Amazfit Band 5 Fitness Tracker with Alexa Built-in, 15-Day Battery Life, Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate, Sleep Monitoring, Women’s Health Tracking, Music Control, Water Resistant, Black (Model: S2005OV1N)
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AMAZON ALEXA BUILT-IN: Talk to Amazon Alexa on your Amazfit Band 5. Ask questions, get translations, set alarms, and timers, create shopping lists, check the weather, control your smart home devices and more.

BLOOD OXYGEN SATURATION MONITOR: With Amazfit Band 5 you can measure your blood oxygen saturation and understand your physical state with OxygenBeats. Ideal during high-intensity workouts and sports such as marathons and gym workouts.

24/7 HEART RATE, SLEEP AND ACTIVITY TRACKER: The Amazfit Band 5 precise optical heart rate monitoring allows you to accurately track real-time steps taken, all-day heart rate monitoring, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleeping patterns.

15-DAY BATTERY LIFE: Say goodbye to daily recharge. With a fully charged Amazfit Band 5, you don’t need to bring a charger for two-week trip. On a single charge, it has enough power to get you charged for 2 whole weeks mind free.

WOMEN’S HEALTH TRACKING: With the female period tracking system Band 5 records and predicts the female menstrual cycle and send smart notifications reminders.

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Color:Midnight Black  |  Style:Band 5

Amazfit Band 5 Fitness Tracker with Alexa Built-in, 15-Day Battery Life, Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate, Sleep Monitoring, Women’s Health Tracking, Music Control, Water Resistant, Black

From the manufacturer

Amazfit Band 5 Fitness and Activity Tracker, Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen Monitor
Band 5 Fitness and Activity Tracker with Alexa Built-In

Thông số chi tiết:

