Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II - Black
Thứ 2 đến Thứ 6: Từ 08h-17h30
Thứ 7: 8h-12h
6,829,000 đ

(đã bao gồm thuế phí)
Giá trọn gói về Việt Nam 6,829,000 đ
Giá sau thuế tại Mỹ 5,589,000 đ ($229.00)
Thuế và phí thông quan 1,118,000đ
Trọng lượng vận chuyển 0.20kg
Phí vận chuyển về Việt Nam 122,000đ

Deep, immersive sound, improved EQ best in class performance for wireless headphones. Connectivity technology: WiredWireless

Latest Bluetooth technology for easy connectivity and seamless audiovideo syncs

Advanced microphone system, HD voice for clear calls in windy or noisy environments

Up to 15 hours play time with rechargeable lithium ion battery

Switch between 2 Bluetooth devices so you can watch a video while staying connected to your smartphone. Wireless range up to 30 feet (9 meter)

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Đánh giá
bởi Peter S
I bought these for my wife's birthday, and gave them to her in August (purchased in July). She wanted a great bluetooth headset she could use to talk to friends while walking the dog. She used them first in late August, and reported that no-one could hear her while she walked outside if there was any wind or traffic. I said she must be doing something wrong, they were Bose and one of the key selling points was "Advanced microphone system, HD voice for clear calls in windy or noisy environments". We then took a trip for a couple of weeks to Europe and she began using again in late September. Same issues. We called Bose technical support and they said that this headset does not function well outside as a phone microphone and that they specifically do not recommend for that use. As this is EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what Amazon said, we called Amazon. They would not help us. The headphones are in perfect condition, only used 4 times but they said we were outside of the window for returns. They suggested we call Bose, and I again explained that Bose stated the Amazon product description was simply false. To no avail, even though we are HUGE customers. So, we are stuck with $200+ purchase that does not work, purchased because of a flat out falsehood on Amazon's site. And they will not let us return.
bởi Sprinkler
These headphones have amazing range, they really bring out the "flavor" of the music. I wear them all day at work both Bluetooth and corded, at my desk and at the gym, and I only charge them about once a week. Well worth the hefty price.**Update:The headband on the headphones that looks leather is some kind of thin plastic. After a few months it began crumbling and falling apart, which leaves those plastic flakes all in your hair and on your clothes. I have two friends that bought these right after me, and they have exactly the same problem, so it’s not just me. I contacted the Bose Community page and was told to cantact their customer support for a replacement pair. The customer support just sent me an email saying that they could sell me a replacement pair. After paying $250 for headphones, I’d expect them to last longer than a year, and if not, I’d expect the company to replace them free of charge. This has been a poor experience. I would not recommend these to anyone.
bởi Matthew Mehrtens
EDIT: After owning these headphones for just a few days over a year, read my updated review beneath the original!After reading reviews and seeing nothing but outstanding remarks for these headphones, I decided to drop the cash and give it a shot. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. I'm definitely an audiophile; I produced EDM music for quite a while which trained me to care about proper balance in songs. These headphones have AMAZING balance! Most expensive headphones that I've tried on just have a crazy boosted bass and it gives me a headache. Not to mention, it just doesn't sound good haha! Anyway, these headphones have super crisp highs, good mids, and crunchy bass. They really are perfect.As for comfort, I could easily wear these things all day. Sometimes I forget I'm even wearing these headphones... They look pretty stylish and they aren't too big. The carrying case is pretty lowkey and it works fine, no problems there. Headphones charge fast and the battery lasts me about a week with daily usage.I enjoy the little voice that sounds whenever you switch devices or turn on the headphones. It's not obnoxious in the slightest. Bluetooth is always a little finicky but these headphones connect almost flawlessly. They automatically reconnect to your last device and that makes things go A LOT faster! Switching devices is pretty simple too.Using the included aux cord doesn't effect sound quality at all. Good for conserving battery life is you don't particularly need the wireless feature at the time of listening!Overall, I'm more than satisfied with my purchase. It was well worth the money and I would recommend these headphones to anyone AND everyone! If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.EDIT:As mentioned above, I've owned these headphones for a little over a year now and I'm still impressed. Even after 1 entire year of extensive use (multiple road trips, a whole school year in the backpack, recording, listening, calling) these still work flawlessly and I've had ZERO major problems whatsoever. Long story short, I'm still sticking with the 5 star review. Below is a little more detail:Physical: No physical damage at all. I try to take care of my stuff, but accidents happen and these headphones have not sustained any scratches, dents, or cracked despite my heavy usage. The foam-ish headband piece still holds its shape. The earphones are still fluffy and squishy (no tears or deformities). At some point in my 1 year of ownership, the little piece of fabric that has the "L" on it (inside the left ear cup; it covers the electronics and such) started slipping out, but I was able to finagle it back in and there's been no problem since. I use the case basically whenever I transport these headphones and that's probably the main reason they've maintained physical integrity. Highly recommend using that case. It's small, sleek, and effective.Sound: I haven't owned any other headphones since these so I can't compare the sound of other headphones to these, however, I'm about to purchase a Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro which is known for it's studio quality, neutral sound. I'll compare the sound when I purchase them. I have noticed problems occasionally when connected to multiple devices. If the headphones are connected to my iPhone and my MacBook I sometimes have a little lag when watching YouTube. But as mentioned by another reviewer, turning on and off the headphones solves this. I don't get too many phone calls, but the several calls I've had while wearing these headphones were crystal clear and easy to understand (on both ends, I asked). I've had several VERY minor issues with the Bluetooth connectivity overall, but Bose regularly puts out firmware updates for their hardware and they've solved many of these issues. I'd say check about once a month for updates on their update site: only negative: since these are over-the-ear headphones, they have some natural sound cancelling properties, but after I tried out some Bose Active Noise Cancelling Headphones at Target, I can't even BEGIN to explain how amazing the active noise cancelling was. With the Bose SoundLink headphones, the natural noise cancelling is good. It blocks out a majority of background noise and outsiders cannot hear my music at all (unless it's turned up very high... don't do that!). But with the active noise cancelling headphones, it's almost magical. You put those headphones on and it's just dead silent. These headphones are perfect as they are, but if you can afford it, go for a pair of Bose headphones with active noise cancelling. Just my suggestion.Tip: If you use these headphones for mixing (which I'll update the sound comparison part of this review when I get my new DT770 Pro's), make sure to use the custom aux cable provided. This ensures there's no Bluetooth interference and you get the clearest sound quality. These aren't studio headphones, but if you want headphones to use in combination with studio monitors (as a reference listening device) or if you need a good pair of monitor headphones that can double as comfort/listening headphones, these work great.
bởi R. Miller
These are great sound quality but not the best manufacturing quality. Ear pad separating from headphone after only 3.5 months of NORMAL use (not even daily use). I’m trying to contact manufacturer as they are under warranty but such a pita.
bởi Priyanka
Even after gentle usage of 1.4 years the headphone buds, and other stared tearing off. Inner spounge is easily visible. Even plastic covering came off.I expect after paying of expensive amount the headphones, it should be at least little rough for handling.
bởi Moninighs
My son loved his Bose headphones until the wireless died at 1.5 years. Wish I bought the 3 year coverage. Or that I bought them in Europe where they are required to give a 2 year warranty. (Why don't we get that in the US? At $230 for a pair of headphones, 2 year coverage seems reasonable.) Guess I will have to try a different brand--too bad Bose.