Avon Black Suede for Men Eau De Toilette Spray - 3.4 Ounce
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Phí vận chuyển về Việt Nam 195,000đ

Black Suede By Avon

3.4 (full-size) Fluid Ounces

Cologne Spray

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A confident and smooth fragrance with warm woody notes and a hint of leather. 3.4 fl. oz.

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Shipping Weight10.4 ounces
UPC885436243586 106538490716 094000655889 094000208146 094000537345
Item model number094000208146
Đánh giá
bởi isimisorisimaint
My ol' lady got me two of these years ago. It's the first men's "toilet water"/cologna I have ever liked enough to wear frequently. It's also the first/only one that's caused a number of ladies to tell me I smelled good. Unprompted compliments, from gals I never met, ~half of 'em wearing a wedding ring, leave me to conclude it just smells that good to them, as it does to me. It's not that cloying, almost greasy scent that too many men's colognes have. It depends somewhat on your body chemistry. Some fellas just cannot wear any scent, or shouldn't anywho. Me, the ladies in my life have told me I'm one of the 'can's', everything from patchouli and other essential oils to the cheap drugstore things, but if -I- don't like the smell of it on me, I'm nawt wearing it. Anywho, the scent lingers for several hours, and after that time it's still evident if I sweat a lilbit. It doesn't require a lot of it to be enuff, so the bottle lasts a long time. Please, guys, don't overdo it, too dang many do, and too many ladies'll notice. A gentle fragrance is great, and sufficient. It comes in a glass bottle that's a bit heavier than most, which is then packaged well before Amazon gets it, packing it further, so it's extremely unlikely you'll get a box 'o carp to open. I can't recommend this stuff more. It's the only one I'll wear, have for many years. Try it, y'all! I gave this 4 of 5 stars. Four stars is generally my top rating. I reserve the rare fifth star for stuff/sellers that in some way substantially exceed my expectations. I almost gave this 5/5, but I'm stingy.
bởi Kevin 5
Very good smell
bởi Frances E
Clean subtle fragrance that lasts. This choice is my second Avon fragrance and I would like to add that it has made the same overall impression as my first choice which I have used for over fifteen years. The items arrived very well packaged with little overall waste. Would recommend to the person looking for a work fragrance that is not offensive to the senses.
bởi Donald S.
I've liked this scent for over 20 years and finding an agent out here is impossible.
bởi Steven McKinzie
We have purchased Black Suede for my husband throughout the years. First directly from Avon and now through Amazon. My husband has always liked this cologne spray. Me too, on him!!!
bởi mwv
Been using this product for years, this is basically the only cologne I wear. I have a few others but this is always my go to. I love Black Suede and would recommend it to everyone!!
bởi Lou H
distinct and refreshing scent. lasts all day without being overpowering. goes well with my suede body lotion and suede body wash/hair wash. will order again
bởi xmasden
I like this product. Good price. I would buy the after shave to match....but it is WAY TOO OVERPRICED. Price on this product is reasonable.