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Đánh giá
bởi jsob
Use one of them on the rectangular, left rear-view mirror on my motorcycle. As expected from the dimensions and product description, does occupy a lot of real estate on my mirror. But, that's acceptable: I need a quick check on highway riding to make sure no one has crept into my blindspot and this mirror does the job. There's still enough room above and to the side of the mirror to allow me a good side view. Takes a bit of practice, but worth the effort. I can now confidently assess what's going on to my left in spite of the limits on my head-check due to my full face helmet. Opted for the wide angle mirror assuming this would give me a more complete view and it does. Followed the instructions for adhesion (including waiting over-night) and have not had any problems.
bởi Elizabeth H.
Added these mirrors to my 2015 Subaru Forester, which has small (in my opinion) square mirrors with insufficient view range. They were easy to apply- I followed the directions and cleaned the landing area with alcohol wipes first, and held them (not peeled yet) at several positions to make up my mind on positioning. The glue is nice and sticky, and I held them in place with pressure for 20 seconds.The swivel helps with fine tuning position. I like being able to see what is near my back wheels now. If the mirrors come off soon or get scratches easily, I will update my review. So far, very satisfied.
bởi RonW
Using this in a 2018 Chevy Volt to supplement the blind spot alert system. I had used the round convex blind spot mirrors in my Gen 1 Volt and decided to try these rectangular ones instead with my new Volt. I like the reflected image with this rectangular mirror a lot more! It's much easier to quickly make out what I'm seeing and where the other cars are next to me.I've had the mirrors for a only a few months and so far there's no problem with the adhesive even during several 100+ degree days this summer.
bởi April in Texas
I have no idea why I did not purchase these sooner. Since installing (easy) I can change lanes without breaking my neck to look in a 360 degree angle. Truly I can change lanes and feel like a pro. Tip: it's a different way of looking into your side mirror - take your time and get used to it because these mirrors are life changers. Zoom zoom!
bởi Alex Monterville
Application was super easy. I was a little wary because they were so cheap and the instructions were in semi-garbled Chinese English, but after applying them nearly 6 months ago, they've lasted through rain, snow and multiple car washes and haven't budged. I really don't know how people drive without blind spot mirrors, and these have been great. I'd buy them again if/when they ever fall off.
bởi Christopher S. Cornette
I've used several different round fisheye blindspot mirrors over the years, and never found a set that didn't annoy me. Too much or too little field of view (too much, and it's hard to see because everything looks tiny and distorted in the mirror - too little and you don't get a full view of the blind spot).These are perfect. Full and very clear view of your blind spot at a quick glance with no perceptible distortion.They mounted easily and have held up well to many hours of freeway driving in mostly rainy conditions. They are easy to adjust but hold their position.Highly recommend.
bởi SarahLawrence Scott
I had the mirror glass stolen from both sides of my Tesla Model 3, and needed a temporary fix while waiting for the replacement part. These mirrors attached easily to the mounting plastic in the housing, and held well even on a ~600 mile road trip. The angle of these mirrors are somewhat adjustable, but they're not floppy and never lost their orientation. The field of view was good, and they were large enough to serve as temporary replacements for the full mirror. When it came time to remove them, I just had to apply a bit of force and I could peel them off; no need to mess around with a hair dryer. They did not leave much residue behind.
bởi Smita Narayanan
I have been needing one since my last mirror fell off. So far this has worked well. I like the fact the angle is adjustable. A quick note on installation - pay attention to where you install it. I had on inside bottom of the mirror. My car automatically folds the side view mirror when you turn on the alarm. Every time I turned on the alarm it moved it away from the position I wanted it in. I moved this mirror by about an inch further to the middle and it doesn’t come in contact with the door when the side mirror folds. Problem solved!