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Product Dimensions3.54 x 1.57 x 9.06 inches
Item Weight0.423 ounces
Item model numberS2005OV1N
Batteries1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
OSAmazfit OS
Wireless communication technologiesBluetooth
Connectivity technologiesBluetooth
Special FeaturesWireless, Slim Fit, Amazon Alexa Built-In
Other display featuresWireless
Device interface - primaryTouchscreen
Form FactorWatch
ColourMidnight Black
Included ComponentsFitness Tracker, User Manual, Charger
Date First AvailableSeptember 21, 2020
Đánh giá
bởi Jim
I bought the T-Rex to use as an everyday watch, instead of using my Garmin 945, which requires charging daily at my current activity level and when using it as a music player. Obviously, I did not expect the $140 T-Rex to measure up to the $600 Garmin, but I could not resist seeing how it would stack up. I used the indoor cycling for my spinning class, outdoor running for my running group runs, and walking for my fitness walks with my wife. For spinning neither the Garmin or the T-Rex integrate with the bike, so about all you get is duration and estimated calories. For running the Garmin offers fully customizable screens, but with the T-Rex you get what the app is set to display, but with distance, pace (min/mi), heart rate, and most important, auto-pause, I think it would fit the needs of most runners. The walking app on the T-Rex Compares to the Garmin, much as the running app, with one oddity, which make no sense to me, as the T-Rex shows the walking pace in MPH. As far as, GPS comparison, on 12-mile runs and 7-mile walks, the variation, in the Garmin and the T-Rex, was within .03 miles, so not too shabby. The T-Rex does offer an always on display, but you must choose between a pointer screen or a digital (See Photos). Then you can elect to enable the raise your arm feature to show you actual screen choice. I understand the power save feature, but I would like the option to use my screen choice for my always-on display. With SMS messages you get a notification and tapping the notification shows the sender but doesn’t allow you to preview the message. For phone calls you get a notification, as well, so don’t expect iPhone functionality. The AOD (Always On Display) and AB (Auto Brightness) are separate features, but the T-Rex lacks the important always enabled AB, during activities. When the activity occurs in non-daylight hours the always enabled AB feature is not that noticeable, but in daylight the screen is not readable until the AB kicks in, which is very annoying. Your AB and screen choice can be set to activate when you raise your arm, but there an irritating delay, even when set to the arm raise’s sensitive setting. The soft rubber band is comfortable, but I did notice while grilling, that it picked up the smoke smell from the wood chips, which was removed with a good bit of scrubbing with a scented detergent, odd but worth mentioning. With 2 hours of activity, requiring AOD and GPS, I can easily get 4 days between charges and when using it without activities, I would expect well over a week. Amazfit has obviously focused on battery life, but in my opinion, as an activity tracker, athletes will prefer to have screen feature choices for the AOD and AB, knowing that they sacrifice battery life. The internal storage will notify you when you need to sync the activity history to your phone with the Amazfit App, so there is limited storage. The music app will control the music player on your phone, but you must restart the music controller app on the watch after each change, so I find it virtually useless. Remember to install the Amazfit App on your phone before attempting to setup the watch, the app is required for the initial setup. In summary, the Amazfit T-Rex is an excellent value and a decent activity tracker, with the potential to become great activity tracker, with a few software modifications. I have received no products or compensation for my review. I am simply trying to answer the questions that I had when considering the Amazfit T-Rex and hope it proves helpful. Also, hope to see it back in stock soon.
bởi Ian
Feb 18, 2020Got my T-REX via Amazon (pre-order) yesterday. I've had a G shock for daily wear and looking forward to testing the durability of the T-REX. It's not as heavy as the G shock.Instructions kind of rely on your previous technical experience. No other instructions than some basic phone-to-watch pairing. My experience was:unboxedtried on my wrist (very much like the strap is soft silicone with a tab inside the band holder to keep the extra from coming out)connected charger (magnet is good, but not very strong)9:55amBT pairingGPS updateresource library updatefirmware updatesyncing10:01amCharged to 100% before wearing it.So far I have turned on auto heart rate and sleep detection, alerts for all apps I use, turned off always on display. I have been changing the watch faces and playing with the settings. I am at 89% battery since yesterday morning. Not sure if the battery life will improve as I get used to and aren't playing with it constantly. I want to take it on a hike soon to test out the 'workout' functions. I didn't get it as an apple watch alternative. So, I'm not expecting it to be as smooth as an IOS device. For what I want, I think the T-REX with work.Feb 28, 2020 UPDATE: 10 days of heavy use, max brightness during the day, continuous heart and sleep tracking, notifications for most apps, use of alarms... this morning my battery was down to 10%.SO, I got 10 days without a recharge. The cool thing I like was that the watch was fully charged in about 40 minutes.
bởi Daniel
PROS:Looks great (about the same size as G-Shock)Super-smooth operating system, smooth touch interface (no slow down or lag)Super tough, ultra ruggedComfortable bandInsane long battery life (I have only charged once when I got it about 2 weeks ago)Amazfit App is very well thought out and useful.TONS of athletic and workout trackingOn-board GPSYou can find a HUGE amount of additional watch faces using the AmazFaces app in App StorePRICE..PRICE...PRICE!CONS:Cant respond to text alerts (but I think this is an Apple restriction), or callsNo speaker, so watch does not produce audible alertsOverall not as much functionality as higher-end smart watches (BUT it is roughly less than 1/3 the price)Limited alternate watch bands, since it does not have a "quick-release" functionHonestly.. could not love it more. After spending some time with it, I would have paid an extra $100 for it. Just wish there were alternate band options for some variety.** EDIT UPDATE! **Took a nasty Mountain Bike spill while wearing the T-REX. Literally smashed the face of it in a rock-garden trail. Completely grinded down the face of the resin/plastic.. but the watch STILL FUNCTIONS PERFECTLY! The screen ddnt even get cracked, despite having destroyed half of the watch the face. Everything functions perfectly, including the water resistance. UNBELIEVABLY TOUGH.. going to buy a second watch and use this one as my "active watch". Picture attached..