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Đánh giá
bởi chris hester
I’ve been wearing the REAL blue seduction for a decade. As soon as I opened this I noticed the picture of Antonio Banderas on the box was different than the normal stock photo typically found on the box. One spray and I could immediately tell it was a cheap copycat. It smells more like alcohol than anything else. I was hoping based on the positive reviews that the other few one star reviews would be wrong. They aren’t. Do not buy this. It is absolutely not the real cologne. I don’t know how counterfeit cologne is getting sold and backed by amazon but it should be pulled and the seller should be banned. Too bad I can’t get a refund.
bởi icorona1015
Not authentic. The aroma stays on you for a minute at most. It's like a watered down cologne that has been previously watered down prior to being watered down. What's really frustrating is that this item can not be returned. So, I pretty much bought a water cologne with fragrance. I also, received a message stating if I had any issues with the product, to which I responded with my issues. They replied back with the same message that they initially sent me. Wow!! Very unsatisfied
bởi Jesus Sandoval
This was recommended by a YouTuber (Curly Scents) she said it was on her top 5 list for best smelling fragrances. So I then went on and checked the price because in my head I said “there’s no way a 18 dollar fragrance smells good enough to be on someone’s top 5 list” but boy was I wrong. When it arrived I tried it on and instantly fell in love with it 10/10 would recommend and buy again.
bởi VanniDeGio
I got this for my boyfriend because I have the women's version and both of us love it. This is a very sexy man scent. It is not super strong but it does last. It will stay in the clothes all day. It is clean and perfect for the summer months where a strong scent is just a bit too much. I would say it works for a man between their mid 20s to 40s
bởi leonel
When even guys admit you smell good, you know you have something special.
bởi robert d
Smells good but so very weak. I really cant smell that much. How can a company make something that does not project AT ALL and no one can smell you. Probably reformulated for the worst. What a waste of money. Colored water. Do not buy this
bởi redmetoc
After using the same 2 to 3 colognes for years, I ventured out and purchased this scent. Love the scent but very disappointed that it fades too quickly from my skin (after even 4 to 6 sprays), although it does linger on my clothing. Maybe it's my "chemistry" but my reliable 2 to 3 colognes absolutely do not fade from my skin as quick as AB Blue does. Similar disappointing results for AB Black. (My Old Spice aftershave lasts longer!) Could it be counterfeit? would I know if I've never used the "original".
bởi Victor Jose
I definitely loved this perfume. It is for me one of the greatest scent in the market right now. Plus I buy the 6.75 oz cause I like to spray it all over my body. Trust you wont regret buying this one.