Bose SoundSport Free, True Wireless Earbuds, (Sweatproof Bluetooth Headphones for Workouts and Sports), Ultraviolet with Midnight Blue
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Limited Edition Color Ultraviolet with Midnight Blue

Truly wireless sport headphones for total freedom of movement, packed full of technology that makes music sound clear and powerful

Earbuds are sweat and weather resistant (with an IPX4 rating) and come with 3 different pairs of StayHear and Sport tips (in sizes S/M/L) that provide a comfortable and secure fit

Up to 5 hours of play time with each charge and an additional 10 hours with the included charging case

Track lost earbuds with the Bose connect App's "find My buds" feature

SoundSport Free headphones have an integrated dual microphone array located on the right earbud to allow you to use them during calls when connected to a smartphone that supports Bluetooth. Call audio will only be heard in the right ear bud

Firmware update to improve audio video synchronization for customers using iPhones, iPads and other Bluetooth devices that support AVDTP version 1.3 or later

BlackBlueBright OrangeUltraviolet
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Color:Ultraviolet  |  Style:Earphones only

No wires mean no limits. And Bose sound sport free headphones are truly wireless, so you can enjoy total freedom of movement with nothing—not even a single cord—in your way. The acoustic package is designed to deliver sound so clear and powerful it will motivate you to go faster, lift heavier and train longer. Bluetooth technology transmits music from your phone to the headphones, so music plays reliably and consistently whether your phone is in your nearby gym bag, pocket or strapped to your arm. Worried your earbuds will fall out during your workout? Don't be. Stay hear, sport tips are built to stay comfortably in place, even when you’re training hard. And if you can't find an earbud, all hope is not lost. You can track down lost earbuds using the Bose connect app's “find my buds” feature. It shows when and where the earbuds were last connected to your phone. Still having trouble finding your earbuds? Don't worry, an audio signal from the headphones can Alert you to their location. Don't sweat your sweat (or the weather) either, because water repellent materials Inside the earbuds help keep moisture out. Off a single charge, the earbuds play for up to five hours, and the fully charged case gives you an additional 10 hours of music, ready to play when you are. When not in use, the charging case is designed with built in magnets to keep the earbuds securely in place. You can even take calls right through the earbud and access your phone's Siri or the Google assistant. Note: Before charging, be sure the headphones are at room temperature, between 41 Degrees Fahrenheit(5 Degrees Celsius ) and 104 Degrees Fahrenheit (40 Degrees Celsius ) .

From the manufacturer

SoundSport Free wireless headphones

No wires. No stopping you.

Meet SoundSport Free headphones, the truly wireless in-ear headphones from Bose, made for the toughest workouts. They are engineered to deliver clear, powerful sound with nothing—not even a single wire—in your way. So you can achieve your personal best every time you use them.

Track lost earbuds and more.

Worried about losing an earbud? Don’t be. The Bose Connect app has a 'Find My Buds' feature that tracks when and where your headphones were last connected to your phone. Still having trouble finding your earbuds? Don’t worry, an audio signal from the headphones can alert you to their location. Plus, you can manage all your Bluetooth connections, switch between devices, personalize settings and receive software updates.

Much more than a case.

This charging case protects and recharges your earbuds while you recover from your workout. It’s magnetized, so it keeps them in place while they charge. It also provides two additional full charges—or up to 10 hours of battery life. So when you’re ready to go, your headphones are, too.

