I blow my way through boxes of them and end up with used tissues everywhere. I use paper towels to blow my nose instead. They're much more absorbent and 2-3 of them can get me through a day of work. For that purpose, these were a bit to abrasive on my nose, are very hard when dried after getting wet. They could also be a bit more absorbent. I go through a roll quicker than I'd like. High quality, no doubt, but I'll be looking for something better suited to my purposes.
bởi Amazons #1 Fan
Best paper towels ever! Doesn't take nearly as many for a large job as it does cheap and even pricier paper towels. I bought by accident I was always a Bounty girl but I used these when I ordered them by mistake and LOVE them!
bởi J. S.
These are great paper towels. You can use them to pick up spills on the counter, on the floor, or even on the shelf of your refrigerator. They can be used as a make shift plate if you want to make a sandwich or if you want to pull out a handful of chips and just need somewhere to put them on. They also are great as a splatter proof cover for your food when you use the microwave. Plus, if you do spill something in the microwave these can then double as a device to wipe up and clean that spill too. Overall, this is a good product. Will buy again.
bởi Handsome Johnny
Can't say much about paper towels. Either they work, or they don't. These work. They are decently sized, so you may wind up pulling more than you need for your purposes. I think that's how they get you. These sheets are huge, and bulky, and as they capture items in one fell swoop (such as liquids, etc.), really, you'll likely throw away half just trying to get enough, from a generalized perspective. So, you must be real careful in order to use the proper amount, or else you'll use them up quickly, regardless of whether or not the sizing is "large." Yea, I'd recommend them, but just try to get used to using fewer paper towels for spills, etc.
bởi M. Brown
Not really worth the price, but serviceable set of towels.Got them to try but would not recommend as a regular purchase. Number of towels to price is simply unreasonable and takes up too much room for prime pantry.