Amazon Brand - Solimo Prenatal Vitamins & DHA - Pregnancy Wellness - 90 Gummies (45-Day Supply)
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Prenatal Health. Supports pregnancy wellness. Supports normal infant health and development during pregnancy

Orange, lemon & strawberry flavors with other natural flavors

Soft, easy to chew gummy. Jelly texture is softer than a fruit snack and easier to chew.

70mg Omega-3 fatty acids (including 50mg DHA and 10mg EPA) with Choline and 9 vitamins and minerals (including 800mcg Folic Acid) per serving

Gluten-free, no wheat, no dairy, no soy, no egg

90 gummies, a one-and-a-half month supply (taken daily at listed serving size)

Satisfaction Guarantee: We’re proud of our products. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll refund you for any reason within a year of purchase. 1-877-485-0385

An Amazon brand

During the summer months products may arrive warm but Amazon stores and ships products in accordance with manufacturers' recommendations, when provided.

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Prenatal Health. Supports pregnancy wellness. Supports normal infant health and development during pregnancy. Solimo Prenatal & DHA gummies feature orange, lemon, and strawberry flavors with other natural flavors. They're gluten-free. Adults - chew two daily. This product contains fish. Pork gelatin is used to encapsulate the fish oil which helps with dispersion during processing and helps prevent the 'fishy' aftertaste, common in fish oil supplements.

From the manufacturer

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Đánh giá
bởi Alyssia
The taste of these vitamins are amazing !! So much better than vita fusion. I wish I had found them sooner!In regards to a review complaining about the amount of vitamin A, please don’t let that influence you, the correct measurements were not taken into consideration. The reviewer is comparing the max MCG dosing to IU dosing which is listed on this vitamin. 0.3 mcg vitamin A as retinol = 1 IU. The amount is well within the recommended dosing.
bởi Yvette
I bought these for my first trimester because of my morning sickness I could barley swallow a pill. However the acidic citrus flavors grossed me out and the texture is so mushy thy were really hard to take. I also noticed how high the vitamin A is in them and it is far too high for being pregnant and could cause birth defects. My doctor advised me to stop taking these immediatly.
bởi Megan Seals
One of the negative reviews I read was in regards to the vitamin A. I would like to point out that on the bottle the level is measured in IU not MCG. 1000 IU is not as much as 1000 MCG. So it is not enough to cause birth defects. I think this product tastes good and is easy to chew.
bởi Sarah Gobble
These are delicious for all the good that'll do you - compared the ingredient list to my previous prenatals, noticed the 150 mcg of iodine was missing, and called my OB who informed me that was a dealbreaker (especially if you have a history of thyroid issues). Oh well. I'd recommend checking with yours before you buy these.
bởi Jbuzby724
I got these in my third trimester after having the vitafusion and first response gummy brands. I actually felt angry that I hadn’t had these all along, because they are DELICIOUS. I actually have to pause and remind myself of when I last took them because when I see the bottle I’m always tempted to grab them, I like them so much. The texture is very soft, the kind of gummy your teeth go right through without much chewing. Very fruity flavor with no fishiness. My husband tried one and agreed whole heartedly that they were great and he took a second one! Highly recommend to any expecting Moms, and I hope this review catches you early in your pregnancy so you don’t have to suffer through the other brands for months!
bởi G&S
I discovered prenatal gummies AFTER the awful first trimester of morning sickness (gummies are SUCH a better option when you are feeling sick and nauseous!) and tried a few different highly rated brands on Amazon throughout my pregnancy. Now I am in my fifth month of breastfeeding, and since you are supposed to keep up the prenatals while breastfeeding, I decided to try the Amazon brand, since it is inexpensive and has good reviews.As to the quality, I will admit I am not one of those moms who has done extensive research on prenatals with the BEST nutrients and quality- my diet is very healthy so I think of a prenatal as a backup for any nutrients I am missing, not as a sole source of nutrients- but the Amazon prenatal definitely checks all the basic boxes. One of the reviews mentions that the Vitamin A content is too high, so I did some more research and it seems like it is well within the safe range, so I wouldn't worry about that.As to the taste, it tastes like candy! There are a few other tasty prenatal gummies out there (the grossest is the Smarty Pants brand, in my opinion), but this one is far and away the most delicious. You won't forget to take this gummy, because if you are like me, it feels like a delicious snack instead of just taking your vitamins (my husband tried them and wishes he could take them too now!). These will definitely be my go-to prenatals for the rest of breastfeeding and for my next pregnancy!
bởi Jen
I have literally never written a review on Amazon, ever. However, these prenatal vitamins rocked my socks off so I just had to take a minute to recommend them to others! I’ve tried VitaFusion and Olly prenatal vitamins and found them to be disgusting (especially the latter). Who woulda thunk that the AMAZON BRAND prenatal would be the winner, by far!? These vitamins are delicious (like I have to force myself to only take 2 - I could eat the whole damn bottle) and they are an excellent value. I struggle with the horse pills that are normal prenatal vitamins and have had to resort to the gummies and I have to say these are actually a PLEASURE to take (weird, I know). I only kick myself knowing that I could have been taking these delicious vitamins all along (and with my first pregnancy!). If you dread taking or just tolerate your current prenatal gummy, make the switch. You will not regret it!
bởi Amazon Customer
I’m extremely disturbed that a PRENATAL would have TOXIC LEVELS of vitamin A!! When you are creating a product for pregnant women why would you put 500mcgs MORE than the maximum daily amount of any vitamin? I didn’t know this was the case until after taking this for a week. I just happened to come back to the label to leave a comment about how good these taste when I saw the comment about vitamin A. I thought this can’t be... I saw another comment that the label had a misprint in the photo and that it’s actually in UIs on the bottle. So I went to check mine and NOPE! I just lost my daughter last year due to fatal development issues. I am sickened by the fact that this is being sold. There are NUMEROUS studies out there showing vitamin A in this quantity, even in quantities less than this, can cause sever development problems with the eyes, lungs, and heart. Either redo your product or take it the hell off the shelves. At the MINIMUM address why you chose to put this insane amount of vitamin A in the gummies. In the trash you go.