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Đánh giá
bởi TwistedChick
I have been an Amarige girl since 2005. I used to purchase in department stores and specialty perfume stores. Well over $100 and up.... one day I looked online and saw it on Amazon... took a gamble and bought a bottle. For more than four years I have been purchasing this from Amazon. I read all of the reviews and I can see that some people are not as happy with their purchases as I have been.I do look at the sellers store and if it is Amazon prime. Perhaps in all the time I have been purchasing this- in honesty- there was one bottle that had me questioning the authenticity of the product.However, my experiences here on Amazon far outweigh the opinions of some other reviews. I have compared this directly to bottles bought in high end department stores and this is the real deal.I have read some feel the fragrance fades over the day- I don’t experience that at all. I receive multiple compliments almost daily and random people that I pass will stop to ask what scent I am wearing— for those of you who perhaps think the scent is fading- you may have found ‘your’ scent. I don’t notice it as much as others but with a spritz on the wrist and a dab on my neck- I am good from sun up til sundown.In my thoughts- for the price- find a seller that is highly rated and take a chance. I did and I will never buy in store again.Extremely happy with my newest bottle and will continue to purchase on Amazon once or twice per year as needed- and I wear this everyday so it lasts for quite a while!Highly recommend.
bởi Mary B.
I know this one is real. I had ordered another by mistake, I'm not so sure of it's authenticity. This one is REAL, and great value if you wear this fragrance. It's pricey in dillards
bởi kitzler
For some reason, the French cannot build cars or machinery, but they excel in fragrances and cheeses. So whenever I am at a loss for a nice Christmas gift, getting a Givenchy or Dior perfume is a great solution.
bởi Kelli Bowman
I am so glad I ordered Amarige. I wore this cologne all through the 90s and I was skeptical but I chose this seller because of the 98% rating. This is the real Amarige and not a fake. I checked the manufacturing code and it is only 1 yr old. Smells like I remember and stays on till you wash it off. Half the price at the department stores! Very happy customer!
My girls favorite Parfum and at a great price!Will buy this again!!!I just did buy it again! This Seller is fantastic - got it today, Friday - but stated it will be here on Wednesday! Would've been after Christmas!!! Big "Thank YOU" to this SELLER!!!
bởi Amazon Customer
. I've been wearing this perfume for 20 years and I've notice the past 2 times I've gotten it the scent fades about 10 minutes after I've put it on. Very disappointed.. guess I'll have to find a new perfume.
bởi Jim
My wife has been wearing Amarige for 15 years or more now I know and it's probably her favorite out of the 2-3 fragrances she has to choose from. Ok, and probably my favorite also. Amarige has the most pleasing yet, the most seductive fragrance of any perfume I have ever smelled. I make sure that she is never in danger of even coming close to running out of it. Amarige will most definitely get a mans wheels a rolling in the bedroom if your lady is wearing it during those intimate times. My wife makes it a point to have some on during our times. It turns me into a intimate "Beast"!
bởi Lady K NY
I love everything about this perfume. It is a classic and happens to be my favorite perfume. It has some kind of therapeutic smell to it. It is just the most beautiful smell the lingers.