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Product Dimensions1.2 x 1 x 1.25 inches
Item Weight3.46 ounces
Item model number827770-0030
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Date First AvailableJuly 15, 2019
Đánh giá
bởi Patrick Adam
I've read the reviews and felt compelled to write one myself since I'm a recent owner of the Bose SoundSport Free headset. Many of the reviews have been one side or the other - not conducting a 'full' test or providing a comparison (specifically when pointing out faults), with little insight as to what the 'user' is looking for from an experience standpoint. With that said, here's my high-level review...I'm running Firmware version 1.4.5Audio:Superb. I own several headsets (Sony, Beats, Sennheiser, Bose, Apple) and these are excellent. Perfect for those that are athletically active with sound that's delivered crisp and clear, pleasing bass fans such as myself. Comfort level is outstanding and controls are relatively easy to use (some effort pushing the buttons and there is a slight delay on the actual volume control adjustment time, though not a big deal). These are not noise cancelling, but if you're someone for example who jogs where cars are, etc., these block out enough sound, but let in enough noise to keep you cognizant of your surroundings. 5 stars here for the use their intended for (they are named "SoundSport").Video Audio:Yes, there is a delay - but here is where it resides. If you're using your Phone or Tablet to watch video on a site like YouTube, you most likely will notice the delay in voice to mouth (on either an LTE or WiFi network connection). It's aggravating. However, when I run the same video on a laptop or desktop - there's no delay (same WiFi network). If you have a video that is downloaded, you will not notice a delay at all, no matter the device. With that said, if you're an avid YouTube watcher who uses a phone or tablet for those videos - I'd recommend against purchasing these. 4 stars here - and less if you're someone who streams video to one of the device types I mentioned.Case/Quality/Battery/Comfort/Conectivity:Typical Bose quality - very good to excellent. In ear the buds are extremely comfortable and the battery meets the Bose listed duration time. The case is great (though it will never beat the Apple AirPod case - but again nothing will), charges quickly, and easy to pack away and not worry about charging for the day. Connecting to devices is simple, and the Bose app will update the firmware of the buds over bluetooth - convenient for even the non-technical person. I haven't personally experienced any drops, which have been reported by others, but I wouldn't doubt those issues usually due to interference - something that simply can't be avoided (though some may be worse than others). 4.5 stars here because it's not the Apple AirPod case.Overall:I'm giving these a 4 star rating because they're not perfect for all intended use. While it covers most of what I personally intend to use these for, it's disappointing to witness issues right out of the box regarding video audio delay on portable devices. This issue can be remediated via a software update, but I'd recommend that Bose properly test out 'all' device streaming before releasing future updates. If you're someone who plans to just use these specifically for the audio experience of music, then I'd highly recommend them. You won't experience the drag of wires, uncomfortable ear hooks, or the concern that they may fall out. To summarize, great for those athletically active or music-holics looking for a smaller footprint to carry around, and bad for those looking for a great 'streaming' video experience on 'portable devices.'
bởi Daniel Searles
I'm going to keep this very simple. I spent $200.00 on Bose SoundSport Free earbuds. At the outset the sound was amazing, but the left keeps dropping?? I updated as soon as I got them because past reviews suggested doing so. No help. Completely ruins the sound experience. How can you release a product that has this type of flaw? I have $17.00 earbuds that never do this. How in God's name can this type of quality glitch hit the market???? So disappointed!!!!
bởi Abhirup
Even though the sound is good but the hardware itself has lot of issues. Being Bose I expected more. It can connect to only one device at a time and during calls only the right one works. When playing videos on laptop then also the right one plays. Also its really tough To pair with laptop(windows10). It literally took me 2 days to get it working for my laptop.Returning them and got Jabra Elite 65t. They meet all my criteria for a true wireless earbuds.
bởi GreenDream
I have had the soundsport free for about 2 weeks. I wanted to comment from my perspective on the issues being raised and what is important to me. I also own Jaybird X3's for working out; Apple AirPods; Bose Quietcomfort 20 wired noise cancelling for plane flights and office; and QC-25 wired over the ear noise cancelling for plane flights (used before I purchased the QC 20's).Left ear sound cutout--this happens when there is electronic interference; walls/floors with certain materials in between you and the bluetooth source; too much distance between you and the bluetooth source; or sometimes outside when there is not sufficient reflecting surfaces to bounce the bluetooth signal back to the earbuds. I tested the SSF against the AirPods and X3's in identical and varied conditions. The SSF perform the same as the AirPods. The X3's are worse. ALL bluetooth earbuds will cutout under certain conditions. The SSF's are no worse than the others. I am OK with this cutout issue given my use cases and am used to it from the otherVideo Syncing--This is only an issue for me viewing Youtube on an iPhone 7+ or iPhone X. Other video sources do not have a syncing issue.AirPods are better with the syncing. This is not an issue for me.Noise Cancelling--As far as I am aware there are NO noise cancelling bluetooth earbuds. To do proper noise cancelling you need a signal processing module that in the QC20's is in the external controller and in the QC 25's is in the ear cans. There are bluetooth noise cancelling cans but I haven't found any that both have good noise cancelling and excellent music quality. For example, the Bose bluetooth QC35 music quality is inferior to the wired QC25's and the Sennheiser Momentum's have good music quality but inferior noise cancelling.Size, Fit, Comfort and Look --- much better and secure fit for me than the AirPods which fall out from my ears and are worthless for working out. My QC20's are slightly more comfortable for extended use. X3's and AirPods are also more comfortable for extended use but only slightly. As to the size and look this is not that important to me. I think they look cool and better than AirPods but this is a very subjective point.Phone call quality and phone only through right earbud--I find the call quality, both microphone and listening to be better than the AirPods and I use the SSF's for an hour or so of calls per day. As to not having calls out of both buds, I normally just use 1 AirPod at a time when on calls as I find this to be better for mental processing. Same with the SSF's but you are limited to right as opposed to right or left. I like to switch between ears so this is a slight negative.Music Quality--Far superior to any other bluetooth earbuds, rival my wired QC20 wired buds and are better than my QC25 cans. I listen exclusively via Spotify with songs that have been downloaded to my phone at the extreme highest bitrates. This why I use earphones and I just cannot tolerate poor music quality for an extended period of time. The SSF's are great for this reason and why they get 4 stars. Nothing else compares in a wireless bud form.11/14 Updated to 2 stars:--the bluetooth connectivity issue (i.e. frequent cutting out in left earbud) has become more bothersome. Called Bose product support. they said that their engineers are working on a fix for this and the video sync issue (which I can live with). However, they were unable to extend my 30 day free return period until the fix is delivered. Therefore am returning buds to Amazon today. I would recommend that new purchasers wait until this fix is out since we don't know if the fix will be able to be applied to the first generation hardware which is now being sold, or if a hardware modification is required.
bởi Daniel Wittenberg
I bought these on April 2nd, 2018 and returned them the next day. I wore them in my office all day with no issues. When I ant for a run, the left ear bud cut out about every ten seconds. It would reconnect, disconnect over and over. I went to the gym and they worked perfectly. Left the gym to run home and again the left ear bud cut out over and over.I guess if you plan to only wear them inside, they are great. Very disappointed.